Planning an Unforgettable 5-Day Family Vacation in Hong Kong

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Why Choose Hong Kong for a Family Vacation?

With the correct individuals at the correct location, a holidays can sometimes transform into a fantasy story. Vivek brought his spouse and three children on an exploration to Disneyland, Hong Kong, with the sole intention of enjoying themselves to the fullest. Their 4-night/5-day family journey to Hong Kong cost them a total of INR 4,63,500 which incorporated their flights, accommodations, transfers, sightseeing, and breakfast.

After a busy year, I took a few days off during Christmas to spend some quality time with my family on a vacation. At first, I deliberated between Macau or Thailand as potential options for an international getaway. However, upon reflection, a visit to Disneyland, Hong Kong seemed like the perfect destination for my family.

While searching for a family trip to Hong Kong on Google, I stumbled upon Fred and Fuzzys. They provided tailored itineraries to travelers, which was an impressive feature of their tour packages. I submitted an inquiry on their website and was impressed by the swift response I received. Vartika from Fred and Fuzzys understood my preferences and directed me to various agents who offered multiple quotes for the same trip. Ultimately, I selected the best package provided by the ‘Smiling Trips’ agency.

ocean park hong kong

Madam Tussauds Dsineyland

4 Days In Hong Kong: Your Ultimate Travel Guide For 2022!

As soon as I revealed to my children that we were heading to Disneyland for Christmas, they erupted with euphoria and disbelief, as their excitement could hardly be contained. The possibility of a vacation lifted the spirits of the entire family.

Travel month: December 2016

Travel duration: 4 nights/5 days

Package inclusions: Flights, hotel accommodations, transfers, Hong Kong cruise, city tour, Disneyland tickets, breakfast, and Disneyland food vouchers.

  • Aspirations become reality in DisneylandRenowned worldwide as a haven for kids, Disneyland maintains a charisma and atmosphere unlike any other. From the moment you step foot inside, until the final minute, Disneyland is a thrilling adventure that nurtures the innocence of childhood and delightful enthusiasm.
  • Take your family on a beautiful harbor city cruise that provides a stunning view of the incredible city skyline and how this architectural wonder transforms into a bustling metropolis.
  • The enchanting underwater world in Ocean ParkAn oceanarium and amusement park situated in the southern region of Hong Kong, Ocean Park is an exhilarating experience for individuals of all ages. The roller coasters are electrifying and the dolphin shows are truly captivating.
  • The finest global cuisines on your plate in Hong KongAnother advantage of being in Hong Kong is having the opportunity to savor the most exquisite cuisines not only from the oriental heartland but also from all corners of Asia. With a diverse selection of Indian restaurants, you will never be too far away from a delicious meal reminiscent of home.

Spending a day in disneylandattractions in hong kong

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Honeymoon In Hong Kong: Here’s How To Plan The Romantic Affair

The optimal time to visit Hong Kong is between the months of October and December when the weather is neither excessively humid nor gloomy.

Regarding the recommended duration of stay in Hong Kong, many individuals advised me not to exceed 2 days, but I personally spent 4 nights and thoroughly relished in the vibrant ambiance of Hong Kong.

Estimated expenses for a 5-day trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong celebrating Christmas

Although our package was largely all-inclusive as per my preference, here is a breakdown of all the costs per person that one can anticipate for a 4-night/5-day family trip to Hong Kong.

Airfare: INR 38,000 per person (round trip from New Delhi)Hotel (4 stars): INR 10,000 per person for twin sharingMeals (Lunch and Dinner): INR 4,800 per personDisneyland admission for 1 day (Child/Adult): INR 3500 / 4100 per personOther expenses (Sightseeing, shopping, etc.): INR 12,000 per person

5-day Plan: Hong Kong

Below is a quick glimpse of the plan we had custom-made by Fred and Fuzzys for our family trip to Hong Kong, which lasted 4 nights and 5 days:

disneyland in hong kong

35 Highly Rated Activities To Experience In Hong Kong In 2022

Outside tomorrowland in Disneyland

Day 1: Arrive in Hong Kong at 7 am – Transfer to the hotel and Register at Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Hotel – Commence a half-day urban excursion, including a cruise, at 1 pm – Return to the hotel at 6 pm

Day 2: Have breakfast at 8 am – Embark on a full-day tour to Ocean Park at 9 am – Depart Ocean Park at 5 pm – Get back to the hotel by taxi by 6 pm

Day 3: Enjoy breakfast at 8 am – Check out from Harbour Plaza Hotel – Proceed to Disneyland and check-in at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel by 10 am – Devote the entire day exploring the Tomorrowland-themed area in Disneyland.

Day 4: Start the day with breakfast at Hollywood Hotel – Spend the entire day at Disneyland, visiting Fantasyland and Adventureland – Wrap up the tour by 7 pm and return to the hotel

Day 5: Check out from Disneyland at 6 am – Drive to the airport for the return journey to New Delhi

Our Favorite Attractions at Disneyland

Once we settled into Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, we set out to explore the immense amusement park. While we relished our entire stay in Disneyland, I would like to highlight the top attractions of this vast wonderland that spans across 123 acres, which you absolutely must not miss.

having a fun day in disneyland hong kong

  • ExplorationlandThe most favored theme section in Disneyland. It transports its visitors into the distant forests of Asia and Africa. You can opt to relive the adventures of Indiana Jones or the escapades of Tarzan in this entertaining land.
  • FuturelandFutureland offers a glimpse into the realm of advanced ideas such as Star Wars and Iron Man, which have gained popularity through comics and cult films. This area comes highly recommended as the largest Iron Man experience attraction in the world is set to open in January 2017!
  • DreamlandA magical and captivating retreat for your own daughter who has always desired to be a princess. Delight in the enchanting realm of fairy tales with attractions featuring Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

Disney princess mascots

There is no superior method to conclude my thoughts other than to say that Disneyland is suitable for individuals of all ages. A misconception that I personally witnessed being disproven. I must emphasize that staying overnight within Disneyland is advisable in order to fully savor the amusement park without any rush or complications.

Witness the underwater creatures in Disneyland

Discovering Our Shangri-La: An Unforgettable Honeymoon Trip to Hong Kong & Macau

My family and I relished the experience of dwelling inside a dreamlike world like Disneyland. The ambiance inside, in general, was absolutely marvelous. I could perceive a glimmer of joy in the eyes of my children when they encountered their cherished Disney mascots.

Taking pictures with Mascots

Helpful Travel Pointers for a 5 day family trip to Hong Kong

A trip with children can often become overwhelming if things do not go as planned. However, here are a few factors you can keep in mind when organizing your visit to Disneyland to ensure your stay is pleasurable and devoid of any disturbances.

  • If you intend to travel during the months of October to December, ensure you bring lightweight warm clothing with you as the weather can get slightly chilly after sunset.
  • It is convenient and more economical to obtain a comprehensive package for Disneyland, just like the one we acquired from Fred and Fuzzys, which includes accommodation, entrance ticket, and food vouchers, effectively eliminating the need to spend any money inside Disneyland.
  • Arrive at the start of the day (aka the opening time) of Disneyland at 10 am to enjoy certain rides with a short queue.
  • Be mentally prepared to walk between two attractions and the entrance point.

fond memories of Disneyland

Here Is Why A Journey To Hong Kong and Macau Is Essential In Your Travel Bucket List

When I reflect on the 4 evenings/5 days spent in Hong Kong, I recall it with a grin all over and a sentiment of colossal joy in my heart. I started arranging the excursion with a sole thought process of guaranteeing that my children would have a journey they’d recollect for long. Be that as it may, what I got from Fred and Fuzzys was unmistakably more.

family trip to hong kong

Everything directly from the departures, housing, Disneyland, air terminal exchanges was impeccably arranged. My children returned home from Hong Kong with huge amounts of recollections, and an appreciation for family and travel like never before.

Spoil your family to the pleasures of Disneyland. Book your Hong Kong family bundle here.


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