Pooja and Her Best Friends Bring You Incredible Shopping Tips from Their Amazing All-Girls Getaway in Thailand!

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A Girls-Only Escape INR 2,13,200/- Journey Routers Airport Transfers, Breakfast, Airfare, Local Transfers, English Speaking Driver, Sightseeing, Government Taxes and Service Charges Lunch, Dinner, Visa

It all began with the idea of “Let’s go somewhere, we truly need a fantastic vacation,” and immediately, everyone was on board with the plan! From all the destinations we had written down on our list, we ultimately chose Thailand since it’s the ideal location for a girls-only trip with its lively atmosphere and vibrant nightlife.

“Hey guys, my friend once mentioned Fred and Fuzzys. Should we give it a shot?” And wow, am I happy that I did! We uploaded our preferences on the website and in no time, we got itineraries and quotes from various agents, each offering the best deals in the market.

With the assistance of Journey Routers, we were able to organize our girls-only trip with such ease and comfort. In just two weeks, we were all set with our schedule and plan, thanks to Amit from Journey Routers. As travel enthusiasts, we wanted to ensure that our first international trip together would be worthwhile and unforgettable, and Journey Routers played a significant role in making sure that it was!

The plan was set, and the payments were completed. Soon, the ‘Veeras’ were on a flight to Bangkok, and that’s when the excitement truly began! Here we share our incredible journey to inspire you to always keep the passion for travel alive!

Affordable Shopping In Pattaya, Meeting Tigers, And Underwater Sea Walk!

Here’s how to combine adventure, thrill, and shopping in the charming city of Pattaya:

DAY 1: Arrival in Pattaya

We started our girls-only trip to Thailand by driving to Pattaya from Bangkok at 8 AM in a very comfortable car. After a refreshing two-hour road trip, we arrived at our destination – Golden Sea Hotel Pattaya, where we were greeted with refreshing local beverages.

pooja thailand trip group pic

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After allowing ourselves some time to unwind, we were ready to explore the city in the evening, and our first stop was the Alcazar Cabaret show. The show featured incredibly enthusiastic performers from different cultures around the world. It was a breathtaking showcase of dance and acting. After the show, we went on to savor some amazing Thai cuisine at a local restaurant as suggested by our guide. We ended the first day with a leisurely stroll around the hotel, visiting local shops.

DAY 2: Pattaya – Coral Island and Tiger Park

After a invigorating breakfast, we embarked on our journey to the stunning Coral Island at approximately 9 AM in the morning. The Coral Island provides you with the chance to go crazy amidst numerous thrilling sports. We indulged in parasailing, Subaquatic Ocean Walk, jet skiing, and the banana boat ride.

We all felt a little apprehensive during the Subaquatic Ocean Walk, as none of us were proficient swimmers and two of us even had a fear of water to some degree. However, the instructors reassured us of our safety and the unique adventure of witnessing corals and feeding fish at the ocean floor made it well worth the effort!

pooja thailand trip watersports

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pooja thailand trip buddha temple

In the evening, we visited the Tiger Park and had some photographs taken with the largest tiger in the group. Although the experience was undeniably nerve-wracking (imagine gently touching a tiger and smiling through the fear for a picture!), we all managed to survive and continue exploring more of Thailand!

DAY 3: Pattaya – City Tour and UnderMarine Aquarium

After our adventurous, yet tiring activities on the second day, we decided to have a more relaxed itinerary to explore Pattaya and visit the captivating world of UnderMarine on the third day. We headed to the UnderMarine world to discover various fish, sea turtles, and water spiders, and our favorite was the Jellyfish area with Neon Light effects!

On our way back, we witnessed the fascinating Songkran festival of Thailand, which takes place in mid-April. It’s quite similar to Holi in India, but instead of colors, they splash cold water.

Pattaya Shopping Tips

Pattaya is renowned for its assortment of Gemstones and Pearls. If you’re in search of accredited gem and pearl jewelry with exquisite designs and affordable prices, make your way to the World Gems Collection Gallery. After all, what’s a girls trip without a little bling and radiance!

You can purchase splendid pearl necklaces and earrings, and even acquire your preferred birthstones in various forms such as pendants, rings, and bracelets. The pearl accessories will cost you around INR 4,500 – 5,000 on average, while the price of the birthstones will depend on the type of stone. It’s the ultimate destination for gem and pearl shopping in Thailand, and you’re guaranteed to find exceptional deals for the quality and designs they offer!

They also have an incredible & exceedingly comprehensive range of leather items, aromatic soaps, oils, and essence, each priced at approximately INR 150 – 200. Their selection of essence is a definite must-have!

For affordable shopping in Pattaya, head to the Pattaya City Avenue, which is a splendid spot for roadside shopping and local BBQ delights. Everything you purchase will make you realize just how reasonable Thailand’s shopping prices are and why it’s a shopaholic’s paradise like ours! In this flea market, you can find almost everything from jewelry, accessories, clothing, packaged snacks, to practical items like portable sewing machines and even electronics, all costing an average of INR 150 – 400.

Looking for inexpensive Fish Spa in Thailand? You can find it right here for approximately INR 150 for a spa session lasting 45 minutes (if you negotiate well).

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Budget-Friendly Shopping In Bangkok, Peaceful Temples, And Vibrant Parakeets

Here’s how we experienced sheer happiness in Bangkok and the various trinkets we acquired from its bustling markets:

DAY 4: Return to Bangkok and City Tour

We embarked on our journey back to Bangkok by road and settled ourselves comfortably at Citin Pratunam Hotel, which is located in the heart of Indira Market – a paradise for affordable shopping in Thailand!

pooja thailand trip palace day 4

We dropped off our bags in the room and ventured out to explore Bangkok’s famous temple – Wat Traimit (Temple of Golden Buddha). It houses the world’s largest massive gold-seated Sukhothai style Buddha, which is a spectacle to behold! From there, we visited another exquisite temple, Wat Mahaprutharam, which also features a statue of Buddha seated under the sacred Bodhi tree, surrounded by astonishing sculptures, captivating artwork, and majestic architecture. Our day couldn’t have been more serene, tranquil, and harmonious!

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Our Friends Trip To Thailand Will Make You Reschedule Your Holiday Plans!

DAY 5: Bangkok – An Exciting and Adventurous Trip to Safari World

The highly anticipated day of our all-girls trip to Thailand had finally arrived! We set out on a one-hour journey to Safari World and Marine Park, and the first creatures we encountered were these stunning and vibrant Macaw Parrots.

The park’s entire setup resembles that of a jungle with lush gardens and pathways. We were able to spot various animals and birds such as Lions, Kangaroos, White Tigers, Gorillas, Swans, and Giant Flamingos. The park also hosts various shows, and the most incredible ones include the Dolphin Show, Orangutan Boxing, as well as designated areas for bird and giraffe feeding, where you can feed these gentle creatures from tabletops.

Bangkok Shopping Tips

Indira Market is the ultimate destination for affordable shopping in Bangkok (try staying at Citin Pratunam Hotel, as it is conveniently close to this market and will enhance your shopping experience). At Indira, you can purchase a variety of delightful items, such as:

  • Stylish bags – INR 250 – 500
  • Adorable dresses, tops, shorts, jumpsuits – INR 200 – 800
    • Trendy sunglasses (high-quality replicas) – INR 200 – 400

    Items such as footwear, accessories, and jewelry are also available at remarkably low prices. You can negotiate, but not persistently since shopping prices in Bangkok are some of the lowest in Thailand (and anywhere else, for that matter!).

    If you’re searching for more options for affordable shopping in Bangkok, head to the Platinum Mall. Here, you can purchase Thai Silk scarves (INR 300 – 450) and fragrant soaps (INR 200 for 5 soaps).

    You can also acquire fantastic home decorations, presents, and souvenirs within a price range of INR 40 – 600. Some of the most common items people purchase here include:

    • Fragrant candle sets
    • Wall art and paintings
    • Shot glasses
    • Flower vases
    • Figurines
    • Light fixtures
    • Magnetic fridge ornaments
    • Postcards
    • Seashells

    If you wish to haggle, ensure that you buy in bulk to secure favorable deals.

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    Authentic travel tales. Genuine accommodations. Practical advice to help you make the correct decision.”

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