Japan Implements Travel Departure Tax for Visitors

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The Japanese legislature recently approved a legislation enacting a fresh tax law for travelers that will oblige them to make a payment when they depart the country. Commencing on the 7th of January 2019, travelers will incur a charge of $9 (INR 615) incorporated within their return tickets when leaving Japan by plane or ship.

This novel measure is applicable to both international and domestic travelers, with the exception of children below the age of two and those who spent less than 24 hours in Japan. Therefore, if you simply had a layover in Japan, you will be exempt from the departure fee! Oh, and have we mentioned that it is referred to as the “Sayonara Tax”?

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The purpose of this tax is to generate funds for Japan’s infrastructure and the proposed technological advancements, and the endeavor is projected to yield approximately $402 million per fiscal year. The authorities have declared that this levy will exclusively finance tourism-related projects and will be carefully monitored to prevent any misuse.

Japan is not the initial nation to implement such a tax law for its travelers. Other nations that have similar exit tax laws for travelers include:

  • United Kingdom – The “Air Passenger Duty” (APD) tax
  • Australia – The “Passenger Movement Charge”

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When compared to the relatively steep fee imposed by these two other countries on their departing travelers, Japan’s $9 Sayonara Tax doesn’t sound so unfavorable, does it? Japan still remains on our list of must-visit destinations, how about yours?

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