Make Your Vacation Unforgettable with These 5 Activities in Northern Malaysia

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Malaysia is a nation of vibrant urban areas and picturesque coastlines that is drawing in countless visitors each day. The lavish verdant tea estates and rainforests in Malaysia create a flawless photograph that is respected by almost every aficionado of nature. Malaysia is a vast land and cannot be completely discovered in a single trip. Therefore, if you are intending to explore the Northern part of Malaysia, then you have come to the right place. We have chosen a few of the top activities to partake in Northern Malaysia that you can consider.

Kedah, Perlis, Penang, and Perak are the primary provinces found in the Northern region of Malaysia. Among these, Penang is well-known among explorers for its shorelines, relaxed atmosphere, and local cuisine. As the community enjoys a large Tamil and Chinese population, the local food is influenced by these cultures. Not just that, the area is filled with tourist destinations and offers thrilling experiences. So, take a quick look at the top activities to do in Northern Malaysia and prepare your luggage.

5 Finest Activities To Do In Northern Malaysia

These top activities will add excitement and adventure to your trip to Northern Malaysia. So, be sure to include them in your itinerary for the most amazing time of your life.


1. Canoeing

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For those who prefer a slower-paced activity as opposed to adrenaline-pumping water sports, kayaking on Malaysia’s beaches is perfect. It is an activity suitable for those who are active and physically fit, as kayaking or canoeing requires rowing or paddling. This is a fun experience that offers a change from the high-speed sports that everyone is participating in. You can reach stunning locations and explore the hidden gems that Malaysia’s islands and archipelagos have to offer.

Optimal Time: Throughout the year

Best Places for Canoeing: Langkawi Island, Merapuh, Kuching, and Seribuat Archipelago

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2. Trekking in Gunung Jerai Mountains

This mountain is accessible at any time of the year. It simply requires your time, energy, and enthusiasm to complete the hike. Typically, it is a 9-10 hour hiking experience. You may encounter prehistoric Buddhist and Hindu temples at the base of this mountain. The only eerie aspect of this hike is the reports of missing individuals in the past. Therefore, it is essential to bring along a well-known guide or experienced hiker to ensure a safe and enjoyable return.

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3. Attend Batu Ferringhi Night Market

Penang is one of the most splendid places in Northern Malaysia that one cannot afford to miss. The finest aspect about this place is the Batu Ferringhi Beach and its nocturnal market (pasar malam) which is attended by almost every local as well as travelers. From handcrafted items to replicas of branded bags and items, you will discover a variety of things to purchase here. After spending some time at the beach, you can head to the night market that commences from seven in the evening and continues until one in the morning. You might not want to overlook this as it is one of the most soothing activities to engage in Northern Malaysia.


4. Explore The Dim And Stunning Caves


Malaysia has plenty of calcareous caves such as Batu, Gua Kelam, Tong Cave Temple, and Gua Tempurung Cave. Embellished with beautiful topographical features like icicle-shaped mineral deposit hanging from the roof of a cave, icicle-shaped mineral deposit rising from the floor of a cave, icicle-shaped mineral deposit hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier, and large vertical rock formations, these caves are popular tourist spots as well. Crawling through this cave is immensely thrilling and none can miss this exhilarating opportunity. Do you fancy-

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5. Delight In Local Cuisine

The eateries at the two resorts offer the finest of the local cuisine though at a premium cost. The primary highlights include a profusion of barbecued seafood and domestic spices accompanied by some of the exotic alcoholic beverages. Not only local cuisines, these resorts also serve delectable international gastronomy. Do not forget to try Rawa Fish Special which is a renowned delicacy here.

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All these activities to engage in Northern Malaysia have been selected dexterously keeping the interests of all kinds of travelers. If you enjoy going on a shopping spree then you can go to the night market and if you are the adventurous type then you can opt for water activities like kayaking. There are several undiscovered gems in the states of Northern Malaysia that are yet to be explored by travelers. So, wait no more and get going. Plan a journey to Malaysia with Fred and Fuzzys and cross off this destination from your wishlist this year. And do not forget to capture the picturesque beauty of Northern Malaysia for memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Things To Do In Northern Malaysia 

Which are the spots to explore in 3 days in Malaysia?

These are some of the finest spots to explore in Malaysia while stopping over for 3 days – Kota Bharu, Melaka, Cameron Highlands, Kuching, Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, and Taman Negara.

Which is the finest month to visit Malaysia?

Several of the finest months to visit Malaysia are during the arid period which commences from December and prolongs until February. Although, for visiting spots like Penang and Langkawi, the period between May to September is the finest to visit.

Is Malaysia worthwhile to visit?

Definitely, it is worthwhile to visit in Malaysia and savor nature’s conserved elegance while savoring an unprecedented moment. The country is graced with nature’s astonishing elegance which can be discerned at every fascination alongside that there is a dynamic culture to savor.

What should be evaded in Malaysia?

Some of the things which should be abstained from in Malaysia comprise of carrying narcotics, departing without an umbrella, strolling at the road at night, using an unmetered taxi, and also disparaging the local cooking.

What are the greatest activities to encounter in Malaysia for free?

Several of the things to endeavor for free in Malaysia comprise biking at Kuala Lumpur, go shopping at Pasar Percuma, explore the Batu Caves and the Railway museum, and experience trekking at Penang National Park.

Do all Malaysians also communicate in English?

Yes, Malaysians do communicate in English and one can effortlessly converse with the natives. But they might have a distinct usage of words which might be bewildering to fathom.

How many days are sufficient in Malaysia?

A meticulously planned excursion for 3-5 days is sufficient in Malaysia to explore the finest of the country and encounter some of the exhilarating things to do here.


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