Important Tips for Traveling to Israel: Everything You Need to Know Before Embarking on Your Journey

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Visiting a new place is certainly a thrilling experience, particularly when there is abundant planning involved. Israel is an excellent destination worth exploring, with numerous religious and historical landmarks. In addition to its rich history and religious significance, Israel also boasts many marvelous natural wonders. However, there are several factors to bear in mind when visiting a new place. Traveling to a different country can be exciting, but it may be subject to certain rules or lack certain amenities. It can also be somewhat intimidating, as locals may converse in a foreign language. The novelty and unfamiliarity of a new place can be both exhilarating and anxiety-inducing. It is always wise to be well-prepared in advance. If you are seeking top-notch tips for traveling to Israel, search no further. We have compiled a comprehensive list of essential considerations to keep in mind before setting foot in Israel.

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10 Essential Considerations for Your Visit to Israel

Planning a trip to Israel in the near future? Take a look at this compilation of vital travel tips for a safe and unforgettable experience:


1. Always carry power adaptors with you

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One common occurrence among tourists is finding themselves without functioning electrical devices. The power outlets in Israel require a 3 round-pegged prong. Many individuals fail to consult any Israel travel tips prior to their departure, leading to the inconvenience of having the wrong plug. Ensure that you buy a power adaptor and bring it along before your journey. You wouldn’t want to waste time searching for one in town, and the last thing you want is to find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar area with no means of seeking assistance.

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2. Most eateries serve ‘Kosher’ cuisine

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Israel abides by certain rules, and one of the most significant pertains to food. The majority of restaurants in Israel offer Kosher food, but you might wonder what exactly that entails. Essentially, Kosher food adheres to religious dietary regulations, similar to Halal food for Muslims. It signifies that the animal was slaughtered in a painless manner, according to Jewish law. Additionally, they prohibit consuming dairy products with meat. Although many younger individuals may not strictly adhere to this practice, it remains one of the most crucial Israel travel tips for 2023.

3. Pack and wear modest clothing

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Pack and wear modest clothing

If you are planning to visit sacred places such as Jerusalem or orthodox neighborhoods, you will need to be dressed appropriately. Although it may be hot during summer, if you plan to visit locations like the Western Wall or the spot where Jesus was crucified, it is advised to wear tops with sleeves that extend below the elbow and long skirts or trousers. The people are quite traditional and you don’t want them causing a scene. This would certainly be one of those important traveling tips for Israel. If you forget to bring suitable clothing, then worry not, religious women distribute it near the Western Wall.

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Be prepared to be strictly interviewed at the airport

4. Be prepared to be thoroughly interviewed at the airport

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It is important to understand that since Israel has experienced many issues in the past, security is extremely strict. If you are a tourist, then you will definitely be interviewed before you are allowed to enter. Some of the questions you might be asked include the purpose of your trip, if it is your first time, what you do for a living, who you have come with and your relationship, who packed your bags, and much more. A security check is easy to pass through, but the interview is longer and takes more time. Some individuals naturally feel anxious, and this might give them a negative impression if you are hesitant to answer. Just ensure that you have all your answers prepared and you will be fine. This is, in fact, one of the best Israel travel tips.

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Keep the paper visa

5. Keep the paper visa/slip you receive at the airport safely

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There is always confusion regarding whether you will be banned from other countries once you visit Israel. Due to the entire issue of being seen as a threat, Israel does not stamp your passport when you visit. Instead, they provide you with a paper visa to carry along with you to avoid any hassle. Make sure to keep the slip safely, as it serves as proof that you have entered the country after being checked. You will also need to present this slip at any crossing points. Keep it securely with your passport. You definitely do not want to find yourself stranded in a foreign country.

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6. Explore Tel Aviv during the night

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The metropolis of Tel Aviv is renowned for its nighttime entertainment. While there are numerous attractions to witness during the daylight hours, the city boasts an abundance of bars and restaurants. If the nocturnal scene appeals to you, ensure that you pay a visit to Tel Aviv after sundown. Tel Aviv truly comes alive at night with its illuminated bars and restaurants. To avoid any disappointment, it is highly recommended to visit during the evening if you desire to find excellent establishments to relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage. You can discover exceptional bars and even outdoor seating areas.

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7. Be well-prepared for the Shabbat hours

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The weekends in Israel commence on Fridays and Saturdays. The weekdays are from Sundays to Thursdays. The Sabbath for Jews starts at sunset on Fridays. During the weekend, businesses and public transportation will not be operational. This is one of the top Israel travel suggestions because although certain places may remain open in secular areas, if you are visiting a religious area, you should be prepared for everything to close down by 4-5 PM and it will not reopen until Saturday evening. Ensure that you plan your trip accordingly.


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8. Make Use of the Abundance of Monit Sheruts Available

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Monit Sheruts are shared taxis that are essentially small yellow or white vans capable of accommodating around 10 passengers at a time. They travel between cities and drop off passengers at major hubs or central stations. You need to locate a monit sherut that operates in the city you are in or the city you intend to visit. If you need to be dropped off at any point along the way, that can be arranged as well. These shared cabs are an excellent way to save money since taking a regular taxi would be far too expensive.

Use the plenty of Monit Sheruts available

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9. Do Not Be Alarmed If You Observe Soldiers Patrolling the Streets

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It is actually quite normal to see soldiers walking the streets with their firearms in hand. Military service is significant for both males and females, so it is highly likely that you will encounter soldiers in uniform carrying weapons. Israel takes its security very seriously, so you will have to become accustomed to this, even if it initially causes concern.

10. You Will Need to Discover Methods to Reduce Expenses

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Israel is actually quite pricey as compared to what individuals may think. The accommodation, cuisine, beverages, and shopping are certainly not inexpensive. There are numerous ways that you can lessen expenses such as – purchasing food from local markets, staying at a hotel where breakfast is included, finding a hotel that is centrally located and opting for shared taxis or shuttles. If possible, carry extra money just to be certain.


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We trust these traveling suggestions for Israel have been able to equip you well for your journey. Know any more things one should know before visiting this delightful country? Pop them in the comments section below to assist other travelers. Do not forget to reserve your trip with TravelTriangle to have the finest holiday experience of your life!

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Commonly Asked Questions About Israel Travel Advice

Still bewildered? These might be able to help clarify some of them:

Is it secure to travel to Israel?

It is secure to travel to Israel as there is no question about security. Security is stringent in most places and even in the airport. This is only because they want to make Israel a safer place.

What should one carry while traveling to Israel?

Make sure to carry universal chargers as the Israel ports are 3-pronged. Carry appropriate and decent clothing that doesn’t show much skin out of modesty, especially when visiting religious places.

Sunscreen is very costly in Israel, so it is a good idea to carry your own from home as it can get really hot in Israel during the day.

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