Maldives 2023: Unveiling the Best 15 Locations for Nocturnal Island Delights

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The much-adored honeymoon destination – Maldives is where lovebirds gather and purchase themselves moments containing happiness and seclusion. Happily, the island nation offers a decent balance of love, excitement, and thrilling nightlife. Nocturnal activities in Maldives are much more diverse than they are perceived to be. In addition to visiting bars and clubs, you can also witness crab racing and jungle movies. Explore the unmissable top experiences of Maldives nightlife – from trendiest gatherings to unique Maldivian experiences to most popular restaurants and bars.

Interior view of Subsix- the underwater nightclub in Maldives

Finest Nightlife Encounter In Maldives

If you are planning a vacation to this place with friends and searching for places to party in Maldives then you have arrived at the right place. Here is a list of the best bars in Maldives where you can go for fantastic celebrations in Maldives.

  • Submarine Party – Subsix
  • Jazz Evenings And Live Bands – Kurumba
  • All White Party – Kuredu
  • Singing Room – Aaaveee
  • Forest Movies – Gili Lankanfushi
  • Nighttime Fishing – Bandos Beach
  • Crab Racing – Kuredu
  • Bar And Pub Hopping- Maldives
  • Observing Stars – Maldives
  • Private Island Dinner – Maafushivaru
  • Moodhu Bar & Restaurant- Reethi Beach
  • Club Med Kani- Kanifinolhu
  • Sunset Bar- Miriandhoo
  • The W Maldives- Fesdu Island
  • Glow in the Dark Beach- Mudhdhoo Island

Nighttime celebrations are a trend in island nations and Maldives is no exemption. Here are some of the trendiest parties that you must attend to truly experience the nightlife of Maldives:

1. Submarine Party – Subsix

The throbbing of dancefloor of Kurumba

Image Source

The existence 6-meters below the water is dim and vibrant here. At Subsix, Per Aquum, Niyama, everything wears the ocean blue shade as you descend beneath the sea. Sample the delicacies, watch the swarm of eels swim past, and enjoy every aspect of dining and partying with your loved one at the largest underwater nightclub Maldives has.

You also possess the coveted companionship of groupers, butterflyfish, and damselfish as the ambiance sets the tone for the evening. The moments thus experienced are exhilarating and encompass the perfect blend of excitement and elation.

Must experience: Nocturnal snorkeling, and citrus spa

Location: Huluwalu, Maldives

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Note: Subaquatic Glow Party on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9:00 pm onwards

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People dancing at a white night party

2. Jazz Evenings And Live Musical Ensembles – Kurumba

Image Source

At Kurumba, evenings display various shades throughout the entire week. From disc jockey night, live musical ensembles, jazz, social guest gatherings to the local Maldivian dance night of the Bodu Beru, Kurumba offers everything that contributes to a perfect ambiance.

Dance until you exhaust yourself, make new acquaintances (if you do not have company already), celebrate your journey to Maldives to Maldives as if there is no tomorrow.

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The picturesque karaoke room at Aaaveee

3. Ivory Night Celebration – Kuredu

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A night can either be calm and enchanting or extraordinary and vibrant, with nothing in between. Ivory night celebration represents the latter, thus making it one of the most sought-after activities to engage in during the night in Maldives. White clothing is the designated dress code, which is essential to pack for all the travelers heading to Kuredu.

Recreate the enchantment of a genuine tropical island ambiance as you dance to the music played by the renowned DJ under the UV lights. After the sun sets, Kuredu is the place to be!

When: Every Friday night at Babuna bar

Dress code: White

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The nightlife of a location is not just about the parties and clubs, it’s about the opportunities that the destination provides to make the night as thrilling as the day. Here are some of the distinct things that you must experience at night in the Maldives:

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Open air jungle cinema setup in Maldives

Unique Things To Do In the Maldives At Night

The nightlife of a location is not just about the parties and clubs, it’s about the opportunities that the destination provides to make the night as thrilling as the day. Here are some of the distinct things that you must experience at night in the Maldives:

4. Karaoke Room – Aaaveee

After the sun sets, there is no better place to enjoy than the Karaoke Room. As much as you love the music, this place plays natural melodies sung by birds and the rustling wind.

One of the main attractions of nightlife in Maldives islands, the Karaoke Room is a well-furnished venue with handmade chairs and a perfect ambiance to hang out with your loved one. Inspired by the architectural style of the late 1992s, the Karaoke Room is an ideal spot to cherish the moments. Sing all night!

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5. Jungle Cinema – Gili Lankanfushi

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Redefine your outdoor cinema experience at Jungle Cinema in Gili Lankanfushi – the finest resort offering romantic water villas in Maldives. Recline on a cozy recliner chair amidst the soothing forest with your beloved by your side.

Given its captivating allure, this Maldives nightlife experience is definitely superior to the others. All you need is a perfect mood, ideal companionship, some popcorn, and approval from the weather deity.


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Planning your vacation in Maldives but unsure about what activities to indulge in? These Maldives travel stories assist you in finding your ultimate trip!

People enjoying night fishing at Bandos Beach in Maldives

6. Night Fishing – Bandos Beach

Image Source

Crab racing is an important tourist attraction in Maldives

One of the main attractions of Maldives nightlife, night fishing at Bandos Beach is a must try. Get hands-on experience with the basics of fishing, learn the skill of bait serving, and be rewarded with your catch. Delight in every moment of the dimly lit ocean and immerse yourself in the enchantment of Maldives beach at night while you wait on the seashore to have a delectable barbecue of your catch and enjoy the local music and traditional dance.

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7. Crab Racing – Kuredu

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Clubs and bars add the much needed charm to Maldives nightlife

For a passionate traveler with the spirit of Columbus, there’s plenty to explore in the sparkling nightlife in Maldives islands. Partying and fun may be the most talked about, but it is the crab racing that steals the show. There are quite a few resorts in Maldives that organize this peculiar activity.

The race organizers select a group of crabs that become part of the competition. They are placed together in the sand or on a platform, enclosed in a small area. The first crab to cross the boundary line is declared the winner. Guests bet on a crab and the winner receives generous rewards such as a complimentary outing, spa treatment, sunset dinner on the beach, and much more. Crab racing is truly one of the main highlights of the nightlife in the Maldives.

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8. Bar And Pub Hopping

Bars form the heart and soul of a popular vacation spot. In a place as vibrant as Maldives, having a good understanding of the bar scene is just as important as visiting other attractions.


Can’t settle for just one place? Bar and pub hopping is something you can do to experience the finest nightlife in Maldives in just one night. Maldivians are known for partying vigorously until the early hours. Cherish every moment of your stay in Maldives, spend some time stargazing as you lie down on the soft sandy beach. The fun activities that you can engage in at these bars and resorts are certainly among the top things to do in Maldives at night. Make sure to check them out before you step foot on the archipelago.

9. Star Gazing – Maldives

Image SourceTouching down in the Maldives makes your world thrilling and vibrant, but the most exciting part is yet to come with the emergence of bright stars at night. The sight of the sky shining and adorned with stars will make your inner voice declare, ‘That’s paradise.’ To enjoy the serenity and the scenic beauty of the night, grab a blanket and some snacks, or perhaps a glass of champagne, and simply gaze at the stars with your loved ones. One can guarantee that this kind of bliss is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Due to the absence of air pollution, the dark sky transforms into one that sparkles with the light of countless stars. This is the view that you can embrace here, and the memory of that view that you take away from here will surely bring a sweet smile to your face wherever you are.

private island dinner

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10. Personal Island Meal – Maafushivaru

One of the top activities to engage in during the nighttime in the Maldives is to have an exclusive dinner with your beloved at one of the extravagant resorts there. Request for this service at your resort and you will be guided to your private boat which will transport you to an island with a flawless arrangement for a romantic dinner illuminated by candles. Not only will you be treated to delicious food, but you will also be served sparkling beverages. If you do not wish to miss out on this opportunity to spend quality time with your spouse, then be prepared to spend some extra money. 

private dinner

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Certain places are simply meant for the nighttime and effortlessly attract a crowd after sunset. Here are some of the well-liked bars and clubs in the Maldives where you can relax and socialize after dark:

Cub med kani, Maldives

11. Moodhu Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant will provide you with the ideal atmosphere for a lively nightlife experience in the Maldives. With a thatched roof and the beautiful ocean as the backdrop, you can enjoy some effervescent beverages with your partner at Moodhu Bar & Restaurant. The best part about this place is that it remains open 24 hours, so if you are looking for a late-night meal, they will be at your service. Now, who would want to miss out on a drink at such a trendy venue? No one, right?

Location: Reethi Beach Resort, Baa Atoll, North Province

Cost For Two: Approximately MVR 1,000

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dinner with spouse

12. Club Med Kani

Another addition to the list of the best night clubs in the Maldives is Club Med Kani, which is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. It not only has one, but three bars by the names of The Iru, The Manta Exclusive Collection Bar, and The Sunset. Here, you can not only indulge in a delectable meal, but also delight in the most stunning views of the ocean. If you wish to attend some performances, be sure to head to The Iru, where couples are treated to entertaining shows for a splendid end to your nightlife experience in the Maldives

Location: Kaafu Atoll, North Central Province

Price For Two: MVR 1,200 approximately

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13. Sundown Bar

The Sundown Bar utilizes the ocean views as well as the trees as a perfect backdrop, which is why many people plan their romantic dinner at this establishment. There is no doubt that it is an ideal place to relax and simply admire the natural beauty. If you want to make the most of your Maldives trip, then you should not miss a visit to this bar, which is ranked among the top bars and clubs in Maldives. 

Location: Dhoores Island, Dhaalu Atoll

Price For Two: MVR 1,100 approximately

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14. The W Maldives

Private Islands are the destinations where you can escape with your partner for relaxation and spend a few days away from your regular work commitments. The joy of dining in these private islands will create lasting memories for you due to the wonderful arrangements available there. The W Maldives has its own private island that is only a 5-minute speedboat ride away. 

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15. Glow in the Dark Beach

There are a few beaches in Maldives where tourists can witness an illuminated ocean with minuscule blue specks of light while swimming. This is an astonishing spectacle that visitors can experience while visiting Glow in the Dark Beach. Maldives nightlife becomes stunningly beautiful on this beach when the enchanting glow-in-the-dark effect occurs due to the movement of ocean waves caused by ostracod crustaceans. The ostracod crustaceans can emit a glow that lasts up to one minute and illuminates the sea like thousands of shimmering stars in the ocean.

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The daytime is for the ordinary, but the nightlife is for people of distinction! For party enthusiasts, the nightlife in Maldives is something that must be experienced, as these memories last a lifetime. At night, you get to see the city in a different perspective. So, start by planning a vacation to Maldives now. Call up your friends, family or partner and head to this stunning island nation to immerse yourself in the fantastic nightlife and make the most of the nights you spend there.

Common Questions About Nightlife In Maldives

Is it safe to travel during COVID times?

You need to adhere to all the mandatory guidelines specified by the government such as maintaining social distance, wearing a mask in public places, and washing or sanitizing hands after entering and exiting, etc.

What is the nightlife in Maldives like?

The nightlife in Maldives is quite exhilarating. From visiting some truly exciting clubs and bars to taking a leisurely stroll by the beach, there are various activities that you can engage in.

How many days should I spend in Maldives?

Ideally, you should spend 4 to 5 days in Maldives. This duration of time typically allows for a variety of activities to be tried out and places to be explored.

Where can I go at night in Maldives?

There are many destinations to visit in Maldives at night. From cool clubs such as Club Med Kani and Huvafen Fushi to Bandos Beach, there are plenty of places to explore at night in Maldives.

What can I do in Maldives at night?

From night fishing at Bandos Beach to partying at the famous clubs, participating in Jazz night, and attending a White Night party at Kuredu, there is plenty to do in Maldives at night.

What is the best time to visit Maldives?

The best time to visit Maldives is from November to April. The weather is extremely comfortable and pleasant, allowing you to freely explore the destination.

What is Maldives known for?

Maldives is famous for its pristine white beaches, unspoiled natural environment, and the stunning blue waters of the ocean. Additionally, the climate of Maldives is a great asset.

Can I visit the beaches in Maldives at night?

Yes, you can visit the beaches in Maldives at night. In fact, there are activities that you can enjoy on the beaches at night. You can try night fishing at Bandos Beach.

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