Ignite Your Spirit with These 10 Alluring Water Activities in Japan

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Japan is one of the most exquisite destinations to explore in the world. It offers distinct tourist attractions that will leave you mesmerized. However, if you want to witness the exhilarating side of the country, then head to the islands. Japan is home to numerous breathtaking islands. These islands provide awe-inspiring aquatic activities of various kinds: from underwater swimming to ocean kayaking, deep-sea diving, canoeing, and surfing. The aquatic activities in Japan will make you fall in love with it and compel you to visit it again and again.

People kayaking in Japan

10 Finest Aquatic Activities In Japan

Due to the abundant islands, there are various choices for aquatic activities in Japan. Some of them are listed below with all the particulars. These aquatic sports in Japan are quite popular.

1. Underwater Swimming

Snorkeling with fish

This aquatic sport is one of the swimming exercises on or through a body of water with the assistance of a scuba mask, a breathing tube known as snorkel and swim fins. In places where the temperature is relatively low, wetsuits are preferred. These gears aid the underwater swimmer in breathing for an extended duration. It also requires less effort while swimming face-down at the surface. In tropical resort locations, it is one of the most renowned recreational activities. Ogasawara is one of the most vibrant destinations for aquatic activities in Japan.

At the Take nature academy, an experienced diving instructor will serve as a guide for you. You can select from various coastlines such as pristine white beaches, beautiful coral reefs, or sunken ships. This can be experienced in the Ogasawara Ocean. Simply make the most of the underwater swimming experience in the Ogasawara Ocean. This is one of the primary aquatic sports activities in Japan.

Location – Take nature academy, Azaazumatyou, Chichijima, Ogasawara-mura Tokyo, Kantō 100-2101, JapanTiming – 8:30am to 15:30pmPrice – Approximately Rs.7170 per person for a full day

Scuba Diving Scene

2. Deep-Sea Diving

It is the method of underwater diving where the divers utilize specialized self-contained breathing equipment referred to as scuba, which has its air supply separated from the surface.

Japan possesses some of the finest and awe-inspiring scuba diving locations that showcase a captivating marine life and striking coral formations. You can reserve your scuba diving beginners expedition with Izu Oceanic Park, which is a provider of scuba adventures renowned worldwide. You can also explore the prominent diving spots. There are various options for scuba diving, including Izu Oceanic Park, which boasts numerous attractions, and Osezaki, often referred to as the Diver’s Mecca.

Location – Izukaiyo Park, 841-1 Futo, Itō, Shizuoka 413-0231, JapanTiming – Duration of 11.5 – 12 hours starting from 6:30amPrice – Approximately INR 13258 per adultRestriction – To participate in this program, you must possess a C license card.

Parasailing view

3. Parasailing

Parasailing is a recreational water activity where an individual is tethered behind a vehicle, typically a boat, using a unique parachute-like canopy known as a parasail wing. The vehicle acts as an anchor for the manned kite, while the pilot remains attached to the parasail through a harness as the boat continues to tow.

Experience the exhilarating and breathtaking sensation of gliding over the water’s surface with the wind’s gentle caress. Enjoy a mesmerizing bird’s-eye view of the glistening blue waters of Okinawa as you gracefully glide over the waves. Parasailing in Japan is a water sport suitable for the entire family, including both children and adults. The water sports site is conveniently located near the Churaumi aquarium, providing easy access for parasailing adventures.

Location – Naha, JapanTiming – Operating hours from 09:00am to 16:00pmPrice – Approximately INR 4655 per person for a duration of 40-80 minutes

Sea Kayakin in sea

4. Sea Kayaking

This water sport is brimming with excitement. When a kayak is manufactured for the paddling game on lakes, narrow passages, and the sea filled with wild waters is recognized as an ocean kayak or exploring kayak. Ocean kayaks are secure small vessels with a sealed deck and the ability to incorporate a spray deck.

Discover remarkable kayaking excursions to explore Japan’s seascapes and coasts. From half-day trips to full-day adventures, you are sure to find the perfect kayak experience. For a twist on this marine favorite, check out transparent kayak tours, where you can observe the underwater world below you for a truly immersive experience.

Cycle around the Shiwaku Islands, Shimanami Kaido, Tobishima Kaido, or Shodo Island! Explore the beautiful Seto Inland Sea by kayak, for a whole day of fun.

Location – 246-29 Kuroyama Tosadomariura Narutocho, Naruto, Tokushima 772-0053, JapanTiming – From 9:00 am for 5hrsPrice – Around INR 8050 per adult

Planning your holiday but unsure about where to go? These travel stories assist you in finding your ultimate trip!

5. Flyboard/Hoverboard

A Flyboard is a brand of hydroflighting device that provides propulsion to propel the Flyboard into the air to perform a sport known as hydro flying.

The rider of Flyboard attempts to remain stable on a watercraft by boarding connected by a long hose to a watercraft. A push to the rider to ascend to 70 ft (21 m) can be sustained by H2O which is forced compelled to a few boots with jet nozzles underneath remains airborne or to dive rapidly through the water down as far as one is willing to go. This is one of the finest aqua sports in Japan.

Flyboard in seaTTmain-logo.png

Soar above the water with these exhilarating hoverboarding designs. From rentals to complete lessons, this maritime activity is tons of fun. Why not give it a try during your visit to Japan? Just an hour from Tokyo you can take off into the air on a Flyboard! Race above and plunge beneath the waves in this popular new sport.

Location – 6-16-43 Zaimokuza, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa PrefectureTiming – 09:00 – 15:00pmPrice – Approximately INR 3314 per adult

6. Surfing / Bodyboarding

Japan has plenty of fantastic surfing spots, with options available for everyone from novice to expert riders. Have a blast on the waves and book in English with this experienced provider. Rent a board or bring your own, and find the package that suits your requirements and skill level. You can enjoy surfing all year in Tokushima. Join a lesson tailored to your level, and learn to ride the waves at the best spot of the day.

high wave Surfing

Surfing school at southern beautiful sea! Tranquil compared to the city, yet still beginner-friendly. Pleasant waves come naturally. Lovely restaurants and popular attractions are perfect after the lesson.

Location – Surf Shop Thursdays, Address:33-1 Omichi, Tokushima City, TokushimaTiming – 07:30am to 13:00pmPrice – Approximately INR 3350 per person

7. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand up oar surfing or Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a variation of surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider remains seated until a wave arrives, stand up paddle enthusiasts stay on their boards and utilize a paddle to navigate through the water. Rise to a standing position on a broad surfboard and embark on the water by paddling. Perfect for beginners to experts, this enjoyable excursion is an excellent way to incorporate some exercise while having a great time.

man doing standup paddle boarding

Glide across the water on a stable SUP board, and discover why this entertaining sport is rapidly expanding. Whether you wish to unwind, partake in SUP yoga, or explore the pristine seas of Japan, you will discover the perfect arrangement to suit your requirements.

Location – 1621, Moroso, Misaki-machi, Miura City, Kanagawa 238-0224, JapanTiming – From 9:10 am to 4:00 pmPrice – Approximately 4350 INR per person

8. Windsurfing/ Kitesurfing

Windsurfing is a water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. It comprises of a board typically measuring 2 to 2.5 meters in length, with volume usually ranging between 45 and 150 liters, propelled by wind with the assistance of a sail.

Windsurfing in sea

Windsurfing and kite surfing are well-liked in Japan, which is unsurprising given the country’s sea-bound geography. Enjoy sailing on the waves and effortlessly book your next outing. Immerse yourself in the waves and experience the exhilaration of the wind with this one-day trial lesson. Additional staff will be present to assist you, allowing you to rejuvenate as you skim the waves.

Location – 5-12-8, Zaimokuza, Kamakura 248-0013 Kanagawa PrefectureTiming – from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm for 5 hoursPrice – Approximately INR 5100 per person

9. Yacht

A yacht is a watercraft used for pleasure or sports. The term originates from the Dutch word yacht and initially referred to light, fast sailing vessels. A yacht is any sail or power vessel used for enjoyment, cruising, or racing. The word often implies luxury; however, luxury is not a necessary quality to meet the definition; nor is it always desirable.

boat yatch

Enjoy yachting in Japan, with arrangements that vary from solo mini yachting experiences to full charters. Learn to sail around the Zushi Inlet, and get a real feel for life on the ocean! Rookies are welcome, as our instructors will teach you the basics.

Location – Ever resort, 1-4-28, Shinjuku, Zushi-shi, Kanagawa, 249-0007, JapanTiming – 10:00am to 11:30amPrice – Approximately INR 5760 per adult

10. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the rider, standing on a wakeboard, a shortboard with foot straps, is towed behind a speedboat over its wake and particularly up off the peak to perform aerial tricks. A hallmark of wakeboarding is the attempted exhibition of midair stunts.

wakeboard in sea

Catch some real air when wakeboarding in Japan! From beginners to expert visitors, book your next day on the waves with water sports provider. Head out to the sea and glide over the pristine waters on a wakeboard. Feel the thrill as you get towed by a fast boat. Beginners can learn the basics and experts can learn new techniques.

Location – Japan, 905-0008 Okinawa, Nago, Yamanoha, 247-1, Resonex, BF1Timing – 09:00 – 15:00pm approx. for 0.5 hours per activityPrice – Approximately INR 4050 per adult

Having these many options can overwhelm your mind. Look for those sports which appeal to you. The above list will provide you with some interesting destinations as well as thrilling sports which can make your holiday exciting. So, plan a trip to Japan and indulge in these experiences for a captivating experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Sports In Japan

What are the additional restrictions while opting for any water sports?

Some water sports have safety issues regarding children, some have the restrictions of basic training. Some of them require a medical certificate as well, but do not worry about the water sports which are provided here; they have a recreational approach, so you can choose them without any stress.

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