Rekindling Our Love: An Unforgettable Journey in Thailand

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Our celebration of our anniversary was approaching, and we had been making arrangements to go on a journey outside of India to make it an even more special and unforgettable occasion. After conducting extensive research, we ultimately settled on Thailand as our destination. We selected Thailand for several reasons. The most crucial factor for us was the presence of beautiful beaches, which was a requirement for us. Additionally, Thailand boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. The travel duration is relatively short from India, it is not excessively expensive, and, of course, there are numerous Indian restaurants and dining establishments, which would provide us with convenient access. After engaging in multiple discussions, we contacted Fred and Fuzzys, and they promptly organized our remarkable anniversary trip to Thailand.

An Overview of Our Vacation Details

Price: INR 66500Duration: 6 DaysNumber of Individuals: 2 AdultsInclusions: Driver who speaks English, Sightseeing, Phuket city tour, Phi Phi island tour, government taxes, airfares, hotel transfer, breakfast, airport transferExclusions: Visa, honeymoon supplements, items not mentioned in the itineraryTravel Agent From Fred and Fuzzys: TraveTerra Holidays

6-Day Itinerary for Our Anniversary Trip to Thailand

Day 1: Arrival and Evening Stroll on Ao-Nang beach market RoadsDay 2: Four Island TourDay 3: Exploring Bangla StreetDay 4: Visiting Tiger KingdomDay 5: Phi Phi Island TourDay 6: Departure

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Climate in Thailand in June

The weather in Thailand varies from one place to another. Our trip took place in the month of June, which is considered to be the rainy season. Upon our arrival in Phuket, we encountered heavy rainfall. Similarly, Krabi had overcast skies with intermittent showers on the day we arrived. However, for the rest of our trip, the days were quite hot and humid. Thus, if one chooses to visit Thailand during the rainy season, one should be prepared for the unexpected.

excited to explore the Krabi

Places We Explored During Our Anniversary Trip

We were fortunate enough to witness and explore some of the most incredible destinations in Thailand. Each place held surprises and offered amazing experiences for us.

an island hopping

1. Krabi

Upon arriving in Krabi, we were exceedingly thrilled to discover all that it has to offer. We dedicated a half-day to explore the neighboring spots near our hotel. However, the following day, we embarked on an island-hopping expedition where we set foot on four incredibly renowned islands: Kohpoda, Kohgai, Kohtub, and Kohmore. Here, we encountered some of the most exquisite locations and captured numerous photographs.

filling the hungerclicked a lot of pictures.beautiful places to explore on the beach

2. Phuket

We ventured into the local markets and other celebrated destinations situated in Phuket. The magnificence of this place left us spellbound. Moreover, we indulged in a little retail therapy. People can visit renowned places such as Promthep Cape, WatChalong, and Phuket Town.

3. Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands hold a prominent position among the most distinguished islands in Asia. Here, individuals can engage in snorkeling and diving activities, allowing them to witness the astonishing marine life. While here, visitors also have the opportunity to explore the awe-inspiring Peleh Cove and Monkey bay.

having good time with partnervisiting to famous destinations

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finding the beautiful places

Accommodation Options in Thailand Where We Stayed

1. AvaSea Resort, Krabi

This hotel is in close proximity to Ao-nang Beach. Within walking distance, around 250 meters, located right on the main road.

We did not encounter any problems during our stay at the hotel. The check-in and check-out process went smoothly. The rooms were impeccably clean and tidy. Our room overlooked the pool, and we could even see the shoreline from our balcony. The rooms were spacious and had a lovely balcony with seating. A safe was provided for us to store our valuables. Amenities included a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, and complimentary wifi access. The dining area was located on the ground floor. All hotel guests were provided with complimentary breakfast, which had a wide variety of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The staff at the hotel were polite and friendly. Despite being located on the main road, once inside the hotel, it was peaceful and serene. The pool was open from 7 am to 7 pm.

clicking the best shotswitnessing the marine life on the cruisememorable day on the beachhad an amazing time on the vacationexploring the sea side

2. Ashlee Hub Hotel, Phuket

This hotel offered a different experience compared to our stay in Krabi. It was situated on busy streets, with noise from the nearby pubs. The hotel was located between Hard Rock Café and the Aussie bar. Our room faced the road. The check-in and check-out process went smoothly, with a refundable deposit of 1000 bhat required during check-in.

have been to island with partner

Upon entering the corridors, the hotel appeared basic and inexpensive. However, the scene changed once we entered the rooms.

The rooms were spacious and had a balcony overlooking the main road, where we could see the staff from the pubs in front of the hotel waving at us. The rooms were well-ventilated, with large curtains and a comfortable bed. The bathroom was beautiful and the toilets were spotlessly clean.

The hotel provided amenities such as a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Additionally, we had access to a 24-hour front desk, a rooftop terrace/pool, and a concierge service.

We were provided with two bottles of water per day. We could hear noise from the pubs in the front until late at night. Breakfast was included, but the spread was not as extensive as the one in Krabi. Vegetarian options were limited, with only a few breadsticks and rice available. The biggest advantage of the hotel was its central location in the most happening area of Phuket, with everything within close proximity.

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How to Reach Thailand

From Bangalore, we took a late-night direct flight [Go-Air] to Phuket, with a travel time of approximately 4 hours. We completed the airport/visa formalities, including the immigration process which took around 2 hours.

Upon reaching the exit lobby, we were greeted by a person holding a sign with our names on it. After introductions, our photograph was taken for security purposes, and we were promptly provided with a private cab. We boarded the cab to Krabi, making a brief stop at a local rest house along the way for refreshments. We arrived in Krabi around 1:30 pm. The driver dropped us off at our hotel and bid us farewell. The travel time was approximately 3 hours.

Personal Expenditures In Thailand

Considering that my trip was an all-inclusive package, all of my expenses were either related to food or shopping. On average, for a couple who don’t excessively indulge in shopping or dine extravagantly, a budget of 15000 Bhat would be more than sufficient for personal expenses during a 6-day trip to Thailand. And that was exactly the budget my partner and I had set for our Thailand adventure.

Shopping Experience in Thailand

Phuket was where we did most of our shopping. Clothing is incredibly affordable there and the quality is high. However, everything on the streets comes with a high price tag, so bargaining becomes necessary. During our Phuket city tour, we visited a store sponsored by the state where the prices were very reasonable, so we did the majority of our shopping there. In Krabi, my wife purchased some beautiful anklets and bracelets from the street shops. Again, unless you engage in bargaining, getting a good price is unlikely.

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Indian Dining Options in Thailand

The area we stayed in was filled with Indian restaurants, providing us with a wide range of food options such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Thai, Indian, and Italian cuisines. However, it’s important to note that the Indian food in these restaurants was considerably more expensive compared to local Thai food. While local Thai dishes typically cost around 50 to 200 baht, an average Indian meal would cost upwards of 1000 baht, which is roughly equivalent to 2500 INR.

During our stay, we dined at the Bombay Palace Hotel Guru Restaurant and Madras Cafe. I strongly recommend visiting Madras Cafe in Krabi, as they serve incredibly delicious south Indian dosa. I can confidently say that it would be quite challenging to find such high-quality food, even in Bangalore. The food in all the hotels we stayed at in Krabi was decent. At Guru Restaurant, we tried their wood oven pizza, which was priced at 100 baht. I would say it was okay, although I’ve had better pizza before. In Phuket, we dined at Sajha Chulha, which we stumbled upon while on our way to Patong Beach. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys Indian cuisine.

We were highly satisfied with the taste of all the dishes we tried, which led us to dine there for the rest of our days in Phuket.

We also got to experience Thai street food, such as banana pancakes with Nutella and spiced mango at Patong Beach. We still crave those pancakes, as they were absolutely divine.

What to Bring for Your Trip to Thailand

  • Pack light and minimal clothing.
  • Ensure you have rain jackets if you’re traveling during the rainy season.
  • Don’t forget to bring waterproof slip-ons or flip flops.
  • A cap, sunscreen, and sunglasses are essential.

Etiquette and Recommendations for Thailand

  • Avoid shopping at one single place. There’s always a chance to find similar items at a better discount elsewhere.
  • Bangla Street in Phuket can get extremely crowded, particularly at night when people are often intoxicated. Therefore, it’s crucial to take care of your belongings when visiting the area.
  • If any performer approaches you for a photograph, politely decline as they might demand payment for the photo.
  • When going on sea tours, it’s best not to carry valuable items. Instead, keep them securely locked in the hotel lockers.
  • Make sure to try the delicious local street food; it’s absolutely delightful.
  • Engage in shopping at local markets for a fun experience and the opportunity to interact with local people.
  • Remember to bring along some medication if you suffer from motion sickness.
  • Travel Pointers For Thailand

    • Prior research on the region is highly recommended.
    • There are numerous information booths available everywhere. The inquiry is complimentary
    • And you can discover a plethora of additional information that is not accessible on the internet.
    • Though not necessarily crucial, if you wish to stay connected, you can easily obtain 4g prepaid sim cards at the airport. The procedure for obtaining one is also straightforward. The staff member will activate it on your phone.

    Our Encounter With Fred and Fuzzys

    I must say Fred and Fuzzys and its representative truly made my trip wonderful. We initially had some concerns that what if we don’t receive any assistance after availing the package. However, it turned out to be an extremely pleasant experience dealing with the Fred and Fuzzys agents. They maintained constant communication right from the beginning of the trip until my return flights. Fred and Fuzzys deserves 5 stars.

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    We thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary excursion to Thailand and we cannot express enough gratitude to the Fred and Fuzzys team for it. They effectively took care of the entire planning process and crafted an itinerary that catered to our desires. It was well within our budget and encompassed all the sights and activities we had eagerly anticipated. If you also desire a similar experience, then organize your trip to Thailand with Fred and Fuzzys and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Thailand

    What is the ideal destination in Thailand for couples?

    Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi Island, and Koh Lanta are among the top choices for couples in Thailand.

    What is the most recommended island to visit in Thailand?

    Ko Sameh, Ko Lipe, Ko Chang, Ko tao, Kop Poda are among the finest islands in Thailand.

    Is June a good month to visit Thailand?

    Given that June is a relatively dry month, it is an excellent time to visit Thailand.

    Is July a good time to visit Thailand?

    While one may encounter frequent rainfall, July is considered one of the best months to visit Thailand.

    How many days are sufficient for a trip to Thailand?

    Approximately a week is an ideal duration to spend in Thailand in order to fully experience all it has to offer.

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