Must-Try Airports for Jamaican Travelers: The Top 10 Picks to Take Flight From!

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Jamaica is an exquisite island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica is renowned for its natural splendor and diverse array of fauna. Jamaica boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the world, which is why countless tourists flock to the country each year for their vacations. If you find yourself in Jamaica for a holiday, you will undoubtedly require access to a reliable selection of airlines to facilitate your travel from one place to another. Thankfully, Jamaica is equipped with numerous international and domestic airports to make your journey more convenient.

Top 10 Airports in Jamaica

To avoid any confusion when taking a flight from the country, here is an extensive list of the 10 airports in Jamaica, along with their respective locations, that every traveler should be familiar with when venturing to this breathtaking nation.

Sangster International Airport

1. Norman Manley International Airport

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The second largest airport in Jamaica, Norman Manley International Airport welcomes a considerable number of passengers on a daily basis. According to records, the airport received 150,973 passengers in 2015 alone. Not only does this fact establish it as one of the largest airports, but it also sees over 130 international flights on a weekly basis. Major airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Air Canada Rouge, and Fly Jamaica Airways operate from this airport. It is named after the Jamaican Statesman, Norman Manley.

Location: Norman Manley International Airport is situated on the picturesque peninsula, a mere twenty minutes away from Kingston’s business hub.

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Ian Fleming International Airport

2. Sangster International Airport

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Sangster International Airport is the most bustling airport in Jamaica, capable of accommodating approximately 9 million passengers annually. This international airport is particularly popular among visitors, especially tourists who explore the North Coast of Jamaica. Operating with both domestic and international terminals, this airport is named after Sir Donald Sangster, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica. Numerous international and domestic airlines operate from Sangster International Airport, including Virgin Atlantic, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

Location: MBJ Airports Limited Sangster International Airport Montego Bay, St. James JAMAICA

Tinson Pen Aerodrome

3. Ian Fleming International Airport

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Previously recognized as Boscobel Aerodrome, Ian Fleming International Airport is located in Boscobel, Jamaica. Ian Fleming, the author of renowned James Bond films served as the inspiration for naming the airport. Ian Fleming’s GoldenEye estate is situated in St. Mary parish. The airport is fully equipped with contemporary facilities including a modern terminal, landing lights, fire trucks, and a fueling station. Passenger amenities provided by the airport include customs and immigration services, a passenger lounge, and pilot briefing rooms.

Location – Ian Fleming International Airport Boscobel, St. Mary Jamaica, West Indies.

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4. Tinson Pen Aerodrome

Negril Aerodrome

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Jamaica has a total of 3 domestic airports, with Tinson Pen Aerodrome being the largest among them. This airport serves as a major commercial connection between the cities of Kingston and Montego Bay. In 2001, Tinson Pen Aerodrome accommodated around 92091 passengers. Previously, scheduled passenger service was provided by Air Jamaica Express and International Air Link. This domestic airport primarily caters to business travelers who embark on frequent trips for corporate purposes.

Location: Tinson Pen Aerodrome is situated along Marcus Garvey Drive, a significant highway that links Kingston to the nearby residential community of Portmore in Jamaica West Indies.

5. Negril Aerodrome

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Negril Aerodrome is one of the top airports in Jamaica for the tourists. As Jamaica stands as one of the most frequented tourist destinations globally, the Negril Aerodrome plays a crucial role in transporting tourists from one location to another. Additionally, it caters to the tourist resorts in the vicinity. The International Airlink offers scheduled passenger service from the airport. Given its primary focus on serving tourists, the airport does not accommodate night flights or provide refueling facilities.

Geographical Position: The airport is situated 7 Km to the North of Negril Point.

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