Jitendra’s Thailand Adventure: Revitalizing Family and Friendship Bonds

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The more, the better! Explore the descriptive narrative of Jitendra as he journeys to the immaculate azure beaches of Thailand with his family and companions. Their trip amounted to a total of INR 90,000 and it encompassed their morning meal, transfers, lodging, and sightseeing.

My companions and I desired to organize a vacation outside of India. We opted for Thailand instead of Sri Lanka due to the superior quality of beaches and its proximity to Kolkata.

While scouring the internet for tour packages, I stumbled upon Fred and Fuzzys. They offered an enticing opportunity to personalize the itinerary according to our preferences, and we recognized its convenience for a group trip.

Consequently, I provided my information and submitted an inquiry, and it didn’t take long before I received a call from their travel representative. He comprehended the requisites for my trip and connected me with numerous travel agents to obtain the best quotations. Fulfilling his assurance, I soon commenced receiving multiple quotations from different travel agents. After selecting the most favorable one from “Breakback Holidays,” all the families, along with the children, were now prepared for the journey. Thailand was within reach.

Day 1: Arrival in Thailand

We arrived at Bangkok airport at 4.30am. Upon completing the visa procedures, the taxi representative from the agency awaited our arrival.

Without delay, we embarked on a journey to Pattaya right from the airport. Our initial destination in Pattaya was the captivating Tiger Zoo, which proved to be an awe-inspiring experience, particularly for the children. Subsequently, we checked into the hotel at approximately 1pm and proceeded to have lunch.

Later, at around 6pm, we attended the extraordinary Alcazar dance show, which showcased a remarkable exhibition of opulent entertainment. By 8pm, the show concluded, and we returned to the hotel for a night’s rest.

Day 2: Exploring the stunning Coral Island

After breakfast, we prepared ourselves for the tour of Coral Island. We boarded a speedboat from Pattaya Beach to reach Coral Island.

The sight that awaited us at this small island was absolutely awe-inspiring. The pristine sand, the azure water, and the panoramic splendor filled our minds with awe and wonder. After such an amazing encounter with nature, we returned to Pattaya by speedboat.

We had a delightful lunch at an Indian eatery called Annapurna. After that, since the ladies wanted to go shopping instead of visiting the local village – we agreed and went for a shopping spree at the main market of Pattaya.

Once we were done with our extensive shopping, we visited a local salon for a traditional Thai massage – which was much needed. Later, we returned to the hotel for dinner and called it a day.

Day 3: Exploring Bangkok

Next morning after meal, we checked out of Pattaya. The chauffeur was present at the lodging to transport us back to Bangkok.

We arrived in Bangkok at 11 am and proceeded for the sightseeing journey. We initiated with taking the blessings of Master Buddha at the upright Buddha and lying Buddha temple. Witnessing the 70-foot tall statue of Master Buddha was remarkable.

Subsequently, we visited the Democracy Monument and the Royal Palace. With this, we concluded our sightseeing journey and disembarked back to the lodging. In the evening, we opted to explore the renowned Indra Market and have supper at a local restaurant.

Day 4: Discovering Safari World

The concluding day in Bangkok for us was predetermined for a visit to Safari World. Once we finished eating, the chauffeur escorted us to the amusement park.

Safari World comprises of two parks, Marine Park and Safari Park. We began by visiting the Marine Park where there were numerous animal presentations on exhibit. Observing the orangutan, dolphin, and penguin presentation was a significant delight for the children accompanying us.

Later on, we had lunch at the Safari Park, which was included in our bundle. After lunch, we proceeded for a jeep safari in Safari Park. It was a thrilling hour-long ride in which we saw tigers, deers, zebras, and giraffes. After the safari concluded, we returned back to the lodging.

We made the decision to rest early tonight since our flight for the following morning was scheduled for 5.30 am.

Day 5: Departure to Kolkata

We checked out of the hotel at 2 am and were transported to the airport by the driver. And just like that, our experiences in Thailand came to a fulfilling close.

Thailand certainly is an enchanting tourist destination that offers something for all age groups. From traveling in high-speed boats, visiting temples, watching animal performances, witnessing dance shows to exploring historical monuments. Both families thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities we were able to experience during this family trip to Thailand.


  • Exploring Coral Island is one aspect that will forever be etched in my memory


  • The sightseeing tour in Bangkok was too brief, as there were a few more monuments we wanted to visit.

Tips for Travelers:

  • Remain vigilant about the required documents for visa on arrival, as missing any of them can turn into a nightmare.

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