Mumbai’s Holi Festival 2023 Chronicles the Vibrant Shades Chosen by Mumbaikars

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With winters setting off, and the spring season approaching, the festival of colors is also not far away. This year the sight of water splashes and color patches will be witnessed in all parts of the country on 18th March, when people will get down on the streets to welcome the festival with huge fanfare and display.

Since every part of the subcontinent has its own unique way of celebrating the festival, the city of Mumbai has decided to embrace the festival in one of the most eccentric ways this year. From camping events in the wilderness to luxurious staycations in resorts, Holi in Mumbai is going to take an amazing twist this year. Here are some of the best Holi events in Mumbai which are definitely going to reveal the joyful colors of the festive season in stylish Marathi fashion.

Disclaimer: All those events whose prices and timings are not yet mentioned, will be updated as soon as tickets are out for sale.

Holi Events In Mumbai 2023

Mumbai is a city that has an undying festive spirit. The city of dreams will give you a thousand reasons to celebrate. Now that Holi is just around the corner, people are preparing for Holi parties in Mumbai. Check out the best of them, below:

  • Mumbai Holi Festival Tour 2023: Splash Of Colors
  • Dahanu Chikoo Farm– Holi Special Camping
  • Sunrise To Sunset: A Colorful Bash
  • Holy Pool Party: Airbrush The Beach
  • Holi Camping Festival: Play Around
  • Rang Barse Holi Festival: Enjoy To The Core
  • Holi Party In-Resort: A Colorful Affair
  • Rang Mohalla: A Unique Celebration
  • Adlabs Imagica: Holy Bash
  • Color By The Bay: Vibrant Extravaganza

1. Mumbai Holi Festival Tour 2023: Splash Of Colors

Celebrations at Mumbai Holi Festival Tour

Celebrate the festival of Holi in traditional style this year, as Grand Mumbai is organizing a full-fledged Holi event for you. This exciting event features a 2-day celebration which will begin on the night before Holi with the ceremony of Holika Dahan (burning of Holika), followed by the main around March where you will get an opportunity to witness the unique celebration style of Holi in Mumbai.

Appointment: 8 March 2023Entrance Fee: INR 2000 per person(prices may vary)Website

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2. Dahanu Chikoo Farm: Holi Exceptional Camping

People celebrating during Holi Camping at Dhanu Chiku Farms

Small Steps Adventures has brought a deviation to the system of Holi festivity in Mumbai. Give up the mainstream way of celebrating Holi, and embrace the festival in an entirely new, and thrilling manner. This occasion not only allows you to revel in the festival with colors and water, but also enables you to relish the experience of nocturnal camping, live DJ performances, and bonfire, along with delicious meals to enhance the experience even more.

Location: Dahanu Chikoo Farm, Rampur Post Gholvad, DahanuAppointment: 8 March 2023Entrance Fee: INR 1800 per person(prices may vary)

3. Sunrise To Sunset: A Colorful Extravaganza

celebrations at Holi 2019 Sunrise to sunset festival

Prepare yourselves for one of the most incredible Holi gatherings in Mumbai, i.e., the Holi 2023 Sunrise to Sunset festival. Bring out the childlike spirit in you, and enjoy the festivity with utmost enthusiasm. This festival brings to you an exuberant DJ session that will be hosted by DJ Shugi Born, along with unexpected artist appearances. So, secure your tickets now to relish this vibrant, and environmentally-friendly “Herbal Colours Only” Holi celebration in Mumbai.

Location: Kalamb Beach, MumbaiAppointment: 8 March 2023Entrance Fee: INR 1900 per person(prices may vary)

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4. Holi Pool Party: Airbrush The Beach

celebrations at Holi pool party event

Thinking about attending a Holi pool party in Mumbai? Prepare to airbrush the Gorai Beach with vivid neon colors as Khayara Events is presenting one of the most anticipated Holi festivals in Mumbai. The dazzling pool party will showcase dance, music, colors, water, food, drinks, and limitless fun. So, secure your tickets now to enjoy the festival in the liveliest way possible.

Location: Gorai Beach, Borivali, MumbaiDate: 8th March 2023Entry Fee: INR 1500 (prices may vary)Contact Info: 8898681606

5. Holi Camping Festival: Play Around

Holi Camping festival event in Pale

Searching for some of the finest places to celebrate Holi in Mumbai? This year, commemorate the Holi celebration in Mumbai, in the wilderness of Yamunavan Camps. The Holi Camping Festival invites you to embrace Holi with an exciting twist of night camping alongside lively DJ performances, bonfire, delectable food, and of course plenty of colors and water.

Location: Yamunavan Camps, Dahanu Vangaon Road, PaleDate: 8th March 2023Entry Fee: INR 1600 per person (prices may vary)

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6. Rang Barse Holi Festival: Enjoy To The Core

Celebrations at Rang barse Holi Event

Be a part of one of the most electrifying Holi celebrations in Mumbai this year. Put on your dancing footwear, and prepare for a booming celebration with music, dance, DJ, food, exotic beverages (non-alcoholic), rain showers, and of course vibrant colors of the festival, to celebrate Holi in Mumbai fashion this year. Don’t miss out on this one or you might regret it later!

Location: Babasaheb Thakre Ground Opp Virkar Bungalow, Indralok, BhayandarDate: 8th March 2023Entry Fee: INR 2000 per person (prices may vary)

Holi Occasions In Mumbai From The Past

The metropolis has a record of hosting some of the most stunning occasions. If you have not attended any of them until now, take a look at these Holi festivities in Mumbai that occurred last year.

Disclaimer: These occasions are from prior years’ Holi celebrations, and they may or may not be organized this year

7. Holi Party In-Resort: A Vibrant Affair

Celebrations of Holi Party In Green Palm Resort

Having arranged a splendid Holi party in 2023, 99Hikers is anticipated to come up with an even better Holi celebration in resort near Mumbai. In collaboration with the Green Palm resorts, 99Hikers had organized a lavish Holi party which included a 2 day stay in the luxurious property along with extensive meals, a Jeep ride, bonfire, music, and numerous activities.

Location: Arnala Beach, Virar, Palghar, ThaneDate: March, 2023Entry Fee: INR 1700 per person(prices may vary)

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8. Rang Mohalla: A Distinctive Celebration

Celebrations at Rang Mohalla Holi Event

With an overwhelming response, and a tremendous success last year, the Rang Mohalla festival is once again expected to electrify the city with their unique style of celebration. Showcasing performances from Bollywood celebrities, and popular DJs along with live dhol, village theme setup, photo booth, rain dance, unlimited food, drinks (non-alcoholic), and special color bombs, the 2023 Rang Mohalla festival was one of the most discussed events of Holi festival in Mumbai.

Location: Datta Krida Prabodhini Ground, Goregaon-Mulund Link RoadDate: March 2023Entry Fee: INR 2,300 per person(prices may vary)

9. Adlabs Imagica: Holi Celebration

Adlabs Imagica holi party banner

Image Origin

Adlabs Imagica hosted one of the most thrilling events of Holi celebration in Mumbai in 2023. The renowned theme park organized an incredible Holi party featuring a live DJ performance, access to exhilarating rides, sunset rain dance, delicious foods, and unlimited amusement for both children and adults. So, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience with your family!

Location: Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli, MumbaiDate: March 2023Ticket Price: INR 1,500 per person(prices may vary)

10. Colour By The Bay: Vibrant Extravaganza

Colour By The Bay Holi Festival at marine drive

Last year, Holi celebration in Mumbai was embellished by this fantastic festival at Marine Drive. Showcasing renowned DJs, live performances, flea markets, adventure zones, interactive games, and lots of amusement, the 7-day event “Colours By The Bay” became a highlight of Holi festivities in Mumbai, and people are eagerly anticipating this year’s edition of this dazzling event.

Location: Marine Drive, South MumbaiDate: March 2023Ticket Price: INR 1000 per person(prices may vary)

Are you ready to witness the vibrant festivities of Holi in Mumbai? Plan a visit to Mumbai and secure your tickets to these festivals as soon as possible, or else you will regret missing out on such thrilling opportunities. And if you know of more such places in and around Mumbai, feel free to inform us in the comments section below. Have a joyful Holi!

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Frequently Inquired Queries About Holi In Mumbai

What is the finest location to commemorate Holi in Mumbai?

Mumbai celebrates the festival of colors with a grand celebration and so all those who desire to celebrate Holi in Mumbai can choose from an extensive range of parties occurring at the festival. Here are some of the top locations: 1 Color by the bay at Marine drive 2 Holi pool party at Gorai Beach 3 Holi Camping Festival at Yamunavan Camps,

Which is the largest gathering that occurs on Holi in Mumbai?

The Bolly-Boom Holi Bash is the largest gathering that occurs on Holi in Mumbai, the event is held at the MMRDA Grounds in Bandra East near the Mithi River which is near to the Mumbai airport.

Is it secure to observe Holi in Mumbai?

As the cases of Covid are once again increasing, observing Holi in Mumbai is not advisable and won’t be entirely secure. Having mentioned that, keep reading the latest updates on Covid and follow all the precautions.

How should I get ready for Holi?

Purchase some white garments, colors and apply oil on your hair so that the chemicals in the colors won’t harm your hair. You can even purchase natural colors that won’t harm your body.

What is the significance of Holi?

Holi is celebrated to commemorate the beginning of the spring season. Holi is an important festival as it is celebrated as a symbol of triumph of good over evil.

How long does the festival of Holi endure?

The festival of Holi usually lasts for the duration of the daytime. During the daytime, individuals can be seen frolicking with colors, dancing, singing & enjoying snacks. The festival concludes as the daylight fades.

What do I consume on Holi?

On Holi, individuals typically indulge in delicacies such as Gujiya, Ladoos, Kachori, Malpua, Lassi, Dhuska (a hearty breakfast). Most individuals partake in these varieties of food on Holi.

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