Jaw-Dropping Panorama Awaits: Europe’s Loftiest Skyscraper Perspective!

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If Europe has always been at the top of your wishlist and if just its name is enough to excite the traveler in you, then we have news that will enhance your desire to travel even more. The tallest skyscraper in Europe is set to be completed soon, and you will be able to see the entire continent from its highest floor!

view of europe's skyscraper

Known as the Lakhta center, this new attraction will break records and become the tallest building in Europe. Situated in St Petersburg, Russia, the building will serve as the headquarters for the Russian gas company Gazprom, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Lakhta Tower, Europe

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The pinnacle of this skyscraper reaches the heavens at 1,516 feet, and it boasts a fascinatingly twisted structure that stands at a 90-degree angle from its base. While it includes 87 floors, its exterior is comprised of 16,500 individual glass panels to keep you warm at such great heights!

Aside from being Europe’s tallest skyscraper, it will provide you with an observation deck and a restaurant at the top that will offer stunning views of the Gulf of Finland. The restaurant will also be part of the residential and commercial area that will span the building up to 1,181 feet. The other section of the building will feature public amenities, a science museum, fitness centers, and more.

Lakhta Center Interior

Enhancing the enjoyment is the waterfront complex underneath this tall building which is encircled by public squares and amphitheaters that will make your visit truly experiential. And you can revel in these amenities and the vistas from this massive structure by the end of 2019!

So, why wait? Organize your next journey to Europe and witness its beauty from such remarkable heights!

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