Night Safari Malaysia: The 5 Activities that Capture the Essence of Heart and Soul

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If you’re in Malaysia, we’re confident you would want to spend a significant amount of time amidst the eerie creatures, dense forests, and the natural wonders of the nation. While you’re there, don’t miss the night expedition In Malaysia, which is recognized for providing an understanding into the country’s wildlife. Explore the wildlife and choose your preferred one. Choose your course based on your preference.

A few of the Safari routes delve deep into the rainforest territory. If you are not particularly interested, not to worry, you can choose the more urban-oriented ones located centrally. Choose whichever, all of these Night Safaris are incredible and ideal for a family vacation. Experience Malaysia’s wilder aspect.

1. Explore the finest wildlife in the magnificent rainforest

birds in Kuala Lumpur

To catch a glimpse of these gentle giants, you have to penetrate deep inside the rainforest territory. You can drive for seven hours until you reach, or you can take a one-hour flight and land in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, where the Tabin Wildlife Reserve is located.

Spread across this 300,000 acres of lowland lies an extensive dipterocarp forest where you can find three of Sabah’s largest mammals: the Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Tembadau, and Sumatran Rhinoceros.

It’s not a hundred percent guarantee that you will see them, but elephant sightings have been frequent in the vicinity of the reserve forest. You will encounter at least some of the 300 species of birds, orangutans, civet cats, frogs, and a multitude of insects that call this part of the Earth their home!

While you’re at it, you can extend your visit and take advantage of the opportunity to explore the Lipad Waterfalls. Go ahead and take a refreshing, chilly dip and explore the Lipad mud volcanoes (known as an R&R for wildlife seeking their mineral intake). You can consider taking a dusk drive in the evening and keep an eye out for more exciting nocturnal wildlife. They venture closer to the human settlements in search of food. Birds also come out to forage during this time of day. Embark on a nighttime stroll after dinner. Follow the nearby trail from the resort, and you might come across some of the most astonishing sleeping birds, frogs, and nocturnal wildlife.

2. Plan an extraordinary encounter with nocturnal feathered friends at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

beautiful butterfly

Nestled in the midst of verdant surroundings on a hilltop, lies the captivating Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. It is among the finest spots in Kuala Lumpur for an adventurous night safari, an artificial haven for birds that seamlessly integrates with nature to the point where one often forgets its location within a bustling city. This park offers utmost convenience and makes for a perfect weekend morning destination, especially for the younger ones.

This bird sanctuary spans over 20 acres of land and its landscape resembles that of a tropical rainforest thriving in a temperate climate. The last count tallied more than 3,000 birds, encompassing over 200 unique species. Visitors can feast their eyes upon brahminy kites, southern cassowaries, channel-billed toucans, rhinoceros hornbills (the largest hornbill species globally), the rare Pesquet’s parrots (solely found in Papua New Guinea), and Moluccan cockatoos. The morning feeding session is truly awe-inspiring as these vibrant creatures come together, swooping down and eagerly feasting on the provided sustenance.

If fortune favors you, you might witness the courtship display of the Indian Blue Peacock. Also, make sure to acquaint yourself with the Indian Ringneck parakeets and the crowned pigeons (the largest of their kind, boasting a body size comparable to that of a turkey). Additionally, admire the presence of the magnificent pelicans, as well as the elegant egrets, ibises, and flamingoes.

colourful flowers and plants

3. Observe the enchanting choreography of the butterflies at Teluk Bahang

At Entopia, located in Teluk Bahang, Penang, one can encounter some of the world’s largest and most magnificent insects. This facility serves as a learning center dedicated to the exploration of insects, particularly butterflies. It provides a safe and enjoyable environment to delve into the astonishing marvels of nature. If you are seeking a night safari experience in Malaysia, this is the ideal destination.

Witness the mesmerizing sight of numerous butterflies gracefully swaying amidst the enchanting ambience of “The Natureland” outdoor ecological park. For entomology enthusiasts, there is an opportunity to walk alongside the majestic birdwing butterflies or even an autumn leaf. Marvel at the blue glassy tiger butterflies and the orange tip butterflies, among other fascinating species.

One of the stunning attractions at Entopia is the Rajah Brooke Birdwing butterfly. The park is also home to various other insects, invertebrates, and small reptiles. Visitors can encounter rhinoceros beetles, dragonflies, fireflies, dragonhead crickets, leaf cutter ants, Malaysian giant scorpions, nephila spiders, centipedes, water monitor lizards, great angle head lizards, cat geckos, and many more awe-inspiring creatures.

There are also creatures that can be found in this place, such as frogs that live in trees and poisonous frogs.

monkey on plant

4. Enjoy a marvelous time at an Urban Farm

Explore the Farm in the City that spans over a vast 7 acres. It is a park where visitors can interact with and feed animals in a Malaysian-style village called kampong. You can discover interesting facts about more than 100 species of farm animals and unique creatures from different parts of the world. Roosters can be seen roaming by, while tortoises engage in playful activities with vegetables and other animals around them.

Here, you can interact with and feed various animals. Fish, birds, hamsters, giant tortoises, rabbits, and raccoons are some of the animals that you can pet. Under staff supervision during designated times, you can spend time with them and enjoy their company. A particularly popular activity is called “Longkang Fishing,” where children have an enjoyable time catching and releasing small fish in the ditch.

You can also take some time to learn about blue-tongued lizards, giant tortoises, adorable alpacas, rare white crows, star turtles, Javan deer, Himalayan striped squirrels, meerkats, the Fennec fox, and more.

5. Spend time with Orangutans

If you are in Sarawak and seeking companionship, take a 40-minute drive and travel from Kuching to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. This center, which has received awards, is a rehabilitation center for orangutans in Malaysia! You have the opportunity to encounter semi-wild orangutans of various ages and sizes, ranging from tiny infants to energetic adolescents and dignified mature adults. It provides them with a safe and natural habitat.

Plan your visit during the morning or afternoon feeding sessions to maximize your chances of seeing these gentle creatures emerge from the forest for their meals.

It is also an excellent spot for bird watching. You have the opportunity to observe the Yellow-rumped flowerpecker, Bornean black-magpie, long-billed partridge, red-bearded bee-eater, and more.

Therefore, tailor your schedule based on your preference, whether you wish to spend time with the Orangutans or engage in a more tranquil bird watching experience, whether you want to explore insects and butterflies or encounter elephants and Rhinoceros. Reserve your journey to Malaysia with Fred and Fuzzys and relish the finest that this picturesque country has to offer.

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