Rainy Season in Japan: Indulge in Sushi and Ramen while Embracing the Monsoon!

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Whether it’s winter or rainy season in Japan, there is always something to do here. Even though the rainy season isn’t the most ideal time to visit Japan, there are still many ways you can spend your time. So, don’t let the rain stop you from making the most of your trip to Japan. We vouch that with our list of activities, you can take full advantage of the rainy season in Japan.

Rainy Season In Japan

Explore the museums In Tokyo

Rainy season in Japan starts at different months in the different regions of Japan, which is also reliant on the location. Okinawa’s rainy season starts early in the month of May, while the other regions of Japan experience rainfall from early June, lasting until mid-July.

10 Ways To Enjoy The Rainy Season In Japan

Here are the top things that one can indulge in to have the best time during rainy season in Japan. So, scroll down to find out the best ways to spend your time during the rainy season in Japan:

1. Explore the museums In Tokyo

Indulge in traditional Japanese activities

If you are a history enthusiast or like attending exclusive exhibits by artists, then you should definitely visit the museums in Tokyo. You can spend hours admiring the beautiful works of the many talented Japanese artists such as Yayoi Kusama. The Art Aquarium which is located in Tokyo is a fusion of modern technology with traditional Japanese culture. It has a display of over 8,000 goldfish, art installations, video mapping, and illusion lights to say the least, and at night, the Art Aquarium doubles as a club. Starting from 7 PM, you can sip on some exotic cocktails, enjoy live performances by bands, DJs, and also watch a geisha show.

Some of the most famous museums that you can visit in Japan during your stay are, Yebisu Beer Museum, Nezu Museum, Meguro Parasitological Museum, Samurai Museum, Yayoi Kusama Museum, Mori Art Museum, Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, which are a few places definitely worthy of a visit during your stay.

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2. Delight in customary Japanese pursuits

japan cafe cover

Calligraphy and mastering the exquisite Japanese calligraphy are some of the oldest conventional pursuits offered in Japan. You can also try your skills at Ikebana, the renowned Japanese art of arranging flowers, which holds international recognition. If this is not your taste, then you can also sample over 100 varieties of sake at Kurand or learn how to prepare matcha at Urasando Garden, situated in Tokyo. Moreover, the greatest advantage is that you do not need to check the weather forecast before planning any of these indoor activities.

3. Dedicate time in a Pet Cafe

Sing your heart out at Karaoke

If you are an animal enthusiast, visiting a pet cafe in Japan should occupy the highest position on your list of things to experience in Japan. You can invest your time here playing or simply admiring the diverse kinds of cat breeds, dogs, snakes, owls, rabbits, and even tiny hedgehogs. Tokyo is brimming with the most popular and lively pet cafes in Japan, and to make matters more intriguing, many of these cafes are created based on unique themes. Therefore, you can absolutely anticipate tasting exclusive food items and beverages. If you wish to bring back a couple of souvenirs, then you can also purchase a few goodies during your visit.

4. Sing your heart out at Karaoke

Head to beaches of Okinawa

5. Venture to the beaches of Okinawa

While the mainland is faced with the rainy season, the Southern region of Japan begins to revel in the joys of summer. This presents the perfect opportunity to escape the rainy weather and head to the beaches of Okinawa. The incredibly soft sandy beaches, surrounded by stunning blue waters, are undeniably the perfect getaway for you and your family during the rainy season. You can also work on your tan, socialize with new people, and take advantage of the affordable hotel rates in June.

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