Prepare to Be Amazed: Unmissable Destinations for a 6-Day Family Adventure in Thailand

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Theirs is a delightful tale of a young family that will warm your heart. Nishant recounts his amazing experience of a 5 nights/6 days family vacation in Thailand exploring the natural splendor of Pattaya and the vibrant sights and sounds of Bangkok.

Having visited Thailand multiple times before, I knew precisely what to anticipate from the destination. I always desired to journey to Thailand with family to those picturesque cities and beaches, and now was the ideal moment to do so. Our trip surpassed all expectations. We had the most incredible time of our lives in this country. Our child was in awe of this magnificent nation from beginning to end.

I opted to search for a dynamic holiday on the internet that could be customized according to my requirements. I stumbled upon the Fred and Fuzzys website, which allowed me to personalize a package based on the places I wanted to visit. Seeing how effortless and convenient it was to create a customized package, I invited my friends to come along, and before we knew it, we were a cheerful group setting off for an unforgettable vacation in Thailand.

Details Of Our Family Trip To Thailand

Trip Duration: 5 nights/6 daysTrip Cost: INR 2,06,000Total People: 6 adults, 1 childAgent Name: Booking SquadInclusions: flight tickets, transfers, accommodation, breakfast, and sightseeingExclusions: lunch and dinner, and visa

Our 6 Days Family Trip To Thailand Itinerary

Discover Thailand Points Of Interest To Visit On A 6 Day Family Trip

pattaya sightseeing

Here are 6 experiences from our family vacation in Thailand that will assist you in planning a trip to the country more effectively and experiencing it like a local:

Day 1: Arrival in Thailand and transfer to Pattaya

nishant and his son in a candid photo

Our journey commenced very early in the morning with a 3.30 am flight from New Delhi to Bangkok. After arriving in Bangkok, a taxi driver was there to welcome us and take us directly to Pattaya. The taxi ride to Pattaya was incredibly scenic as we traversed many rural areas of Thailand that appeared stunning. I suggest you travel to Thailand with family for this exhilarating experience!

We made a few stops during our journey to appreciate and admire the lush green landscape that Thailand is blessed with. Finally, we checked into the Citin Garden Resort in Pattaya. The resort was modern, stylish, and extravagant. The first thing my wife and I did was marvel at the magnificent swimming pool located at the resort.

relaxing at a shack at coral island

We took a few hours of rest at the hotel to make up for the sleep we had missed. Afterwards, we prepared ourselves in the evening for the Alcazar Show. It is one of the finest destinations to explore in Thailand with children. A 90-minute cabaret show which served as a testament to Pattaya’s grand ambition and opulence in its quest to become the entertainment hub of the Far East. Now I understand why traveling to Thailand with the family is highly recommended on the internet.

coral island landscape

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Day 2: Exploring the picturesque Coral Island

The following day, we woke up exceptionally early to explore the Coral Island. We were transported from Jomtien Beach to the island aboard a stunning glass-bottom boat. It’s among the top destinations to visit in Thailand with the family. My son was extremely thrilled by the idea of traveling in a boat that allowed him to observe things moving beneath the water. The wonder and innocence I witnessed in childhood were truly priceless.

outside the entry point of nong nooch

We arrived at the beautiful white sand beach of Coral Island and disembarked to enjoy a leisurely day. There, I made the decision to try deep-sea diving. It was a very therapeutic experience, swimming beneath the surface and witnessing the marine life underwater.

We returned to Pattaya at 6 pm in the evening, following our family travel plan for Thailand, after which we spent the evening at the hotel, having dinner and unwinding.

nong nooch village gardens

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Day 3: A visit to the lush green Nong-nooch Village

elephant show at nong nooch

This day, we were scheduled for an afternoon visit to the Nong-nooch village. Our family journey to Thailand from India would have remained incomplete without the tour of this charming village. My little son decided to take his own leisurely time in getting in the mood for sightseeing. It is indeed one of the finest places to explore in Thailand with kids. Lastly, everyone got ready to visit the verdant botanical garden.

visiting the gardens in nong nooch

bangkok sightseeing tour

Filled with maze-like hedges and exquisite flora, Nong-nooch was a haven for the nature enthusiasts within us. This is acclaimed to be one of the top family destinations in Thailand. As the day was coming to an end, we also took our son to the elephant spectacle. He really enjoyed the acrobatics showcased by the elephant and I suppose that was his most memorable day spent in Thailand.

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nishant's son enjoying in bangkok

Day 4: Return to Bangkok and local sightseeing

exploring the pubs in bangkok

The day commenced with us enjoying an early breakfast and departing from the hotel in Pattaya. This day, we returned to Bangkok via cab as part of our family journey to Thailand. After one swift early morning swim in the pool, I felt rejuvenated and ready to continue our adventure in Thailand.

We arrived in Bangkok at 2 pm, and checked into the Howard Square Boutique. It didn’t take us long before we set off for our sightseeing expedition in the city. The driver took us on an extremely informative and captivating temple tour in the city. We couldn’t visit all the temples in Bangkok (since they have only 26,000 of them), but the major ones we explored like Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew and a few others were truly splendid.

meeting friendly bird at safari world

In the evening, we decided to visit the pubs in Bangkok where we went for a few beverages and dinner. Around 11 pm, we returned to the hotel and retired for the night.

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Day 5: Embracing Nature at Safari World

safari world animals

Dolphins show in Bangkok

Visiting the Safari World and Marine Park is one of the best activities to do in Thailand with children. Therefore, on our second-to-last day, we decided to explore just that. Taking my son to Safari World and introducing him to all the marvelous animals was something I was eagerly anticipating.

We spent the entire day at Safari World and Marine Park (with a packed lunch) observing a variety of rare animals that we had only previously seen on television and in movies. At 5 pm, we concluded our tour and made our way back to the hotel.

Elephant show in pattaya

In the evening, we decided to test out some Thai curries for dinner and then return to the hotel for the night.

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Day 6: Thank you Thailand for the memories

We finally reached our final day in Thailand. Since our flight was in the evening, we checked out from the hotel and carried our bags with us in the cab to do some shopping. My wife had been urging me for days to make time for shopping. Fortunately, on this day, we had ample time for her to indulge in a shopping spree in the renowned street markets of Bangkok.

chayophraya river cruise

As we boarded the flight back to Delhi, I attempted to converse with my son and gauge his impressions of Thailand. From whatever I could comprehend and he could articulate, it seemed like he relished exploring such a distinct place with numerous captivating and intriguing elements. Overall, our family trip to Thailand from India was an unforgettable vacation that offered a wide array of activities for individuals of all ages and for tourists.

tigers at safari world


  • The excursion to Coral Island was a memorable adventure.
  • Enjoyed socializing with friends and family at the local bars in Thailand.

Their Fascinating Journey To Thailand Was an Unforgettable Expedition


  • We were dissatisfied with the hotel in Bangkok as it did not meet our expectations in terms of amenities and room quality.

Tips for travelers:

  • Discover the less-known places (beach destinations) in Thailand as locations like Pattaya are gradually becoming overly commercialized.

Our Friends Trip To Thailand Surpassed Our Adventurous Expectations!

What To Bring

Go through these suggestions for packing when planning a hassle-free trip to Thailand.

  • Keep wraps and shawls for covering your head when visiting the temples.
  • Don’t forget to bring your prescribed medications as you might not be able to find the one prescribed by your doctor.
  • Sunblock and beach hat are essential items when visiting beaches in Thailand.
  • Bring your hiking shoes, flashlight, and portable charger.

How To Get to Thailand

Taking a flight from Delhi to Thailand is the optimal choice since Delhi has good connectivity with all parts of the world. So, we chose the same option. Below are other options for those wondering how to reach Thailand from Delhi using other modes of transportation.

By air: Traveling to Thailand by air is the most convenient option for anyone traveling from Delhi. The flight ticket prices are very low during the off-season, such as monsoon and summers. The main cities of Thailand, Phuket and Bangkok, are well connected to other parts of the country as well.

By Train: There are no direct train services from Delhi to Thailand.

By Road: Traveling to Thailand by road can be extremely tiresome and time-consuming. Additionally, it requires a high budget to implement.

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The breathtaking diversity of Thailand awaits. Book your Thailand family trip and enjoy a perfect vacation! You will have the time of your life in this picturesque destination on your family trip to Thailand and will not be disappointed by the locations that you see here and the enchantment the attractions in this place create. Make sure to book your trip with Fred and Fuzzys for a stress-free journey!

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Trip To Thailand

Here’s a compilation of all the travel inquiries you may have regarding our family trip to Thailand. I am pretty sure the answer to your question will be here:

Is Thailand suitable for a family trip?

Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s preferred family vacation spots. Most resorts have children’s programs available. Aside from that, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to choose from.

Is Thailand secure for a family trip?

Thailand is an absolutely safe place for traveling with infants or young children.

Which Thai island is ideal for a family vacation?

White Sands Beach and East Coast in Koh Chang are perfect island getaways for a family vacation.

Do infants need to be vaccinated before entering Thailand?

Yes, infants should receive vaccinations for Polio, Tetanus/Diphtheria/Whooping Cough, and other deadly diseases before traveling to Thailand.

What is the least expensive month to travel to Thailand?

May is the least expensive month to travel to Thailand.

Is Phuket or Bangkok better for families?

Phuket is best suited for families and children, while Bangkok is a lively destination with some of the best clubs.

What is family life like in Thailand?

Thai people prioritize family values. Many Thai families consist of multiple generations living under the same roof. It is also common for both parents to work.

How much does a vacation in Thailand cost?

A 6-day trip to Thailand will cost you around INR 2,00,000.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Thailand?

The cheapest month to fly to Thailand is February.


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