Japan’s Majestic Mountains: 10 Iconic Snowcapped Peaks in the Land of the Rising Sun

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Being in Japan not always denotes the enthusiastic and fun-loving metropolis of Tokyo, temples, and monasteries, which Japan is commonly perceived as. Mostly, it signifies the mountains and the tranquility that we find therein. Japan possesses approximately 70% of its territory as mountainous. There are approximately 18000 peaks in Japan as documented recently and many of them are prepared to provide you with the excitement and serenity simultaneously. Japanese people are very attached to their mountains and so would any traveler visiting the place.


Finest Time To Explore These Mountains In Japan

Japan is renowned for its cultural principles and hence, every season has cultural beauty and significance to visit. However, for the convenience and comfort of tourists, it is recommended for them to explore during either the spring which spans from March to May or in autumn from September to November. This is generally the ideal time to visit Japan due to less precipitation, clear skies, and pleasant temperatures. However, if you are an individual who adores adventures and snowfall, you might opt to visit during December-February, which are the winter months. Thus, plan your trip according to the adventure you seek.

10 Finest Mountains In Japan

If you appreciate witnessing the serenity of nature and hiking until you find yourself above the clouds, then Japan offers numerous mountains for you to visit. Take a look at this list of 10 marvelous mountains in Japan that you must explore if you have a fondness for mountains.

1. Mount Fuji2. Mount Takao3. Mount Tate4. Mount Mitake5. Mount Kita6. Kaimondake Volcano7. Mount Haku8. Mount Norikura9. Mount Yufu10. Mount Maya

1. Mount Fuji

Mount Takao

Mount Fuji is the tallest peak in Japan, situated on Honshu at 3776.24m. It is one of the three sacred mountains of Japan. It is regarded as the revered symbol of Japan and possesses a conical shape. It offers the most captivating scenic experience from its five lakes, the opportunity to savor delectable halal cuisine, and the chance to bathe in natural hot springs, thereby making it one of the top Mountains in Japan for mountaineering.

So, if you are a passionate climber and want to have some excitement, then plan your trip from July to September and do visit this extraordinary place providing you with some truly remarkable experiences.

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Mount Tate

2. Mount Takao

After Mount Fuji, Mount Takao is the next best mountain to climb and is recognized as the destination that attracts the largest number of climbers. It offers you tranquility and a serene panorama amidst the bustling Tokyo metropolitan city. It is situated at an elevation of 599m and consequently, is easily accessible from the city. Apart from presenting you with the most delicate scenic views, it also grants you the opportunity to relish exquisite cuisine. The mountain will offer you distinct outlooks from its four different vantage points. So if you desire to savor authentic Japanese delicacies and the most refined encounter, do pay a visit to this place.

Mount Mitake

3. Mount Tate

This is also one of the tallest mountains, reaching a height of 3015 m and will provide you with a hiking experience in the earlier months of the year. The climbing adventures, cable cars, and trails along the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route will grant you the most splendid encounter of capturing pictures of the snow wall. If you deem this altitude too steep to climb, then Japan has always offered buses and convenient access to its mountains in various ways.

Mount Kita

4. Mount Mitake

This is another top mountains in Japan near Tokyo, located at a 90 minutes distance from train, the cable cars are the another way to reach there. For Canine lovers, there is a stunning Musashi Mitake shrine to visit which offers them various stuff for their dogs. The genuine Japanese cuisines, the picturesque view, and the shrine are the primary tourist attractions.

5. Mount Kita

If you are a novice and you want to ascend a mountain other than Mount Fuji, then Mount Kita is one of the most visited mountains in Japan for you to climb. It is situated in the Yamanashi Prefecture at a height of 3193 m. It is easily accessible from Kofu City and second in height to climb. It has various modes of accessibility providing the different exquisite views, like a steep climb from Kasuberi, Rock ridges, walk through Kanazawa snow valley and many more. If you are a beginner, the Migimita Course with its exquisite view and abundant flower fields is for you.

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