Must-Try Australian Beverages for an Exciting Vacation: 10 Iconic Drinks to Savor

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As we all acknowledge Australia is the sole nation in the globe that is both a sovereign state and a continent, and this charming Land Down Under has an abundance to offer. Every year, multitudes of visitors come to Australia to explore its breathtaking sights and savor the Australian way of life. And what epitomizes the traditional lifestyle better than the renowned Australian cuisine and beverages? If you haven’t yet savored the astonishing flavors of Australia, then you absolutely must try some iconic Australian drinks that are sure to tempt your taste buds with their delectable and distinct taste.

Australia’s alcoholic beverage industry is rapidly prospering, with a myriad of liquors being distilled and fortified on Australian soil. When it comes to well-known Australian drinks, it’s imperative that you peruse our comprehensive list to truly understand the authentic flavors of Australia.

10 Finest Australian Drinks

There are numerous domestic Australian drinks that you should definitely sample. If you happen to be embarking on a backpacking expedition across Australia, there are certain beverages that simply must grace your palate at least once, enabling you to grasp the essence of the most famous Australian drinks and libations. Take a glance at our meticulously curated selection.

  • Ginger Beer
  • Jagerbombs
  • Archie Rose
  • Bundaberg Brewed Beverages
  • 666 Vodka
  • Bundaberg Rum
  • Tooheys
  • Goon
  • Hippocampus
  • Tamborine Mountain


1. Ginger Beer

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Bundaberg Ginger Beer is one of Australia’s famous beverages that is absolutely essential to try. This drink is brewed using the most traditional methods. Initially, locally grown dried ginger is ground up, ensuring the preservation of its distinctive flavor. Subsequently, this ginger is combined with sugarcane and water, and then heated until the spicy essence of the ginger is released. The resulting mixture is then fermented utilizing a specially cultivated type of yeast. Upon completion of fermentation, the beer is meticulously filtered, resulting in the removal of all but the most minuscule particles of ginger.

Price: 4.50 AUD per 100ml

Archie Rose

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2. Jagerbombs

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Jagerbombs is a captivating and flashy cocktail that presents you with the best of both realms in a single drink. Essentially, this beverage combines an energy drink with an alcoholic shot, offering you an ‘Ener-Holic’ experience. These drinks are visually appealing and, of course, delightful to consume. When you order Jager Bomb shots with your companions, you are presented with glasses filled with Red Bull, accompanied by an empty glass right beside it. Jagermeister shots are positioned on the edges of each of these glasses, ready for you to savor.

Finest Place To Drink Melbourne, AustraliaCost: 24.50 AUD

Bundaberg Brewed Beverages

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3. Archie Rose

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Another one among renowned Australian beverages is this Archie Rose gin. Handcrafted specifically for you, this gin is completely silky and undeniably worth the purchase. The taste is simply exceptional and you can mix it with a high-quality tonic to relish the magnificent flavor of this incredibly refined alcoholic beverage. Many gin enthusiasts switch to Archie Rose, for a delightful taste of Australian essence. Although it may be slightly pricey, Archie Rose truly embodies the flavor of Australian gins and provides a refreshing change to your liquor collection.

Finest Place To Drink SydneyCost: 68.42 AUD

666 Vodka

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4. Bundaberg Brewed Beverages

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If you are searching for well-known Australian non-alcoholic beverages, then the range of brewed beverages from Bundaberg is the perfect option for you. All the Bundaberg brewed drinks are prepared naturally. Despite being fermented earlier, the beverages are heated to eliminate any remaining traces of alcohol and subsequently packaged to provide you with the most delightful non-alcoholic drinks. These soft drinks are available in various flavors including Guava, Blood Orange, Peach, Lemon Lime, and Bitters, granting you access to a diverse selection of truly Australian beverages. Bundaberg is an extremely popular brand in Australia and is highly favored by consumers.

Bundaberg Rum

Cost: 9.73, AUD

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5. 666 Vodka

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Made from the transparent waters of Cape Grim, 666 Vodka is one of the finest locally crafted Australian spirits. The vodka is available in a small range that includes a traditional vodka, a butter-flavored variant, and a coffee-infused vodka. You can enjoy these neat vodka shots or pair the butter-flavored vodka with an espresso martini for a unique twist.

Top Drinking Spot: Melbourne, Australia. Price: 37.59 – 59.86 AUD


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6. Bundaberg Rum

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Produced in Bundaberg, Australia, this is a type of dark rum commonly known as ‘Bundy’. It has gained immense popularity among Australians and now internationally. The Bundaberg range of rums has received numerous awards and recognition both locally and overseas. There is a wide selection of Bundaberg rums to choose from, including Bundaberg Rum Original, Bundaberg Rum UP, Bundaberg Red, Bundaberg Overproof, and Bundaberg Five, just to name a few. With up to 20 different labels to try, you can proudly keep a fine bottle of Bundy when in Australia.

Top Drinking Spot: Bundaberg, Australia Price: 35.95 AUD per 700 ml bottle

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7. Tooheys

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If you are a beer enthusiast, then you will definitely appreciate Tooheys. If you are a first-time visitor to Australia, you might have concerns about the taste of Australian beer. However, Tooheys will certainly alleviate any doubts you may have. To be completely honest, this beer tastes absolutely fantastic. The bottles are available in various sizes, including a half pint, Schooner, and a pint. So even if you are a budget traveler, you can easily get your hands on a half pint bottle of this beloved Australian drink.

Top Drinking Spot: NSW, Australia Price: 4.01 AUD per half pint


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8. Goon

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If you have experienced a Goon, it can be guaranteed that you have been backpacking across Australia. The origin of the name Goon is completely unknown as is the origin of its flavors. Nevertheless, this is essentially a boxed wine that contains a type of white wine. Although, initially one might not appreciate the taste of goon all that much, but it grows on you and you will come to adore it. A professional tip would be to mix the drink with some fruit juice to enhance the flavor.

Price: Up to 45 AUD

Tamborine Mountain

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9. Hippocampus

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Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery can be considered one of the finest and top liquor brands in Australia, which produces some of the highest quality gin and vodka. The gins produced by Hippocampus are among the best and high quality Aussie drinks. The spirits are crafted using traditional Australian methods. The Vodka is made organically using organic wheat. The entire process of production results in distinctive Australian fine-tuned Vodka. The gin, on the other hand, is distilled traditionally as well using ingredients like Orange, Lemon-peel, Coriander, and cubeb pepper. Made using the personal recipe of the Hippocampus distillers, the gin is produced with a perfectly balanced and smooth finish.

Best Place To Drink Western AustraliaPrice: 50.96 – 1022.35 AUD

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10. Tamborine Mountain

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Tamborine Mountain is a local Australian brand that many have not heard of. Although you won’t find a label from this brand sitting on a shelf of Dan Murphy’s, it doesn’t mean that nobody knows about it. The brand, however, is known to many spirit judges and has collected over 300 awards in their 20 years of existence. Run by Michael and Alla Ward, the distillery is known to produce some unique products including an Apricot brandy, which is favored by bartenders throughout Australia, a Lilly Pilly gin, and a Quandong Liqueur.

Top Spot To Drink Queensland

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Are you still pondering over what to indulge in while in the land of Kangaroos? Well, here is a compilation of all the renowned beverages in Australia. A significant aspect of backpacking involves enjoying some delightful drinks. So make sure you sample some of these on your upcoming Australian expedition. Get ready to embark on a unique journey with your dear ones!

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Renowned Australian Beverages

What is the most popular brew in Australia?

Carlton Draught is one of the renowned Australian beverages. It is a 4.6% Lager created by Carlton and United Breweries.

What is the most popular beverage in Australia?

Australians take pride in their wide range and variety of alcoholic drinks. The most famed beverage in Australia is vino. The most consumed drink in the country is red wine.

What is Australia’s national drink?

There is a beverage that can be considered the national drink of Australia, and it is XXXX or flat white. However, Australia is the birthplace of lime, lemon, and bitters, with over a hundred million of these drinks served annually in the country. Hence, this beverage can also be considered Australia’s national drink.

What are some of Australia’s top-selling beers?

Australia boasts numerous beers. Some of the top-selling beers in the country include Carlton Draught, Carlton Mid, Hahn Premium Light, Corona Extra, Pure Blonde, Tooheys New, and Tooheys Extra Dry.

What are some traditional beverages in Australia?

Australia and beverages have shared a deep connection since ancient times. Some of the traditional beverages that symbolize Australia and are definitely worth trying include Root Beer, Blood Orange, Lemon Lime and Bitters, Peach, Guava Soda, and more.

What is the most popular soda in Australia?

The popular soda served in Australia is Coca Cola Zero. However, the local brand known as Lemon and Paeroa, or L&P, is rapidly rising in popularity, right behind Cola.


What is the most potent alcoholic drink in Australia?

The most potent alcoholic drink in Australia is the Devil In The Detail, with an ABV of 73.5 percent.

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