October 2023 Travel Guide: Exploring Festivals, Must-See Destinations, and Beyond in Japan

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Visiting Japan in October can be one of the most exquisite and gratifying experiences of your life. The commencement of autumn blankets the country in vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Japan’s climate in October is mild and enjoyable, allowing you to comfortably bask in the surrounding beauty. Additionally, there are a plethora of traditional festivities, cheaper travel options, and numerous tourist attractions in cities such as Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kyoto. These festivals are dispersed throughout the country, making a trip to Japan in October a highly anticipated and worthwhile endeavor. This all-inclusive guide will furnish you with all the necessary information to embark on your visit to Japan in October.

Japan In October

Japan Climate In October

October is among the most agreeable months to explore Japan. With the typhoon season drawing to a close, the weather in Japan in October is moderate (neither hot nor humid) and pleasant. The average daytime temperature in October hovers around 15 °C. The probability of rainfall significantly diminishes, and the scorching and humid days of September give way to a warm and cosy October.

Reasons To Visit Japan In October

Trees merely begin to metamorphose in the elevated regions, offering a gradual display of shifting hues as you traverse from north to south during the month of October. In comparison to the Sakura season, commonly referred to as the “cherry blossom” season, there are fewer throngs of people. Consequently, airfare and accommodations are more affordable, aimed at attracting a greater number of tourists. Japan also boasts an extensive railway network, and with the purchase of a Japan Rail Pass ticket, you will enjoy unlimited rail travel for a designated period.

Why You Should Visit Japan In October

Moreover, there are various marvels you can witness in Japan in October, as enumerated below:

  • Pumpkin Stuffed Taiyaki
  • Thermal Baths in Breathtaking Settings
  • Pleasant Climate
  • Koyo (Autumn Foliage)

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Traditional Festivals In Japan In October

The month of October is renowned for being one of the most enjoyable months to be in Japan. Discover these extraordinary traditional festivals in which you can partake during your visit to Japan in October.

Hokkaido Food Festival

1. Hokkaido Food Festival

Fall in Japan heralds the season to commemorate the new harvest, and local residents refer to it as “Autumn’s Craving” to celebrate and sample the various types of seasonal cuisine and ingredients. Several gastronomic events take place in October, with one of the largest being the Hokkaido Food Festival. This open-air culinary event occurs during the first week of October for four days at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. It showcases approximately 100 vendors and over 400 delectable dishes from Hokkaido. Here, you can indulge in an extravagant array of food, ranging from seafood to regional Ramen.

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Niihama Taiko Festival

2. Niihama Taiko Festival

The Niihama Taiko festival is conducted in mid-October on Shikoku Island. It comprises of 47 floats in the shape of immense taiko drums. Various teams from the local community, consisting of 150 men, energetically bounce these 2-ton floats in the vicinity to showcase their team camaraderie. Around 250,000 spectators attend this festival, gathering around these teams to support and encourage them as they attempt to topple the opposing team’s floats by charging and colliding with them.

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Nagasaki Kunchi

3. Nagasaki Kunchi

Held in the city of Nagasaki, this festival traces its origins back to 1634. The event is heavily influenced by European and Chinese cultures. The entire city of Nagasaki participates in this festival, with approximately 60 teams representing the different districts of the city. These teams showcase a distinctive dance on a rotating schedule of seven years, ensuring that it remains fresh even for regular attendees. If you plan to attend this festival, it is necessary to purchase tickets months in advance as they sell out several weeks before the commencement of the event. Some performances are staged at various locations across the city, and you can watch them freely without the need for tickets.

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Mount Takao

5 Locations To Explore In Japan in October

If you are curious about the destinations to explore in Japan in October, then fret not. Here is a compilation of the top 5 locations to explore that should undoubtedly be incorporated into your travel itinerary.

1. Mount Takao, Hachioji

If you’re traveling to Japan in October, then you should definitely include Mount Takao in your travel plan. Mount Takao is approximately an hour’s train ride away from the bustling Tokyo metropolis. As you depart from the busy cityscape and venture into the hilly terrain, you will be greeted by the most awe-inspiring view of the maple-covered mountain range. Mount Takao hosts its own Autumn Leaves Festival where visitors can enjoy Taiko drum performances, participate in workshops, and witness parades. Other attractions include stunning hiking trails and a multitude of dining establishments to satiate your hunger.

Lake Daigenta in Niigata

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2. Lake Daigenta, Niigata

One of the prime locations to explore in Japan during October is Lake Daigenta, situated near the Yuzawa Ski Park. Here, you can witness the vibrant autumn foliage reflected on the pristine surface of the lake. You can also encircle the lake on a suspension bridge that surrounds it. If you prefer, you can opt for hiking or rent a rowboat to fully explore the area. The vicinity offers various campsites where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. By the end of your visit, it will be difficult to tear yourself away from the captivating landscape.

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