Rakshita’s Thailand Adventure: A 7-Day Journey of Discovery!

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Rakshita and her spouse desired to spend some quality time together in the Gulf of Thailand and that’s when the couple made the decision to have an exotic vacation planned here. Of course, their 7-day journey was a remarkable travel experience – get to know about it by reading Rakshita’s personal account of the couple’s getaway.

Our trip to Thailand was a memorable experience, which is worth treasuring. The vibrant allure of this place is the biggest reason why people from all over the world visit this country all around the year. We explored various attractions in a week and each of them is a portrayal of the astounding Thai culture. Our Thailand 7 days trip was full of fascinating experiences and we created many memories here.

The locals here were quite hospitable and friendliness was quite evident in their conduct. The cherry on the top was the fact that we didn’t have to make any calls in order to get the necessary arrangements done, as everything was reserved in advance, leading to a hassle-free experience.

Package Details For Our 7 Days Tour In Thailand

Learn about the specifics of our package that we opted for our Thailand trip!

To: ThailandFrom: DelhiGroup: 2 Adults, 0 childrenTrip Type: Couple tripTrip Duration: 7 DaysInclusions: English Speaking Chauffeur, Sightseeing, Government Taxes/VAT/ Service Charges, All Transfers on Private basis, Meal plan : Breakfast (Daily breakfast at hotel), Airport Transfers, Other InclusionsExclusions: Visa, Airfare, Honeymoon supplements

Itinerary For The Thailand 7 Days Trip

Day 1: Arrival at the airport, check-in, visit Sriracha Tiger ZooDay 2: Visit coral Island after breakfast, go for snorkelingDay 3: Depart for Bangkok after having breakfast at the hotel, visit Siam Ocean World Aquarium, overnight stayDay 4: Head to Safari World and Marine Park after breakfast, return to the hotel to relaxDay 5: Depart for Bangkok Airport post-breakfast and take a flight to Krabi, check-in and overnight stayDay 6: Go for Four Island tour after breakfast, go for Hot Spring and Jungle, depart for Phuket, overnight stay at the hotelDay 7: After breakfast depart for the airport and go back with memories

enjoyed the elephant ridevisited to interesting places in Pattayaelephant ridetigers zooSriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya

Climate In Thailand

Since the two of us visited this tourist destination in the month of June, the climate remained a little hot and humid. It was only when it rained that it improved slightly and became more than just bearable. During this time of the year, there’s constant sunshine for nearly 6 hours and the temperature can rise above 30 degrees Celsius. However, the sweltering weather didn’t really hinder us from enjoying our time around the different attractions.

natural green surroundingslocal streets in Pattayanight lighting show

Experiences We Had During Our Trip

1. Encountering Wildlife

When we arrived in Pattaya, we paid a visit to the well-known Sriracha Tiger Zoo after having a good rest at our hotel. The main attractions of this zoo were the animal performance that we greatly enjoyed watching. This zoo is one of the most fascinating places in Pattaya. We had the opportunity to witness various species that left us all astonished and thrilled.

going on a island tour

2. An Exceptional Experience At A Cabaret Show

island tour

This was one of the unparalleled experiences that we underwent in Pattaya, as the ambiance was quite lively and captivating. Furthermore, it was one of the things that we cannot find in India. The Alcazar Show was such a joy that we were simply amazed by the talent of the performers. The illumination and magnificent stage immediately caught our attention. We couldn’t be happier to have witnessed such an awe-inspiring show that gave us a better understanding of the Thai culture as well.

fish feeding timelooking at the waves of the beacha lot of people bathing on the lake side

3. Getting Closer To Nature At Coral Beach

Opting for a coral reef island excursion in Pattaya was something we deemed as quite crucial during our vacation. Throughout the excursion, we encountered a large number of individuals, as both tourists and locals enjoy coming here. Embarking on such excursions will bring you closer to the local culture as well as nature.

spiritually enlightening experienceGolden Buddha in Bangok

4. Illuminating Encounter At The Temples

We desired to have a spiritually illuminating encounter during our journey, as the temples are among the principal attractions in Thailand and henceforth we embarked on a temple expedition around the city of Bangkok. Throughout this expedition, we explored temples like Marble Buddha and Golden Buddha. This was unquestionably a spiritually serene encounter that we had during this journey.

awe-inspiring marine lifewitness safari world experience

5. Venturing Into The Majestic Marine Life

Marine Park

In the evening in Bangkok, we visited Safari World and Marine Park where we beheld the awe-inspiring marine life. It felt as if we were traversing beneath the ocean. This was, without a doubt, one of the most exceptional encounters that we had. We beheld dolphins, seals, orangutans, and a vast multitude of other aquatic creatures during our visit. It was one of the encounters that we hold dear the most following our return from the Thailand journey.

birds feeding treecherish the experiences of witnessing marine lifeexperiences to see marine life

6. The Highly-Awaited Four Island Tour

After undergoing some incredibly awe-inspiring experiences in Krabi, the destination actually became our favorite amongst the four. After enjoying a delectable breakfast at the hotel we embarked on the four island tour. This excursion included a visit to the attractions such as Ko Gai, Ko Poda, Ko Tub, and Pranang Beach. We relished the sunshine, sand, and ocean during our tour and we couldn’t get enough of it. We wished we could prolong our stay here!

enjoyed the beach activitiesFour Island Touran amazing experiences in Krabi

Overall Experience With Fred and Fuzzys

We were quite content with the service provided by Fred and Fuzzys. The agent was quite dependable and promptly responded whenever we required assistance. The overall travel experience we had with Fred and Fuzzys was fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for a better service.

had fun on the beachenjoyed the sun and bathing on the beach

Thailand is regarded as a paradise for all types of travelers and particularly couples. If you are planning a vacation in Thailand, then make sure to peruse the experience undergone by Rakshita and her husband. Their account is worth reading and will greatly assist you during the planning process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thailand Trip

How many days are sufficient in Thailand?

5-7 days are considered ample to explore Thailand, sufficient for all types of travelers – solo, honeymooners, friends, or families.

How much money do I need for 7 days in Thailand?

The cost per day for you to explore Thailand exceeds 30 baht. You can also contemplate purchasing a day pass for approximately 150 baht. The bus journey that will take you from Bangkok to Chiang Mai will cost you around 600 baht.

What is the most inexpensive month to fly to Thailand?

Opting for the off-season is the best way to secure the cheapest flights to Thailand. Consequently, planning your Thailand trip for the month of September would be ideal.

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