Pulau Tengah: An Exquisite Tropical Paradise for an Unforgettable Getaway in Malaysia

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Does your heart desire a vacation in the exact center of an exotic island? Do you dream of strolling on a white sandy beach that glimmers like silver and gaze into the distance to behold the horizon? Are you yearning for a luxurious getaway? Then a private island vacation would be the ideal solution to satisfy all your holiday cravings. While these private islands elevate the concept of an exotic vacation, one such heavenly destination is Pulau Tengah. Once you set foot on this tiny, precious jewel, there’s no turning back!

About Pulau Tengah

Turtles In Pulau Tengah

Off the coast of Mersing, you will discover an adorable piece of land nestled amidst the azure waters of the South China Sea. Tengah island is like a charming gem wedged between its larger neighbors, signifying “Middle Island”. This breathtaking island can be aptly described as a tropical paradise. It falls under the jurisdiction of Malaysia and is a part of the Johor Marine Park, offering one of the finest experiences to witness the enchanting marine life. As a privately owned resort, this island provides the perfect sanctuary for families, groups, and even corporate teams seeking a lavish retreat.

6 Best Things To Do At Pulau Tengah

1. Observe The Turtles Lay Eggs

Marine life

In late October, you can witness turtles nesting on this island, as they arrive on the shore to lay their eggs. Who wouldn’t want to experience this extraordinary moment of seeing the mother turtle laying eggs? You can join the volunteer team and actively contribute to the conservation of the turtle population. By adopting a nest or making a generous donation to support the commendable work being carried out by scientists and locals, you can make a significant impact in protecting these magnificent creatures from the threat of extinction.

2. Explore The Splendid Underwater World

Island in Pulau Tengah

Apart from admiring the magnificent sandy beaches on the island, indulge in snorkeling expedition and enjoy the stunning underwater world. Explore the exotic marine life and numerous sea turtles. The water is transparent azure with tranquil waves and provides an incredible encounter when you are in contact with it. Bring your children with you and it will be an exciting experience for them as they enjoy snorkelling as well. Don’t worry because the Batu Bata dive team organizes numerous youth scuba diving programs for individuals above five years old.

Yoga in Pulau Tengah

3. Go Island Hopping Via Boats

Embark on a boat trip to the Palau Tengah island and explore the beautiful neighboring islands. Adults and children alike can have plenty of enjoyment on the way witnessing the island’s eight white sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs. Additionally, there are boats that can take you deep into the island’s sea. Those who desire to experience the deep waters can reach there with the assistance of the boats available at the resort.

Plants at Pulau Tengah

4. Indulge In Some Yoga

If you desire further relaxation and wish to liberate yourself from the incessant chatter of the mind, you can participate in the yoga classes on the island. Feel relaxed, slow down the moments, and immerse yourself in the blissful scenery of the island while you engage in some yoga.

Batu Batu Island Resort

5. Observe Unique Flora

6. Stay At Bata Batu Private Island Resort

No matter what is your version of an entertaining and a soothing vacation, the Bata Batu Private Island resort can appropriately fulfill your top holiday daydreams. Situated amid coconut groves, rocky formations and pure white sand beaches, this island resort offers visually appealing sights in abundance. Constructed from a variety of Malay kampung style hardwoods, it is unquestionably the most exquisite island resort in the world that will mesmerize your senses.

Boat ride

Apart from its captivating beauty and architecture, it is an extremely comfortable and magnificent place to stay for newlyweds and holidaymakers at Pulau Tengah. With 20 one-bedroom and two-bedroom villas nestled in the island’s pristine and natural surroundings, this luxurious island resort also boasts eight sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs that display awe-inspiring views.

How To Reach Pulau Tengah

Pulau Tengah island is approximately 3 km in circumference but harbors around 10 exquisite, peaceful, and secluded beaches. The island is well connected to its neighboring islands as well as the mainland. Visitors need to reach the port of Mersing from where boats commute to and from Tengah island. It is located about 9 nautical miles or 16 km away from this port. Sail across the vast azure waters for about 20 minutes and behold your dream destination right in front of your eyes. For those traveling from Singapore, private bus and taxi companies offer comfortable services.

So why wait any longer? The enchanting island of Tengah is simple, relaxed, and exotic all at once. A perfect choice for travelers seeking an incredibly fulfilling experience, they should definitely make it a priority to visit this sea gem at least once in their lifetime on their next journey to Malaysia.

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