Jamaican Night Scene: Explore These Exciting 8 Clubs & Feel the Rhythm

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The Jungle

Come and experience the thrilling Jamaica Nightlife that will get you on the groove and make you dance from twilight till daybreak. The nightlife in Jamaica is the most exhilarating encounter that you will ever witness on this island. Dance to the melodies of Reggae beats or sway to the rhythm of Dancehall music on the beach or the live jamming sessions on the streets, this island is pulsating loud in the night with so much music to explore and so many new friends to make. This is Jamaica Nightlife, the bustling streets filled with music and the loud noise, sounds of clinking glasses and the feet tapping music coming out from bars. Apart from the lively nightlife, Jamaica comprises of stunning beaches, sunsets, the sun and the sand. The relaxed and extremely easygoing atmosphere is what attracts the travelers to come visit this destination. These are the places where you can head to experience the Jamaica nightlife after the sun sets and the after hours begin. Jamaica is a country that is defined by its heart pounding music, and to explore these beats, these places listed down are the best places you can visit in the early morning hours, so put on your dancing shoes and step it up to live the best of Jamaica’s thrilling nightlife.

Jamaica Nightlife: 8 Best Bars & Nightclubs

The nightlife in Jamaica is unparalleled and the most stylish bars will get you grooving on your favorite tracks. Check out this list of bars and nightclubs to ensure a promising night of fun, music, drinks and laughter.

  • Pier 1
  • Rick’s Cafe
  • Collette’s Bar
  • The Jungle
  • Floyd’s Pelican Bar
  • LTU Pub & Villas
  • Margaritaville
  • John Crow’s Tavern

1. Pier 1

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Pier 1 is the upscale, open-air restaurants and stylish bar that is located on the waterfront near downtown Montego Bay. It is known to serve the best seafood dishes from Lobster to a local favorite Land Carb done with a Jamaican flare. A restaurant by the day and a place to party it up by the night while witnessing the most essential sunset in the backdrop, this energetic bar have holds several live gigs, music events where you can showcase your best dancing moves and dress to impress. The locals will show you how to party and live it up in Jamaica, go learn some soca moves.

Location: Pier 1, Montego Bay, JamaicaTimings: 11 am – 1 am

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2. Rick’s Cafe

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This eatery is everything you’ve always envisioned, live your days amidst classic sunsets, orange skies above you and the reggae beats filling up the room with delightful food and cocktails, what else do you need? Another important attraction of this eatery is that it offers high leaping points and cliff diving into the crystal clear waters. The highest platform jump is 35 feet where you’ll spot several divers performing somersaults and acrobatic dives. There are luxurious lounge areas by the pool side for you to completely unwind and relax and listen to the live reggae music performed by some international bands and Rick’s After Dark. Get ready to take the massive leap into the water after you wash it down with alcohol to enhance this experience even more.

Location: Rick’s Cafe, 248 Boulevard Sour Jdid, Casablanca 20250, MoroccoTimings: 12 – 3 pm, 6:30 pm – 1 am

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3. Collette’s Bar

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Live Reggae music, tranquil and optimistic vibes, locals chatting with tourists and introducing them to new dance moves, a friendly owner who adores her dedicated customers is what this bar is about. Collette’s Bar is the solution to Jamaica’s one love lifestyle. You’ll see a multitude of people always dancing and laughing around while clinking mugs of beer. The lively atmosphere of this bar will make you want to return for more and never get you bored.

Location: Collette’s Bar, Archer Rd, Negril, Jamaica

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4. The Jungle

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As the name implies, this is where all the wild nights of Jamaica happen, quite literally! The drinks keep flowing and the crowd keeps dancing as you approach the late hours and gradually transition into the night! The exhilarating reggaeton beats will get your body moving and the electrifying atmosphere of this bar will make you never want to depart. You can enjoy some negotiation options on the drinks and some mouthwatering snacks that are usually available at the entrance on the second floor.

Place: The Jungle, Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril, JamaicaOpening Hours: 9 pm – 12 am

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