Incredible European Destinations for a 9N/10D Honeymoon To Explore

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Heritage, conception, significance, and natural elegance are something you’d discover best of on a 9 night-10 day package honeymoon trip to Europe. Kunal and his wife journeyed to London, Paris, and Switzerland to realize their ambitions of visiting an unimaginable continent with unmatched elegance and profound cultural inheritance.

Journey Duration: 9 nights/ 10 daysJourney Cost: INR 2,90,000Agent Name: Duniya SafariMonth of Voyage: March 2017Inclusions: flights, transfers, lodging, breakfast, sightseeing, and train passExclusions: other meals, entrance fee, visa fee

excited and happy journey

on the way to Europe

The planning our dream honeymoon initiated well in advance. We got married in December 2016, but our package was reserved in June 2016. We resolved to explore Europe in March 2017, as we wanted to await the frigid winter months to conclude and discover the continent in a marginally temperate season.

The destinations we traversed in Europe were always an aspiration for me while maturing. As an Indian child originating from modest origins, the culture and film influence at home positively played a role in motivating me to visit all these astonishing cities in Europe with my wife.

Welcome to Europe

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By a stroke of luck, my wife also cherished Europe and had never been there herself. Therefore, the decision was easily reached and the sole obstacle that remained was obtaining a visa for all of the locations.

enjoying every momentIMG-20170329-WA0061

Day 1: The quest to Europe commences

journey begins now

Bollywood love

We embarked on our journey from New Delhi that flew via Istanbul to London. We arrived at 4 pm and proceeded towards the hotel for check-in. As soon as we entered the city, it was a case of love at first sight. The culture, people, architecture, and the atmosphere had me falling in love with London instantly.

Our hotel was located near the Westfield Mall, a large and luxurious shopping mall that spans an area equivalent to thirty football fields! We visited the mall and explored it extensively. There, I purchased a European sim card and had Indian cuisine for dinner. The food options in London were excellent. There was no reason to feel homesick, at least when it came to food.

our city tour

An Enchanting 10N/11D Honeymoon Trip To Europe

Assessment of Copthorne Tara Hotel:

On our initial day, we were disappointed upon witnessing the compact size of the rooms. However, we were able to have our rooms changed the following day.

hop on hop off

Our evaluation of Copthorne Tara Hotel: 3/5

Day 2&3: Exploring the city on the vibrant red bus

happy time

With our two-day ticket for a Hop-on Hop-off bus service, and London Eye we decided to explore the city. It felt convenient for us to have all tickets arranged for the major landmarks so that we didn’t waste time during the trip trying to figure out where to go.

Traveling in the traditional open-roof bus, it was an unforgettable experience. The weather held up pretty nicely for us and we even managed to get in a day of sunshine in London (which is pretty uncommon in March).

We started by visiting the Buckingham palace, followed by the horse guards parade and finally the London bridge. We went to the top of the tower which had a glass viewing box.

Admission fee (London Bridge Tower): INR 800 (admission ticket was available in the bus only).

We started with the red line of the sightseeing bus service. We took a lot of pictures at London Bridge. From there we boarded our river Thames cruise that took us to London Eye.

my city touri love posing

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We returned later at night, well past the closing time of the sightseeing bus schedule. As a result of that, we had to walk a few kilometers, which to be honest, in a city like London didn’t feel burdensome because after every street we were witnessing something new and unique.

grand view of the city

That very day I had walked around 7-8 kms in London while sightseeing. Normally, I wouldn’t do that back home, but I suppose the cities of Europe were captivating enough for me to explore them by foot.

on the way to Paris

Bus tour 2 day ticket cost: INR 2,400

The following day, the Hop on Hop off bus tour continued. We opted to explore the blue line route. The initial stop was the Madame Tussauds, but we didn’t enter as the queue to get into the museum was too long. Instead, we visited Hyde Park, Lancaster Gate, and Piccadilly. We returned to the hotel a bit early, around 4 pm, and took a rest.

A few hours later, in the evening, we went back to the Westfield mall for some shopping. I purchased clothing from Zara and a few souvenirs for my family. For dinner, we dined at an Indian restaurant called Indigo in the mall. They served authentic Indian dishes like aloo sabzi and poori chhole.

fun in Paris

Day 4: Journey to the city of love


Love in Paris

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The following morning, after breakfast, we boarded a train from London to Paris. The train provided wifi and a pleasant canteen for passengers.

As soon as we stepped off the train in Paris, taxi drivers immediately approached us, trying to convince us to take a taxi ride. There was intense negotiation happening, as the taxis didn’t have meters. Eventually, we settled on a taxi that charged us INR 3,500, which we felt was pricey, considering the distance was only a 15-minute ride from the train station.

After checking in, we had tickets for the Eiffel Tower at 4 pm. We admired the magnificent landmark for a few hours, took pictures, and enjoyed the breathtaking view. The time spent with my wife at the most romantic monument in the world was truly special. Later, for dinner, we dined at an Indian restaurant in Paris.

Review of Mercure Alesia Hotel

Enjoying our time

We were assured a hotel with a 4-star rating, but upon arrival, we noticed that the hotel’s quality was below standard.

Our evaluation of Mercure Alesia Hotel: 3/5

Day 5: Enchanting Disneyland in Paris

Interlaken mountain view

This was one of the most memorable days of our honeymoon trip to Europe. We decided to make the most of our free day by visiting Disneyland. From the thrilling roller coaster rides to the captivating theme rides and entertaining shows, Disneyland is a fantastical world for people of all ages.

Once again, we encountered taxi issues outside Disneyland as the cab drivers demanded exorbitant fares of up to INR 10,500. Eventually, we opted to use the subway, which was much more affordable and only a five-minute walk away.

romance in Interlaken

Day 6: Transitioning from Paris to Interlaken

White beauty

The sight of the mountains was awe-inspiring, as we were given a room with a front-facing view. Perhaps, it was the best hotel we stayed in throughout our trip.

Our rating of Weisses Kreuz Hotel: 5/5

After catching an early morning train from Paris, we arrived at our hotel in Interlaken at 2 pm and had a meal at a Kashmiri restaurant just 2 minutes away from our hotel. The highlight of Switzerland was its excellent train connectivity. I had obtained a Swiss rail pass as part of our package, which granted us unlimited train rides across Switzerland during our honeymoon trip to Europe.

fun with snow

We had fast food on the day of our arrival because most of the stores and restaurants in Switzerland close quite early.

beautiful view

Day 7: Ascending to the summit of Europe

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The succeeding day, we had a train to the summit of Europe- Jungfrau. The train connectivity once again, was something that made our stay in Switzerland very convenient. The station was nearby our hotel and trains departing to Jungfrau used to arrive once every 20 minutes.

scenic beauty

We arrived at Jungfrau after a picturesque two-hour train journey. Since the snow was still fresh, it presented a magnificent sight as the train passed through the snow-covered mountains, enhancing the allure of our honeymoon journey to Europe.

best romantic place

Jungfrau is renowned for chocolates, so we decided to sample some. As we found them so delectable, we purchased a few more to bring back home. Since we had free time in Jungfrau around 2 pm, we chose to take a train directly to Bern for some shopping.

amazing view in Lucerene

The only downside in Switzerland was that the place is very pricey. We returned to the hotel in Interlaken for the night.

Day 8: Train from Interlaken to Lucerne

looking for a snawfall

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We departed from Interlaken at 11 am for Lucerne. The train schedules were flexible so we weren’t concerned about arriving at the station on time. Upon reaching Lucerne, Interlaken appeared average. The city was much more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Even the market in Lucerne was bigger than the ones we saw in Interlaken.

pretty cold

In the evening, we went shopping in Lucerne and explored the city by foot. Since the evening was free, we mostly spent time with each other in a picturesque city like Lucerne.

awesome way to go

Review of Des Alpes Hotel

The hotel was incredibly beautiful. We had a pleasant stay in Lucerne, as the hotel complemented the beauty of the city.

Our rating of Des Alpes Hotel – 4/5

Day 9: Visit to Mount Titlis

Gondola ride

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The following day, we traveled to Mount Titlis via train. This train ride was my favorite during our honeymoon trip to Europe. As the train ascends the beautiful alps, I was astonished by the views on offer and amazed by the engineering brilliance that allowed a rail track to pass through the formidable mountains.

After the train ride, we took a revolving gondola ride to the peak of Mount Titlis. I’ve experienced gondola rides in India before, but this was by far the most scenic and longest (20 minute) gondola ride we’ve ever taken.

feeling the thunder

last day in beautiful place

Even at the top of Mount Titlis, there are some charming restaurants (where we dined) and chocolate shops for tourists. We spent a few hours at the peak admiring the view and taking pictures before we headed back to the hotel in Lucerne.

Day 10: Saying farewell to Sweet Switzerland

good time with local buddies

It's time to be back

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Finally, the last day of our honeymoon trip to Europe arrived. We checked out of Des Alpes Hotel in Lucerne and boarded a train to Zurich. From there, we bid farewell to our adventure in Europe and headed back home to New Delhi.

With anecdotes, gifts, souvenirs, and countless memories, my wife and I flew back home from an unforgettable honeymoon trip to Europe. We both felt even closer to each other with our bond strengthened for the next chapter of our lives. After this trip, I’m certain that this won’t be the last time we travel to all these places.

lovely memories


  • Our time in London was unforgettable. The culture and atmosphere of the city were special. Next time, we would love to stay there for a longer period.
  • The scenic beauty of Switzerland captivated both of us.
  • The best destination we visited on our honeymoon trip to Europe was Mount Titlis.


  • The hotels in London and Paris could have been better.
  • Paris didn’t meet our expectations. We felt somewhat unsafe during our stay.

Tips for travelers:

  • Purchase a Swiss Pass, which provides unlimited free train and bus rides during the validity of your pass.
  • London is a great destination for people who love to shop.

Travel across Europe and fall in love with its history and culture. Book your Europe honeymoon package and enjoy like Kunal did!

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