Long Beach California’s Must-Visit Tourist Destinations: 7 Attractions That Should Not Be Missed

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Experience genuine coastal-quality living, with an authentic Pacific Coast staple in Long Beach, California. A harbor city that hosts a wide range of world-class attractions, Long Beach deservedly ranks among the premier cities along the water’s edge worldwide. Explore 7 remarkable attractions in Long Beach California that are perfect for a family gathering, romantic getaway, or simply a vacation with the children.

7 Remarkable Attractions In Long Beach California

Long Beach is characterized by a Mediterranean climate and blessed with expansive vistas of open waters. Check off these incredible attractions in Long Beach California from your Long Beach bucket list right away:

1. Pacific Aquarium

Aquarium Of The Pacific

Immerse yourself in marine life at the Pacific Aquarium. Situated on more than five acres of land, it is a public aquarium in Rainbow Harbor that offers a glimpse of around 500 species. With over 11,000 animals, the Pacific Aquarium attracts over 1.5 million visitors annually.

Prominent exhibits focus on the Pacific regions and include attractions such as the Penguin Habitat, Shark Lagoon, Lorikeet Forest, and the Northern Pacific Gallery. Make sure to visit downtown Long Beach to see sea otters, octopus, sea anemones, and more!

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2. The Queen Mary

Immerse yourself in local history at the Queen Mary! It is considered one of the most exquisite attractions in Long Beach California. Once a dynamic British ocean liner, the RMS Queen Mary is docked in Long Beach and offers a variety of interactive experiences. On any sunny day in Long Beach, the Queen Mary is an essential Southern California destination that you cannot miss.

The Queen Mary

Both locals and visitors can choose to stay in one of the cabins on the ship, as the vessel now operates as a functioning hotel! Guests have a wide range of rooms to choose from, catering to various travel budgets and preferences. Take a guided or self-guided tour of the ship, explore everything from the machinery to the deck, as much of it has been exceptionally preserved for your enjoyment. Take the time to admire a ship that is now recognized on the National Register of Historic Places. The Queen Mary is also listed among other Historical Hotels of America! Whether you are attending a seasonal event, taking a tour, or staying in a cabin, The Queen Mary is a worthwhile investment during your visit to Long Beach.

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3. Art Theater Of Long Beach

Theatre View

Explore the distinct blend of culture and artwork existing behind welcoming doors at the Art Theater of Long Beach. Once a lively theater in the 1920s, the venue has since been restored and conserved for the enjoyment of present and future Long Beach generations. Nowadays, the Art Theater showcases much more than the finest silent movies of 1925!

On the premises, you can indulge in unique cuisine and beverage choices, while you watch the world’s most popular movies currently playing in major theaters. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the independent movie screenings and exhibits at the Art Theater of Long Beach, for a personalized experience on-site. Choose from a broad selection of documentaries and movies, while savoring dishes exclusive to the theater itself!

4. Cesar E. Chavez Park

Cesar E. Chavez Park

At the Cesar E. Chavez Park, you can enjoy panoramic views of the local area, together with expansive spaces bathed in sunlight, effortless recreation, and sea breezes. Now is your opportunity to embrace a leisurely pace of life that promotes your own enjoyment!

Located north of the Berkeley marina, this park area has long satisfied both local park enthusiasts and visitors. With over 90 acres of greenery and sunlight right by the water’s edge, it easily captivates those who frequent the park grounds. You can easily take advantage of the on-site picnic facilities, along with a play structure for younger children to adore. Other amenities include a basketball court, a fitness room, public restrooms, and a community center.

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5. Belmont Shore

Belmont Shore View

One of the top attractions in Long Beach California, Belmont Shore brings you close to refreshing waters throughout the seasons. Introduce your feet to sandy beaches and discover the place where land and sea meet! Immerse your toes for a revitalizing Pacific experience before uncovering all the other offerings this neighborhood provides.

Even when you’re not without shoes on the shore, this neighborhood demonstrates an unparalleled epicenter for local events. The largest one-day car show on the entire western coast, Belmont Shore Car Show, takes place nearby, as does the Long Beach Sea Festival!

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6. Shoreline Village

You can’t overlook the Shoreline Village – the white timber and red roofs give it away! Whether dining out, enjoying retail therapy, or looking for a social center once the sun sets, the Shoreline Village promises to entertain, with a collection of attractions set to impress. Even if you’re on-site for a stroll around the grounds, the Shoreline Village boasts an authentic Long Beach ambiance worth experiencing firsthand.

Shoreline Village View

You can choose from a fantastic selection of upscale dining, casual eating, and must-try treats while you’re there. Their ice cream comes highly recommended by locals!

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7. Museum Of Latin American Art

Make sure you allocate some time for cultural appreciation in Long Beach. Since its establishment in 1996, the Museum of Latin American Art has existed as the go-to destination for world-class Latin American artistic contributions in Long Beach. At the museum, you’re exposed to well-curated, dynamic displays and exhibits which are professionally arranged and characterized by a tasteful, educational atmosphere.

Museum View

As the sole museum in the country dedicated to today’s Latin American and Latino art scene, the Museum of Latin American Art presents you with unparalleled access to the latest and greatest in native and creative contributions. Situated in the heart of downtown Long Beach, the museum is easily affordable and features an ever-changing series of displays and exhibits.

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Coastal excellence is available around every corner in Long Beach, especially when you visit one or more of these renowned Long Beach fixtures on your USA vacation! Take advantage of the frequent Southern California sunshine while exploring these attractions in Long Beach, California, where you can acquaint yourself with top-notch retail, cuisine, and recreation that are well worth your time!

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