Karthik’s Epic Thai Getaway: Elevating the Bar for All-Male Vacations with Tantalizing Street Food and Soothing Thai Massages

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Traveling for Karthik had always been about discovering new dimensions in different parts of the world, whether it be in terms of cuisine, customs, geography, or individuals. So, when the time was right, he and his closest companion reserved a 4 nights 5 days tour package to Thailand from Fred and Fuzzys, which included lodging, breakfast meals, and sightseeing activities.

Trip type:

Two closest companions looking for excitement and adventure


4 nights and 5 days


INR 69,000/-




Lodging, breakfast meals, sightseeing, and a variety of adventurous activities

We both share a common goal in life: Explore the world before turning 40 years old.

Regardless of how occupied our work schedules get, we always manage to find time for travel. We have visited numerous countries including New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Bangkok. This time, we wanted to experience Thailand’s energetic atmosphere that attracts young people from all over.

We searched for tour packages online and came across Fred and Fuzzys, which provided excellent deals and packages that fit our budget. Initially, we were a bit skeptical, but when we filled out a trip inquiry and received a call from their representative named Harish, his friendly demeanor and knowledge alleviated our concerns.

After evaluating four different agents, we finalized the deal with My Travel Calendar because we had already planned our trip and their itinerary aligned perfectly with our preferences. We made a few adjustments and the agent willingly accommodated them. After a hassle-free booking and payment process, we found ourselves on a plane eagerly anticipating an incredible time in Thailand!

karthik taking pictures with a tiger in tiger kingdom

Day 1 | Phuket: Immersing Ourselves in the “Land of Smiles” and capturing selfies with the most fearsome tigers

Once we landed, we claimed our baggage and exited the airport. We took advantage of Tiger Kingdom’s complimentary cab service and booked a taxi to our hotel, Jiraporn Hill Resort, where our driver was already waiting for us. We checked in and freshened up. According to our itinerary, we had the freedom to spend the first day in Phuket on our own, so we decided to explore Tiger Kingdom. The driver sprayed some perfume on us to help mask our scent before taking us there. Throughout the cab ride, I made various attempts to communicate with the driver and ensure that he would drop us off at our hotel later. He nodded along without understanding while my friend found our conversation quite amusing.

having dinner at our hotel in phuket

Once we entered, we were brought into an enclosure where we found ourselves facing four fully grown tigers! The guide explained to us how to ensure our safety, and we had a wonderful time taking selfies with those majestic creatures right behind us. We even touched them, though with trembling hands and our hearts in our mouths, but we would remember that rare moment that only a few get to experience for the rest of our lives. We were quite exhausted after our jet lag, but our visit here completely made up for it. The experience we had here was worth every cent.

going for a session of snorkelling

Krabi Vs Phuket: Which Exotic Destination Fits Your Holiday Plans For 2022?

When we ventured outside, we noticed that our driver had departed and realized he hadn’t comprehended my directions after all. We burst into laughter at our embarrassing, yet amusing situation and called another taxi to return to our hotel once we regained our senses.

Day 2 | Phuket: Witnessing a vibrant play of colors beneath the sea and indulging in the finest of Thai cuisines

having awesome thai food at No.6 Restaurant in Phuket

After breakfast, we proceeded for snorkeling. We waited for what felt like an eternity in the scorching heat for our turn. But it was worthwhile as the experience of observing beautiful corals and peculiar-looking creatures beneath the sea was extraordinary. Then we aimlessly roamed around the noisy, crowded market of Phuket bustling with tourists. We had lunch here and decided to spend some time on the beach afterwards, soaking up the sun while lying on the lovely golden sand and admiring the awe-inspiring beauty of Nature’s architecture right before us. Once back at the hotel, we decided to add something memorable to our evening.

hanging out at the weekend market in Krabi

We went to No.6 Restaurant and only managed to find a seat after an hour of waiting in the queue, but the incredible Thai food they served us was worth the wait! Many attractive women approached us and attempted to convince us to experience a Thai massage, but we politely declined and they left. We had a fantastic end to a rather exhausting day.

Day 3 | Krabi: Being warmly welcomed in this serene city and treating our taste buds to the most delicious Thai street food

tasting different varieties of amazing Thai street food

We left Phuket reluctantly and took a taxi to Krabi, our next destination. After arriving in Krabi, we checked into our resort and enjoyed a fantastic lunch once we had refreshed ourselves. We found Krabi to be much more serene and peaceful compared to Phuket. We took a quick nap and headed to Krabi town where I completely fell in love with Krabi Weekend Market, with its impressive variety of food and all kinds of delightful Thai cuisines.

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riding around the town in a tuk tuk

One must visit this place on an empty stomach to have the opportunity to taste as many different types of food as possible. We spent the entire day here and then returned to our hotel in time for dinner.

Day 4 | Krabi: Exploring the captivating town of Krabi & kayaking over the turquoise sea amidst unique looking rocks & caves

We had our morning meal and descended to the lobby where our cab apparently was waiting for us. Upon descending, we saw a Tuk Tuk instead. We were taken aback at first, but when the tour began, we realized there couldn’t have been a better mode of transportation to allow us to witness the awe-inspiring sights of the places we passed by. We became so mesmerized by the beauty that we forgot to capture any pictures!

me and my friend kayaking on the 4 Island Tour

Then, we met our guide named Bang and initiated our 4 Island Tour. Our knowledgeable guide Bang took us around on a long tail boat and allowed us to fully explore the allure of these islands. The weather here was simply fantastic and the sights I encountered left me breathless. We experienced kayaking for the first time in our lives and it was an incredibly memorable experience for us.

passing through wondrous rocks while kayaking

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shopping for souvenirs and handicrafts in the market in Krabi

Next, we went snorkeling, which turned out to be a superior experience here compared to Phuket.

Day 5 | Krabi: Indulging in an extraordinary Thai massage therapy and acquiring traditional Thai souvenirs before heading home

No journey to Thailand is ever complete without experiencing a traditional Thai massage therapy. That is why we decided to try it before leaving the country for good. We engaged in some considerable shopping, purchasing souvenirs, handicrafts, and gifts for our loved ones, before finally immersing ourselves in this once-in-a-lifetime encounter. It was an incredibly rejuvenating experience, surpassing any verbal description. I would highly recommend individuals to try this during their trip to Thailand. After that, we packed our belongings with a heavy heart, as we didn’t want to leave this paradise behind. We took a cab to the airport and bid farewell to this enchanting land.

Our vacation in Thailand provided us with a lifetime of wonderful memories, and we’ll be back very soon to encounter more!

What I adored: Snapping selfies with tigers in Tiger Kingdom, enjoying a meal at No.6 Restaurant, exploring Krabi Weekend Market, paddling in the 4 Island Tour, and indulging in a Thai massage.

What I didn’t enjoy as much: We encountered difficulties in communication since not many individuals here have a proper grasp of the English language.

Recommendations for future travelers:

  • When seeking a Thai massage, I recommend trying the Savanna Massage & Spa parlour. It’s astonishing, and the staff is exceptionally skilled at their craft.
  • Ensure that you stay well-hydrated at all times and generously apply sunscreen before venturing out, or else the intense heat will leave you feeling disoriented.
  • Spend fewer days in Phuket and allocate more time to Krabi.

Thinking of a vacation? Plan your own thrilling escape to Thailand and create incredible memories with your friends.

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