Indian Cuisine in China: Experience a Homely Delight in the Oriental Paradise

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An populous Eastern Asian nation which contains an extensive landscape covering stunning grasslands, vast desert, powerful mountains, captivating lakes and rivers, China is a truly beautiful nation. The country is a home to numerous astonishing cities worth exploring, including the capital city Beijing which offers a perfect combination of contemporary architecture and historic sites. The sole issue that Indians encounter when traveling to foreign nations is the absence of Indian cuisine. However, searching for the finest restaurant from the many outstanding Indian restaurants in China can be a challenging task.

8 Finest Indian Restaurants In China

But when in China, you need not fret because the country is filled with numerous exceptional restaurants that serve delectable Indian food. Thus, to avoid confusion and chaos, be sure to take a look at this list that we have specifically prepared for your convenience!

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1. Indian Kitchen

The name of the restaurant itself should have provided you with an approximate understanding of the place where you will be dining. Indian Kitchen is one of the finest Indian restaurants in Shanghai, China, as it specializes in Indian-style dishes. Even the waiters and waitresses wear traditional Indian attire, providing Indian guests with a sense of familiarity. Furthermore, the dishes at this restaurant are incredibly delicious and authentic, with a spicy touch that truly captures the essence of Indian cuisine. Moreover, if you have a fondness for South Indian food, then this place is a must-visit, as Indian Kitchen is one of the top South Indian restaurants in Shanghai. Its mouth-watering Indian dishes, homely atmosphere, and warm staff service are what consistently attract Indian guests.

Location: Mingsheng Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

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2. Sharmaji Indian Veggie Food

Among the numerous Indian restaurants in China, Sharmaji Indian Veggie Food was the first Indian vegetarian restaurant in Guangzhou, China. As Guangzhou is a bustling business hub filled with people from all over the world, pure vegetarians often struggle to find a suitable meal. However, with Sharmaji, this problem is solved, as they not only serve purely vegetarian authentic food but also ensure that the food is incredibly delicious. Since 1999, this place has been a blessing in disguise for many people and continues to attract the highest number of Indian guests in the entire country. After a tiring day of meetings or sightseeing, enjoying a delicious home-cooked Indian meal in an Indian restaurant in Guangzhou, China, is truly a dream come true.

Location: Guangzhou Lu Jing Road

3. Bollywood Indian Restaurant

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Are you a Bollywood enthusiast? Responses from most of us would be affirmative since Indian cinema is renowned worldwide for its brilliance and creativity. What if we combine the two things that make India most famous – food and Bollywood? Bollywood Restaurant, an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai, China, is a magnificent place that has brought this exciting idea to life. This restaurant, spread across three floors, not only offers a delectable range of authentic Indian dishes but also regularly hosts live screenings of cricket matches and live dance performances. In addition to this, the interior of the restaurant is exquisitely adorned, giving you a complete Bollywood experience the moment you step in. Enjoy your meal accompanied by melodious music playing in the background and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. With its spacious ambiance, Bollywood Restaurant is perfect for families and large gatherings. While we highly recommend dining in, the restaurant also provides delivery and take-out services.

Location: Shanghai Pudong, Hongfeng Road

4. Ganges Indian Restaurant

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Since 2005, Ganges Indian Restaurant has been serving the residents of Beijing with scrumptious and authentic Indian cuisine. Whether you are a tourist, a native of Beijing, or an international student, you will undoubtedly love this Indian restaurant in Beijing. The best part is that the food served here is incredibly delicious and reasonably priced, making it accessible to everyone. Due to its outstanding service, the restaurant has received a certificate of excellence, numerous accolades, and rave reviews from both customers and the Beijing Press. In light of its constant progress and recognition, the restaurant has expanded and opened branches in various other locations. The newest branch in Xian has quickly become one of the top Indian restaurants in Xian, China. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Indian dishes, including traditional North Indian recipes, popular South Indian choices, and exciting fusion cuisine. With such a diverse and mouthwatering menu, your stomach may get full, but the options on the menu will never cease to amaze you!

Location: Beijing branch- Guanghua Road, Beijing City, China; Xi an branch- Happy Mall food court, Yanta District, Xi an

5. Ganesh Indian Eatery

Ganesh Eatery is an Indian dining establishment in Wuxi China offering delectable Indian cuisine. The place has a fantastic atmosphere and an equally outstanding variety of dishes. Although not in India, the venue will surely evoke nostalgic memories of Indian food. The cuisine here embodies all the flavors of India, making it a popular destination for Indian travelers. The eatery also offers alcoholic beverages. This stunning restaurant is truly a gem in the town of Wuxi. The vegetarian samosa at this establishment is widely renowned and a customer favorite. The delightful ambiance, tranquil surroundings, outdoor seating, mouthwatering dishes, and exceptional staff services all contribute to the allure of the place and make it impossible to resist. So, if you visit this eatery, you already know what not to miss!

Location: Yongle East Road, Nanchang District, Wuxi, China

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