Paraglide Over Hong Kong’s Cliffs: Charting Your Course through the Skies

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Paragliding In & Around Hong Kong

If you possess the courage to attempt something as eccentric and enjoyable as paragliding, then Hong Kong might just be the ideal destination for you. Individuals who have already encountered the thrilling sport will inform you of how amusing and exhilarating it is. This is presumably one of the most remarkable experiences you will encounter in your life. However, you must also prioritize your safety. In that instance, it is advisable to only choose licensed and certified paragliding services. In Hong Kong, there are approximately eight authorized locations for paragliding. If you are contemplating a visit to Hong Kong and desire some genuine amusement, then you should definitely give it a try. Paragliding in Hong Kong is extraordinarily popular amongst both locals and visitors alike. The city currently boasts around 200 paragliders, and this number continues to rise with each passing year.

1. Long Kee Wan

Long Kee Wan stands out as one of the most renowned spots for paragliding in Hong Kong. This site presents little difficulty and provides a suitable landing area. It is the perfect location for anyone interested in tandem paragliding in Hong Kong. Situated within Sai Kung Country Park, it involves a 15-minute hike. The primary landing zone is situated near the beach beneath the launch site.Where: Sai Kung East Country Park, UCARA Port Shelter

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2. Pak Tam Au

When compared to other paragliding spots, Pak Tam Au proves to be a challenging site. Unless you possess training in the sport, it is advised to refrain from attempting paragliding in this area. Located within the Sai Kung Country Park, it requires a 45-minute hike. It is important to note that there is a difficult location with extremely limited landing zones. Opting for a top landing requires meticulous planning. You have the option to take off from the lower area or the bowl area, which features grass over mixed terrain.Where: Sai Kung East Country Park, UCARA Tolo

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3. Pat Sin

This is a rarely flown region. It necessitates S winds which you can acquire solely throughout the summer months. The primary issue with this area is that it lacks an identified, secure landing zone. The extensive ridge area is satisfactory for flying conditions. You can even relish a magnificent view. You can even encounter thermic soaring in this area.Where: Pat Sin Leng Country Park, UCARA New Town

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4. Ma On Shan

If you are searching for the optimum paragliding in Hong Kong then Ma On Shan is the place for you. With diverse landscapes and stunning surroundings, it creates the impeccable ambiance for paragliding in the area. If you select a favorable day to paraglide in this area then you can have the ultimate experience. On favorable days, the skies are clear and gentle winds from the east blow through the area. It also generates thermals that can elevate you higher in the sky. Landing zones can be effortlessly achieved along the ridge. There are two to three primary landing zones present in the area.Where: Ma On Shan Country Park, UCARA New Town

5. Sai Wan

Sai Wan is not very renowned for paragliding. That’s because it is not frequently utilized for the sport. But that doesn’t imply it’s any inferior. It’s still one of the authorized spots for paragliding and honestly, a remarkable one at that. The primary landing zone is near the Sai Wan Tsuen beach.Where: Sai Kung East Country Park, UCARA Port Shelter

6. South Lantau East

South Lantau is divided into two distinct flying zones. This encompasses the east and west. The area we are discussing here is focused on the east region. This is a gliding site where you can relish splendid views while paragliding. The skies are sunny and clear. There is a simple landing spot near the beach. In brief, this is a favorable spot for paragliding enthusiasts.Where: Lantau South Country Park, CTR Lantau Zone

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7. South Lantau West

Following the eastern region, it is now time to discuss the western part. It is important to note that crossing between the two flying sites is prohibited. This is enforced due to the presence of helicopter traffic in the zones between them. Similar to the eastern area, the western zone is a soaring location with sunny weather. Visitors can delight in a splendid view. The landing area is situated close to the beach.Location: Lantau South Country Park, CTR Lantau Zone

Tips For Paragliding In Hong Kong

Here are some pointers for paragliding that you may find helpful:1. If you are engaging in paragliding for the first time, it is essential to ensure your readiness. Do not partake in the activity solely due to external influences or peer pressure. This is an adventure sport that requires careful preparation to face the challenges.2. Since paragliding carries inherent risks, it is strongly advised to receive training from a certified paraglider. This is crucial for your safety.3. The selection of a suitable paragliding spot is also important. Some locations may not be suitable or safe for beginners. Prior research is necessary before attempting the sport.4. Educate yourself about paragliding by conducting thorough research. Acquiring knowledge about the sport will greatly benefit your first-time experience.5. Ensure that you don appropriate safety equipment when participating in the sport. It is vital to attentively heed the instructions provided by your instructor.6. If you have a cardiovascular condition, it is advisable to refrain from engaging in such activities. Additionally, it is not recommended for children to partake in paragliding due to its potential dangers.

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Paragliding is an exhilarating adventure sport that can send your adrenaline rushing. If you possess the courage to give it a try, you have several top-notch paragliding spots to choose from in Hong Kong. If you are currently on your holiday in Hong Kong and seek an unforgettable experience, paragliding is definitely worth considering.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Paragliding in Hong Kong

Are there any authorized locations for paragliding in Hong Kong?

Yes, currently there are a total of eight approved locations for paragliding in Hong Kong that you can try. However, not all sites are suitable for beginners. Some sites are specifically for experienced paragliders. Therefore, it is important to choose the location carefully.

What is the top paragliding spot in Hong Kong?

Ma Shan On is regarded as the finest paragliding spot in Hong Kong. The stunning landscape with its mountain peaks and hills makes it the perfect spot for this sport. If you desire the ultimate paragliding experience, then Ma Shan On is the place to go.

Why is it forbidden to cross the boundary between South Lantau east and west?

South Lantau is divided into two flying zones: east and west. However, crossing the boundary is prohibited due to helicopter traffic in the area. It poses a risk to both helicopters and paragliders. If you disregard the prohibition, there will be serious consequences.

Who provides paragliding instruction in Hong Kong?

There are approximately 200 paragliders in the city who are trained instructors. They teach both tourists and locals at designated paragliding centers.

Is paragliding a dangerous activity?

There is no denying that paragliding is a risky sport, considering that you ascend 30 feet or higher from the ground. Even though you have all the necessary safety equipment, there is always a risk involved. This is why it is advised not to fly in adverse weather conditions.

Is paragliding easy?

While it may appear easy, controlling your parachute in the air with the wind currents is quite challenging. A single mistake can have serious consequences.

When is the ideal time for paragliding?

The optimal time for paragliding is during the daytime when the sky is clear and sunny. If the weather is unfavorable, it is best to avoid it as it can be risky.

Do I need to wear a parachute?

You and your instructor will share the same parachute while in the air. It is designed to support the weight of two people. Additionally, you will have reserve parachutes attached to your harness for extra safety.


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