Road trip from Delhi to London: 3 Incredible Indian Mothers Drive Through 17 Countries in Just 95 Days

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From New Delhi to London: An Unforgettable Journey on the Road

Embarking on a road trip is a unique and extraordinary experience. However, what truly sets this adventure apart is the incredible feat of traveling 23,700 kilometers, crossing 17 countries, and covering the distance from New Delhi to London in just 95 days!

Road trips offer an element of unpredictability and a sense of freedom. Each turn of the wheel unveils countless hidden gems and unexpected destinations. For us, the world is like a tightly wound twine, waiting to be unraveled. What better way to unravel it than with the wind blowing through our hair and the open road stretching out before us? Allow us to share our remarkable journey from New Delhi to London by road.

Nidhi relaxing on top of the car like a boss

The Genesis of the Expedition

Everything began with the vision of Women Beyond Boundaries, a brainchild of Nidhi Tiwari and Smita Mazumdar. Women Beyond Boundaries serves as a platform to empower women drivers, equipping them with the skills necessary to aid and support other women in remote areas and challenging terrains, ensuring the delivery of goods and services to those in need.

Nidhi solo riding from India to UK

When Nidhi proposed the audacious idea of embarking on an expedition from New Delhi to London in an Indian car, traversing 17 countries, we instantly jumped at the chance. Excitement surged within us as we packed our bags and eagerly ventured forth. Interestingly, Nidhi herself assumed the role of the sole driver for this extraordinary undertaking.

Somya and Rashmi while on the way to London

The Epic Voyage Through 17 Countries

On the 23rd of July 2015, the three of us set off from Dhyanchand Stadium, embarking on a thrilling journey that would lead us to our destination in London on the 28th of October 2015. Our expedition carried us through the captivating landscapes of Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France, and the UK.

Rashmi and Soumya on their way to London

Ironically, it was during the Indian leg of our journey that we encountered the most exhilarating and adventurous moments. Initially, everything proceeded according to plan, until we reached Manipur. While driving from Kohima to Imphal, we unexpectedly found ourselves trapped in the middle of a road obstruction caused by a local strike. The roads were barricaded, leaving us stranded with no path forward or backward. There we sat, confined within our car, as protestors paraded past us, some wielding sticks and stones!

The most epic road trip ever

They observed us with curiosity, pondering the reason for these women being on the road. One individual, heavily intoxicated, approached us and initiated a conversation. We maintained a serious countenance and politely engaged in dialogue with him. For approximately 15 minutes, he elaborated on how we resembled his siblings back home, and then he moved on.

Soumya and Rashmi in Manipur

Whew! We contemplated that this is what we would have to endure for the next 7 hours. Subsequently, another group of individuals initially passed us by but eventually returned, casting inquisitive glances into our vehicle.

One of them informed us that it was unsafe for us to remain seated in the car during these hours of protest. He strongly encouraged us to accompany him to his residence, where he would arrange lunch for us. We found ourselves in a quandary, unsure whether we should place our trust in him. Nonetheless, we relied on our instincts and followed him to his house.

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