Mayur’s Amazing 6-Day Thailand Adventure with Family

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Our Trip to Thailand

Our visit to Thailand was long overdue, as it had been years since we obtained our passports without actually making a trip to a foreign destination. Finally, my wife, child, and I decided to fulfill this desire and chose Thailand as our destination, known for its breathtaking beaches. As a passionate beach enthusiast, Thailand was the ultimate paradise for me. Therefore, we reached out to Fred and Fuzzys and arranged a 6-day trip to Thailand. They customized our itinerary to perfection, and needless to say, we had an amazing Thai adventure.

Details of Our Thailand Trip

  • Trip Type: Family Trip
  • Cost: INR 66500
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Inclusions: Driver, Taxes, Airport Transfer, Sightseeing, Breakfast, Lunch
  • Exclusions: Airfare, Visa, Personal Expenses, Insurance

Our 6-Day Itinerary in Thailand

  • Day 1: Check-in at Krabi hotel and explore the city
  • Day 2: Enjoy the Four Island Tour
  • Day 3: Explore attractions in Krabi
  • Day 4: Transfer to Phuket and check-in at the hotel
  • Day 5: Spend the day at Phi Phi Island
  • Day 6: Departure

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Weather in Thailand in May

We visited Thailand in May, during which the weather was quite humid. Typically, this month experiences rainfall. Fortunately, it did not rain during the day, allowing us to complete all our trips without any weather-related issues. The daytime weather was a pleasant combination of sunshine and clouds, particularly perfect for beach lovers like us. This delightful weather truly made our 6-day Thai trip an unforgettable experience.

Thale Walk beachPhra Nang Beach

Highlights of Our Thailand Trip

Krabi Thai Village Resort Entrance

Our trip was a delightful mix of fun, adventure, and countless moments of happiness. Below are some of the most memorable experiences that made our journey incredibly special.

kid enjoying at Phra Nang Beach

1. Four Island Tour, Krabi

Our extraordinary journey commenced with a Four Island Excursion in Krabi wherein we had the opportunity to hop around the breathtaking islands via speedboat. We explored Chicken Island, Koh Poda, Phranang Cave Beach, and Tup Island. Each island showcases its own distinct charm. We also spent some time by Ao Nang beach. There was a beach on one side and a variety of food and a market on the other side. It is truly a pleasant place to spend an evening, indulge in shopping, and savor delicious meals. Additionally, we also visited other pristine beaches in Krabi. These beaches consist of two islands where you can walk from one island to another due to the shallow waters. We were mesmerized by the sight of beautiful marine life and the azure waters felt like paradise. It was an unforgettable experience!

Thai food in Village Resortpool side in Krabi Thai Village ResortTiger Cave Temple

2. Tiger Kingdom Phuket

The time we spent at the Tiger Kingdom was an unbelievably surreal experience. We were pleased to learn that the tigers are not under the influence of sedatives, contrary to some rumors. Cats do sleep during the day, especially kittens, and when they do, you can move them around the house easily, haha. Most of the tiger cubs were fast asleep, allowing us to interact with them without any worry. However, if they unexpectedly woke up, they might be slightly annoyed, haha. It was truly a remarkable experience.

a surreal experience with tigerTiger Kingdom in Phuket

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Cheese rolls at Central Phuket (Mall)glad to touch the real tigers

3. Big Buddha, Phuket

Next we proceeded towards the renowned Large Buddha. The perspective of the island from the Buddha is stunning. It was awe-inspiring to observe all the diverse golden Buddha. It’s a little bit of a stroll to see the Buddha, but when we arrived at the main spot, everything appeared worthwhile. Furthermore, we passed through a small marketplace where we could receive blessings from the monks. It was a profoundly spiritual part of the journey. We were able to extend good wishes for family members. It’s certainly a must-see.

4. Phi-Phi islands, Phuket

Among various activities in Phuket, The significant boat to Phi-Phi island itself was astonishing. With snacks and beverages on board, the ocean voyage to islands becomes thrilling. Phi-phi islands was unquestionably the most vital aspect of the entire tour. Transparent waters and the azure-tinted sea were what I had planned this trip for.

Sunset from Big BuddhaPhuket City Wat Chalong TemplePhuket City Big Buddha

Residents And Hospitality In Thailand

We’re greatly impressed by the Thai residents and found them to be genuinely warm and hospitable. Particularly, the drivers, shop owners, and restaurant staff were extremely supportive. Also, in a new territory, we never felt that we got swindled and there were no security concerns either. All in all, the conduct and welcoming demeanor of the Thai people fulfilled our expectations.

Our Personal Expenditures In Thailand

Considering that our meals were included in our trip, we didn’t actually have to spend any money on food. Furthermore, we perceived Thailand to be quite reasonably priced and within our budgetary means. For us, an expenditure of 2500 Thai Baht per day was sufficient. We visited various tourist attractions and also indulged in some street food in Thailand. Overall, our 6-day stay in Thailand was very satisfactory given our financial limitations!

Terrace of Big Boat to Phi-Phi islandsIn Big Boat to Phi-Phi islandsBig Boat to Phi-Phi islandsBig Boat at Phi Phi islands

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Phi-Phi islands beachat Phi Phi islands

Shopping In Thailand

Honestly, we didn’t engage in excessive shopping. However, we would advise future travelers to explore local markets where they can purchase various clothing items at reasonable prices. They can also find 7-Eleven Stores effortlessly and acquire various food items and other goods at fair rates.

Thavorn Beach Village Resort Phuket

Dining Establishments In Thailand

When it comes to food, whether you are a herbivore or a carnivore, Thailand will never fail to delight you! Most of the time, we had our meals at the places of accommodation. However, we also explored some restaurants and street food options. In Krabi, we dined at an Indian restaurant called Govinda’s, which was completely vegetarian and offered Jain food as well. Furthermore, the prices were quite affordable. We were specifically seeking Indian cuisine and were fortunate to have found it! There was another restaurant called Rangoli situated right opposite Krabi Thai Village Resort. We savored Punjabi food there and it had an excellent taste. In addition to this, Central Mall in Phuket houses several restaurants where one can relish a diverse range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Hotels In Thailand

During our time in Krabi, we stayed at Krabi Thai Village Resort (Four Star) for three nights. It is situated just a 10-15 minute walk away from Ao Nang beach in Krabi. The rooms were exquisite, tidy, and equipped with all modern amenities, including a mini bar. The receptionist warmly welcomed us and provided a complimentary welcome beverage and refreshing wipes upon our arrival. There are separate swimming areas available for both children and adults, and the swimming pool has an attached bar. The property boasts a stunning entrance and a delightful restaurant. Travel assistance is also provided on-site.

For the remaining two nights, we made Thavorn Beach Village Resort, a 5-star resort, our abode in Phuket. The rooms surpassed our expectations and were truly excellent. Our room came with a bathtub and a jacuzzi on the balcony, which offered an ocean view. If you choose to stay at this property, you will lack for almost nothing. It is connected to its own private beach. The hotel also offers complimentary travel to certain locations in Phuket city for its guests. The swimming pool is undoubtedly the highlight of this hotel. The in-house restaurant serves Thai food of decent quality.

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How To Reach Thailand

Since we had connecting flights, we took a taxi to Ahmedabad Airport. From there, we boarded a flight to Bangalore, and finally, we reached Phuket. Although it was slightly inconvenient to have multiple flight changes, every inconvenience took a backseat as we enjoyed a marvelous 6-day trip to Thailand!

What To Pack To Spend 6 Days In Thailand

  • Always carry a broad spectrum sunscreen lotion
  • A waterproof mobile pouch
  • Eyewear, headwear, and headgear
  • Dried snacks to satisfy your hunger cravings
  • Writing materials (pens and adhesive stick) and passport-sized photographs for convenient arrival visa procedures
  • Eyewear

Do’s And Don’ts In Thailand

  • Do’s
  • Obtain an international roaming plan with data for Thailand
  • Learn how to swim for a more enjoyable snorkeling experience
  • It’s a wise idea to travel with Thai Baht Currency in your possession
  • Carry medication along with a prescription from a registered doctor
  • Allocate at least one day of free time at each destination to explore on your own
  • Make your package and flight reservations well in advance
  • Plan to spend at least 5-6 days in Thailand


  • Avoid planning to exchange currency in Thailand, particularly at airports
  • There are better options and rates available within India
  • Avoid packing short clothing when visiting temples, so pack accordingly
  • Avoid planning everything yourself and relying solely on the internet. Seek guidance from advisors at Fred and Fuzzys. They possess superior knowledge and experience.

Our Experience With Fred and Fuzzys

We had a wonderful experience with Fred and Fuzzys and our Thailand 6-day itinerary was flawlessly designed, just the way we desired. Moreover, all the agents were incredibly helpful and not at all pushy. From accommodations to sightseeing to food, everything was excellent! Cheers to Fred and Fuzzys for making our budget-friendly trip to Thailand a fantastic one!

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We had no idea how quickly our 6 days in Thailand flew by. Whichever place we visited, we had an immense amount of fun. Furthermore, the provided itinerary, designed by the professional team of Fred and Fuzzys, included everything we wished for and all within our budget. With incredible experiences and countless memories, this trip will forever be etched in our hearts. If you were also moved by our spectacular experiences, don’t wait any longer and plan a Thailand trip with Fred and Fuzzys. Like us, we guarantee that you will also have an unforgettable Thai vacation.

Common Queries You May Have

Is 5 days sufficient for Thailand?

Yes, 5 days are enough to visit famous tourist attractions in Thailand. In just 5 days, you can visit Bangkok, Pattaya, and Karbi as well.

How much does a week-long trip to Thailand cost?

We had a 6-day trip to Thailand that cost us approximately INR 66500 for two individuals. Additionally, we booked the flight tickets independently.

What should I avoid in Thailand?

You should avoid going to secluded places or sites that you are unsure about.

Do taxis in Thailand accept credit cards?

Yes, taxi drivers across Thailand do accept credit card payments. However, it is recommended to also carry enough loose currency to avoid any inconvenience.

Is tipping customary in Thailand?

There is no specific rule for tipping in Thailand. However, if you receive good service in hotels, restaurants, salons, and bars, a tip would be greatly appreciated.

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