New Zealand’s Honeymoon Escapades: 12 Enchanting Getaways for an Unforgettable Fairy-Tale Honeymoon in 2023.

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Diverse terrain and breathtaking natural scenery make New Zealand, the small island nation, a strong contender for one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations. The awe-inspiring beauty of Milford Sound, the adrenaline-pumping adventures in Queenstown, or the tranquil retreats in Rotorua – New Zealand’s honeymoon spots offer newlyweds a wealth of opportunities to experience the stunning landscape.

If you were to ask a local or someone who has already visited the country for some incredible ideas for honeymooning in New Zealand, they would provide you with an extensive list of places and activities. These would include renowned destinations, as well as lesser-known attractions like the Forgotten World Highway, Waitangi, Te Papa Museum, Mount Cook National Park, Franz Josef Glacier, and Lake Taupo. However, due to time constraints, it is only possible to visit a limited number of destinations for a New Zealand honeymoon, and the best time to visit is during the spring season. Read further to discover the most beloved places to visit in New Zealand for a honeymoon!

12 Locations For Honeymoon In New Zealand

Are you searching for the most enchanting locations in New Zealand for your honeymoon? The country is home to numerous excursions that will undoubtedly make your honeymoon the most unforgettable one! Yes, the options are abundant, and making a decision can be challenging. In order to make things easier for you, we present a list of the top 12 honeymoon destinations in New Zealand. Here are the finest New Zealand honeymoon ideas:

  • Coromandel Peninsula: Untouched Beaches
  • Auckland: The Ultimate Urban Life
  • Waiheke Island: Breathtaking Landscapes
  • Hobbiton In Matamata: Immerse Yourself in the Beautiful Shire
  • Queenstown: The Adventure Capital of the Country
  • Milford Sound: Kipling’s Eighth Wonder
  • Rotorua: Thermal Hot Springs
  • West Coast Of South Island: Picturesque Views
  • Fox Glacier: Stunning Scenery
  • Dunedin: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Kayaking at Cathedral Cove for that adventurous New Zealand honeymoon

1. Coromandel Peninsula: Untouched Beaches

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Lush forests, pristine beaches, warm hospitality, and the laid-back atmosphere of the Coromandel Peninsula make it an ideal location for a New Zealand honeymoon. Spending a rejuvenating day with your partner here is an experience in itself. Be sure to bring along a quality camera to capture some stunning shots.

Popular Attractions: Kayaking and hiking at Hahei Beach, a romantic walk from Hahei Beach to Cathedral Cove, passing through naturally formed arches resembling a cathedral, and digging your own spa pool and relaxing at Hot Water Beach.Best accommodations: 970 Lonely Bay on Cooks Beach, Tairua Shores Motel, and Tatahi Lodge Beach Resort on Hahei BeachBest time to visit: March-August for Hot Water Beach; year-round for all other locations.

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Honeymooners try sky-jumping at sky towers on their honeymoon trip to New Zealand

2. Auckland: The Finest City Life

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A buyer’s paradise, Auckland has everything – from high-end designer wears to outdoor street markets. A vast array of diverse cafes, exotic restaurants, and bustling night pubs enhance the experience of New Zealand honeymoon. You can also indulge in the thrilling activities to do in Auckland to explore the city in the optimal manner!

Tourist Attractions: Dining at the 360-degree revolving restaurant – Orbit, strolling around the Sky Tower pergola, sky plunge off the Sky Tower, hiking up to the 260 m high summit on the Rangitoto Island.Finest places to stay: Hotel DeBrett, Sky City Grand, and Rendezvous HotelFinest time to visit: October – March

A view of one of the most romantic places in New Zealand – Waiheke Island

3. Waiheke Island: Beautiful Sceneries

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If you are in search for a stunning island for your honeymooning in New Zealand, then this is the location. This is surely the best places in New Zealand for honeymoon. A brief ferry ride of about 50 minutes from Auckland transports you to the secluded and untouched beaches and the exquisite vineyards of the Waiheke Island. A couple’s retreat, the island is a must-visit destination to ensure the finest honeymoon in New Zealand.

Tourist Attractions: Scenic tour of the island, romantic strolls on the untouched beaches, and a visit to the vineyards in rented cars.Finest places to stay: Boatshed Boutique Hotel, Delamore Lodge, and Formosa Golf ResortFinest time to visit: October – April

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The beautiful house of Shire at the Hobbiton Movie Set

4. Hobbiton In Matamata: Discover The Breathtaking Shire

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Discover the picturesque Shire and the magical Hobbit world at the Hobbiton Movie Set in the Matamata district, a two-hour drive from Auckland. While there are other farm stay options available in the district, the Shire and Hobbiton Movie Set offer the ideal location for a romantic honeymoon in New Zealand.

Attractions: Immerse yourself in the enchanting surroundings of the Shire, known from the hobbit and LOTR trilogies. Take guided tours of the movie sets, enjoy secluded farm stays for a perfectly intimate vacation, savor exotic drinks at the Green Dragon Pub, and indulge in delicious meals at the Shires Rest.Best accommodations: Chestnut Lane Cottage and Farm Stays.Best time to visit: Any time of the year.

A wide camera shot of the night view of Queenstown in winter

5. Queenstown: Adventure Capital of the Country

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Looking for some excitement during your New Zealand honeymoon? Look no further! Queenstown, the adventure capital of the country, is one of the top honeymoon destinations in New Zealand. It offers endless opportunities for thrilling activities that both of you can enjoy.

Attractions: Skiing and snowboarding from April to November, experience the highest bungee jump in Australasia at Nevis Bungee, and embark on an exhilarating Dart River Safari.Best accommodations: Sofitel Queenstown Spa and Hotel, the award-winning Kohara Lodge, and Rees Hotel.Best time to visit: December to February.

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6. Milford Sound: Kipling’s Astonishing Natural Wonder

Milford Sound was called as the Eighth Wonder of the World by Rudyard Kipling

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Regarded as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ by Rudyard Kipling, Milford Sound is an extraordinary destination for a honeymoon in New Zealand. Couples seeking tranquility and an abundance of natural beauty will find their perfect sanctuary here.

Attractions: Marvel at the stunning Sunderland Falls, enjoy scenic drives along Milford Road, go deep-sea diving, witness the majestic 1000m high Mitre Peak soaring out of the sea, and partake in kayaking adventures.Best accommodations: Milford Sound Lodge, offering a range of options from Riverside Chalets to Backpacker-style rooms and Campervan sites.Best time to visit: Any time of the year.

7. Rotorua: Geothermal Hot Springs

A view of one of the hot geysers in Rotorua

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Those who visit Rotorua in New Zealand for their honeymoon can anticipate a tranquil and soothing vacation here. The geothermal hot springs and luxurious resorts make it one of the most astonishing honeymoon destinations in New Zealand.

Places of interest: Mineral pools at Polynesian Spa, mud baths at Hell’s Gate hot springs, private spa for couples, and massage at Wai Ora Day Spa.Finest accommodations: Lake Okareka Lodge, Cedarwood Lakeside, and Arista of Rotorua.Optimal time to visit: November – May

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8. West Coast Of South Island: Panoramic Views

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The stunning Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki on West Coast of South Island

The untamed, verdant, and immaculate West Coast of South Island must be included in your list of places to explore in New Zealand for your honeymoon. It is an ideal destination to discover, encounter novel experiences, and make your honeymoon genuinely astounding.

Places of interest: Swing bridges, hikes, amusement park, and historical sights during a drive through the Buller Gorge, walks alongside the Cape Farewell Seal Colony, Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki, breathtaking vistas of the Tasman Sea, and Paparoa National Park.Finest accommodations: The Breakers Boutique B & B, Westport Holiday Park, and Buller Court at Palmerston.Optimal time to visit: December – February

9. Fox Glacier: Breathtaking Landscapes

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A couple poses with the helicopter used on the heli-hike at Fox Glacier

Winter honeymoon destinations in New Zealand encompass the Fox Glacier. The glaciers of New Zealand flow significantly faster than other glaciers worldwide. While being one of the top honeymoon spots in New Zealand, Fox Glacier provides a captivating experience.

Places of Interest: Engage in heli-hiking at Fox Glacier, go skydiving, take walks along the beach and lagoon by the sea, visit Mt Cook, the highest peak, and explore the high alpine glaciers. Additionally, embark on stunning walks through the lush rainforest.Optimal time to visit: May – September

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10. Dunedin: Nature’s Delight

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The mighty albatross at the Southern Royal Albatross Colony in Dunedin

Among the romantic locations in New Zealand, Dunedin stands apart due to its exceptional opportunity for nature exploration with albatrosses and penguins. These nature tours will reignite the romance on your New Zealand honeymoon.

Places of Interest: Embark on the Elm Wildlife Tour on Otago Peninsula, visit the Southern Royal Albatross Colony at Taiaroa Head, which is the sole nesting site for albatrosses in proximity to human settlements. Other attractions include the Otago Settlers Museum and the Monarch Wildlife Tour, where you can view seals, sea elephants, sea lions, and Yellow-Eyed Penguins caring for their offspring.Best accommodations: Camp Estate, Fantail Lodge Cottages, and Larnach Castle Lodge.Optimal time to visit: May – September

11. Mount Cook

Mount Cook

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This is the highest peak in New Zealand, majestically adorned with snow. Strolling around the Mount Cook region alongside your loved one guarantees an idyllic romantic experience. You can even unwind at the base of Mount Cook and savor quality time together.

Places of Interest: Explore the Hooker Valley Track and the Tasman Glacier Lake.Best accommodations: The Hermitage Hotel and Mount Cook Lodge.Optimal time to visit: September – November

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12. Abel Tasman National Park

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Abel Tasman National Park

This national park is located on top of South Island and is one of the favorites among couples. The path of Abel Tasman is considered to be one of the Great Walks. Visit here if you both are looking for a daring experience, as you can go for trekking as well as kayaking here. This is one of the finest places for those who are planning trip for newlyweds in New Zealand.

Places of interest: Verdant forest known for its wilderness, seasideBest places to stay: Edenhouse, Split Apple Retreat, Warwick House, The Sails, and Parautane LodgeBest time to visit: April – September

4 Thrilling Things To Do On Trip for Newlyweds in New Zealand

Seeking some daring escapades on your trip for newlyweds in New Zealand? The following are the most exhilarating excursions one can partake in while honeymooning in New Zealand:

  • Leap from Heights: From The Iconic Bridges
  • Speedboat Ride: Along The Shallow Braided Rivers
  • Splash With Dolphins: Make New Friends
  • Helicopter-Hikes: Witness The Frozen Glaciers

1. Leap from Heights: From The Iconic Bridges

guy jumping from nevi highwire

If you are interested in enjoying the courageous activities with your newly married partner then go for bungee jumping in New Zealand. The bungee jumping in its current form was introduced by New Zealand and the first bungee jump took place in 1988 at Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown. You can enjoy jumping from this renowned bridge with your partner while staying in New Zealand.

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2. Speedboat Ride: Along The Shallow Braided Rivers

Another adventure sport introduced by New Zealand is speedboat riding. You can go for captivating routines here including jet skis, and skimming along the shallow braided rivers of New Zealand. This is one of the most popular adventure sports in New Zealand. You can even execute 360 degrees turns with these boats. Speedboat riding is surely one of the most thrilling yet romantic expeditions to be experienced with your partner. 

Man going on a speed boat ride

3. Swimming With Dolphins: Form New Connections

The ecotourism in New Zealand is extremely particular about taking excellent care of these magnificent creatures and offers you the best opportunity to swim with Dolphins amidst the translucent waters of this stunning destination. This excursion will also allow you to witness the vibrant marine life of New Zealand and the surrounding environment. This is the most thrilling activities to engage in while honeymooning in New Zealand.

Swimming with dolphins

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4. Heli-Hikes: Observe The Frozen Glaciers

The West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand is home to unique glaciers. You can opt for a heli-hike to these incredible glaciers if weather conditions are stable. The most popular heli-hike in New Zealand is to Tasman Glacier, which is located near Mount Cook. You can also choose to go camping in New Zealand if you are seeking more adventurous expeditions. This exhilarating journey will surely captivate you with its exclusive experience.

Glaciers of West Coast

Planning your honeymoon in New Zealand? With a chance to do so much, honeymooners are bound to discover that these beautiful and romantic getaways are perfect for that astounding honeymoon trip to New Zealand. Each place listed above has a romantic atmosphere of its own, leaving couples in awe as they venture out to explore. Make sure you include every destination mentioned above in your itinerary for a honeymoon filled with surprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions About New Zealand Honeymoon

What is the optimal season in New Zealand for a honeymoon?

Summers, specifically during the months of December to February, showcase the best overall climate and are the ideal season in New Zealand for a honeymoon. The cost of a honeymoon in New Zealand is approximately INR 99,999 per person for a 7N/8D tour.

Is New Zealand warm in December?

It is not particularly hot in New Zealand, even in the month of December. December, which marks the beginning of the summer season, experiences an average temperature of 18°C.

What are the attractions to visit in New Zealand in December?

December is a perfect time to visit most of the romantic destinations in New Zealand. However, the best places to visit in New Zealand in December are Queenstown, Rotorua, West Coast Of South Island, Dunedin, Milford Sound, and Waiheke Island. These places also offer incredible New Zealand honeymoon resorts where you can choose to spend your vacation.

What are the top honeymoon destinations in New Zealand?

The following are the most popular romantic destinations in New Zealand: 1. Coromandel Peninsula 2. Auckland 3. Waiheke Island 4. Hobbiton In Matamata 5. Queenstown 6. Milford Sound

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