Lose Yourself in Serenity at These 14 Cherrapunji Resorts

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Cherrapunji, also known as ‘Sohra’, is a paradise for visitors from all over the world. It is a highly sought-after destination among tourists traveling to India, thanks to its lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes. The optimal time to visit Cherrapunji is from March to May. However, many tourists may be searching for suitable resorts in the area. So, here is our curated list of resorts in Cherrapunji that promise an exceptional travel experience.

14 Exquisite Resorts in Cherrapunji

Discover these extraordinary resorts in Cherrapunji that will captivate you with their impeccable hospitality. These Cherrapunji vacation resorts are the perfect place for a memorable getaway.

1. Coniferous Resort

Saimika Resort

To truly embrace the vibrant spirit of the town, visit Coniferous Resort. This strategically located building is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. It was once visited by the British East India Company’s agent, ‘David Scott,’ who renamed it as Cherra Station. Each room is meticulously maintained by the hospitable and courteous staff. Undoubtedly, Coniferous Resort is one of the finest Cherrapunji resorts.

Key Highlights: This reasonably priced hotel offers exquisite dishes and picturesque views of the surrounding areas.

Starting Tariff: INR 1600

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2. Saimika Resort

For an idyllic weekend escape, head straight to Saimika Resort, located in Sohra. Here, you can relax in the park and enjoy a refreshing dip in the river. The resort offers all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. In case of a power failure, guests are provided with candlelight and torches.

Jiva Resort

Key Highlights: Saimika Resort is a unique spot where tourists can unwind by gazing at the starry sky.

Starting Tariff: INR 2000 to INR 2500

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3. Jiva Resort

Jiva Resort presents itself as a haven of serenity and tranquility, offering breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes. The complex is comprised of fully air-conditioned accommodations that boast essential heating equipment, en-suite bathrooms, queen-sized beds, and even a luxurious jacuzzi.

Kutmadan Resort

What makes it special: Indulge in a rejuvenating experience for your mind and soul at Jiva Resort, after long hours of exhaustive exploration.

Starting tariff: INR 2948

You can learn more about Jiva Resort on their official website or read reviews on TripAdvisor.

4. Kutmadan Resort

Pala Resort

Nestled away from the bustling town of Cherrapunji, Kutmadan Resort is an idyllic retreat where you can unwind and relax with your loved ones. This hidden gem provides a welcoming ambience that feels like home away from home.

What makes it special: Delight in breathtaking views of the majestic mountains and picturesque fields that surround the resort.

Starting tariff: INR 3240

Read reviews of Kutmadan Resort on TripAdvisor.

5. Pala Resort

Polo Orchid Resort

Pala Resort is an expansive retreat that boasts elegant and simplistic cottages. These modern accommodations, complete with a cozy fireplace outside, make it an ideal place to stay during the winter season in Cherapunji. The resort’s strategic location brings you close to cascading waterfalls and a serene river, making it one of the best choices for nature lovers.

What makes it special: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the seven sister falls, right from the comfort of Pala Resort.

Starting tariff: INR 5,900

Visit Pala Resort’s official website for more information or check out reviews on TripAdvisor.

Fabulous Resort

6. Polo Orchid Resort

Polo Orchid Resort stands as a truly unique destination where you can behold breathtaking and majestic mountains as well as lush valleys. It is an inviting and family-oriented hotel nestled in an enchanting atmosphere. This resort grants effortless access to popular tourist spots in Cherrapunji such as Nongsithiang Falls, Thangkarang Park, and many other exciting attractions. Its accommodation options range from the charming Dewdrop Cottage and Log Cabin to the exquisite Polo Cottage, all offered at unmatched rates.

Distinctive Features: Experience the awe-inspiring panoramic vistas of the Seven Sister Falls from your own balcony.

Starting Price: INR 10,572

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Kerala Spa Resorts

7. Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort

Explore the Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, a budget-friendly establishment that is personally managed by a family. They offer a range of rooms, from standard to deluxe, and are renowned for their world-class ambiance. Despite its remote location, this resort brings forth exceptional amenities right to your doorstep. It is situated only 85km away from Shillong, the capital city, and 200km away from Guwahati airport.

Distinctive Features: This resort ensures all the necessary arrangements for trekking the magnificent living root bridges.

Starting Price: INR 1700

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Tepanee Beach Resort

8. Four Season Eco Resort

Renowned as one of the finest Cherrapunji resorts, Four Eco Resorts boasts a prime location in the heart of the city. This resort is celebrated for its exceptional service and phenomenal amenities. It also offers recreational activities that will elevate your Cherrapunji getaway with excitement. If you desire the best resort in Cherrapunji that combines an excellent location with top-notch services, Four Eco Resort is the ultimate choice.

Distinctive Features: Its remarkable location allows for convenient access to all the significant landmarks in the city.

Starting Price: INR 1500


Pride Ananya Resorts

9. Smoky Falls Mae Fi Resort

Situated in Tyrna Village, Smoky Falls Mae Fi Resort stands out as an exceptional Cherrapunji retreat. Keeping its commitment to exceptional service, this resort features a 24-hour front desk, a restaurant, and a children’s playground. The captivating view of the garden and the breathtaking waterfalls cascading down from the Sohra/Cherrapunjee mountain range make it a standout choice for those seeking a restaurant with a view.

Noteworthy Features: Immerse yourself in the splendid sight of numerous stunning waterfalls.

Starting Price: INR 2500

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Corbett Woods Resort

10. Ibankordor Jungle Resort

Experience the tranquility of the surroundings at Ibankordor Jungle Resort, located just 15 kilometers from Cherrapunji. Alongside six cozy cottages, this resort also boasts a kids’ play zone. The renowned Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Mawsawa Falls, Seven Sisters Falls, and Thangkharang Park are all situated within a 15-kilometer radius of the Ibankordor Jungle Resort. This choice stands out as one of the finest resorts in Cherrapunji, promising an unforgettable holiday experience.

Noteworthy Features: A serene natural ambiance ideal for escaping the stresses of city life.

Starting Price: INR 1600

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11. Royal View Resort

Renowned for its expansive rooms, delectable cuisine, and stunning vistas, Royal View Resort is an exceptional Cherrapunjee getaway. With its in-house restaurant, guests can indulge in delicious meals. A visit to this resort is a must for a flawless stay experience in Cherrapunji.

Noteworthy Features: Spacious rooms providing ample quality time with your loved ones.

Starting Price: INR 3300

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12. San Naela Resort

San Naela Resort offers an unforgettable stay experience, leaving no stone unturned to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. As a true home away from home, it reigns as one of the finest resorts in Cherrapunji. With its peaceful atmosphere, it provides a haven for relaxation and is also a preferred choice for parties and social gatherings.

-One of the deluxe rooms in the Hotel Comfort Inn at Chail

Experience Extraordinary: Immerse yourself in world-class service and exceptional amenities that will enhance your stay and create a delightful experience.

Starting Price: Begin your unforgettable journey with a starting tariff of INR 3100.

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13. Sulawado Resort

A gorgeous lush green lawn of a resort with hut style rooms

Indulge in the finest Cherrapunjee holiday experience at Sulawado Resort, known for its exceptional amenities. Our attentive staff ensures that every moment of your stay is nothing short of perfection, with well-appointed rooms and impeccable service.

Discover the Uniqueness: Immerse yourself in the allure of spacious rooms that provide comfort beyond compare.

Starting Price: Embark on this mesmerizing experience with a starting tariff of INR 3500.

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14. Laitkynsew Resort

Situated just 20km away from Cherrapunji, Laitkynsew Resort stands among the top resorts in the region. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the village life while enjoying tastefully decorated rooms and delectable cuisine at our onsite restaurant.

Experience the Serenity: Embrace the simplicity of village life and find solace in the peaceful ambiance.

Starting Price: Begin your retreat with a starting tariff of INR 4000.

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Cherrapunji – A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts: Every visit to Cherrapunji reaffirms its status as a paradise for nature lovers. Explore the beauty of this destination by planning a memorable Cherrapunji trip with your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cherrapunji Resorts

Do the resorts have swimming pools?

Yes, resorts like Polo Orchid and Cherrapunji Holiday Resort offer swimming pools for your relaxation and enjoyment.

What kind of activities are available at the resorts?

The resorts offer a wide range of fun activities, including a kid zone area, fitness center with a gym, board games, and a picnic hut, to ensure that every guest has a delightful experience.

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