Ideal Time for a Getaway: Exploring China’s Allure in April

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China is an exquisite travel destination and on multiple travel lists because of its marvel, the Great Wall. However, that is not the only attraction, as China offers some of the finest travel spots such as its magnificent water towns, ancient fortresses, temples, and Buddhist caves. The country will astonish you throughout the year, but visiting China in April will provide an unforgettable experience. Exploring China is a comprehensive journey, and one of the optimal times to discover the country is during the month of April. So, continue reading and discover what China has to offer in April.

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Climate In China In April

During the month of April, most parts of the country experience spring-like weather, which is ideal for exploration and strolling around. The pleasant climate allows for outdoor activities, and the average temperature ranges from 9°C to 20°C. However, the mountainous regions may still have freezing temperatures in April.


Why Choose China In April

  • China showcases its beauty during the spring season, with blooming flowers that paint a picturesque image of the country. Additionally, the weather is pleasant, unlike the scorching hot and uncomfortable summers.
  • Furthermore, the peak tourist season begins in May, and by visiting China in April, one can avoid the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed experience.

best time to visit for china

Events And Celebrations In China In April

One of the most exciting aspects of traveling is having the opportunity to participate in the various festivities of a region. Take a look at the festivals and events happening in China during April.

1. Water Splashing Festival

This is the traditional festival celebrated by the Dai ethnicity, which coincides with the Lunar New Year. It is known for its lively celebrations and provides insight into the Dai culture. The festival spans over three days, featuring dragon boat races, feasts, fireworks, gift exchanges, water splashing, and parades. It also commemorates the Buddha’s birthday and involves the ritual of bathing Buddha. Statues of Buddha in local temples are cleansed with fresh water to welcome the new year.

kids splashing water

When: 13th April 2022, Monday to 15th April 2022, Wednesday

Where: Yunnan

2. Luoyang Peony Festival


This is a yearly festival that commenced in 1983 and presently attracts millions of tourists and peony enthusiasts to Luoyang. If you are traveling to China in April, then participate in this festival and relish the various types of peonies alongside folk performances. Other points of interest here are Longmen Grottoes and the renowned Shaolin Temple. The optimal time to appreciate the blossoms here is in mid-April.

When: early April to early May

Where: Luoyang

3. Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival

Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival

This is another splendid festival that commences in March and extends till April, so no worries if you are traveling to China in April. The finest approach to savor the peach blossoms in China is by taking the boat and capturing the scenic views of them by the waterside. Both locals and tourists journey to the picturesque Nanhui Peach Blossom Village during March and April to relish the postcard-perfect beauty of the blooming blossoms.

When: March & April

Where: Nanhui Peach Blossom Village

Weifang International Kite Festival

4. Weifang International Kite Festival

Another fantastic event to participate in during the month of April in China is the Kite Festival. This is a thrilling festival in which kite flyers from various regions of the world come to take part. There are competitions for flying kites that occur and one can witness kites of diverse forms and sizes throughout this festival. It is both lively and enjoyable, with kites ranging from large to small and contemporary to traditional. The ceremony culminates with an awe-inspiring display of fireworks. Additionally, one can explore the Weifang Kites Museum during this festival.

When: Monday, 20 April 2022 to Saturday, 25 April 2022

Where: Weifang

Run The Great Wall Marathon

5. Participate in The Great Wall Marathon

If you are searching for sporting events in April in China, then this marathon is a must-do. The Great Wall, a historic landmark and one of the world’s wonders, provides a breathtaking backdrop to run a marathon. It is also renowned for being one of the most demanding marathons globally. So, if you are someone who travels across the globe to participate in such marathons, prepare yourself to visit China in April 2022. Enjoy the splendid panoramic views during the race!

When: Sunday, 12 April 2022

Where: Great Wall of China, Beijing, China

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6. Hong Kong International Film Festival

China has in store some or the other event for all kinds of travelers headed here in the month of April. HKIFF is one of Asia’s oldest film festivals and a major cultural event. It is a great way of bringing Asian films to the world and local audiences. So, if you are fond of watching movies or moviemaking, then head to China this spring. One can also submit their movies and documentaries for the various competitions that are held during the festival.

Hong Kong International Film FestivalTTmain-logo.png

When: Tuesday, 24 March 2022 to Monday, 6 April 2022

Where: Hong Kong

6 Best Places To Visit In China In April

There are a lot of beautiful places that one can visit on a trip to China. Read on to know the places best suited for the month of April.

1. Great Wall Of China

April is known to be the perfect time to visit the Great Wall of China in Beijing. The weather is pleasant and the number of tourists is far less compared to the peak season. An architectural marvel, this wall is one of the greatest man-made wonders in the world and deserves a visit when traveling to China. There are various sections of the wall and the one that is most popular with tourists is the Mutianyu section while the one that is famous with hikers is the Jinshanling section.

Great Wall Of China

Location: Huairou, China

Timing: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

2. Zhangjiajie Forest Park

Another stunning destination to explore in China during April 2022 is the Zhangjiajie Forest Park. Located in Central China, the climate here is pleasant and mild in the month of April. The breathtaking peaks enhance the natural beauty of this park. The must-visit areas are Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie, and Gold Whip Stream. Proper planning is essential as there are numerous attractions to cover and you wouldn’t want to miss any!

Gulangyu Island

Location: Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

3. Gulangyu Island

Spring is a fantastic time to visit another picturesque destination in China, Gulangyu Island. One can board a steamship from Xiamen city, and this beautiful island is just a 5-minute ride away. The island is renowned for its scenic beauty and serves as an ideal escape from city life, offering pristine blue skies, golden sands, and emerald waters. The natural splendor and crimson sunsets enhance the charm of this magnificent island.

Location: Xiamen, China

4. Chengdu Research Base Of Giant Panda Breeding

If you are a supporter of the pandas and have always desired to see them, then head to Chengdu in April. Spring is an excellent time to observe pandas because, with the arrival of summers, the pandas are not seen outside in the yards, playing or eating but are in air-conditioned rooms, which is not very entertaining to watch. April, therefore, is an ideal time to witness these adorable creatures engage in endearing activities in their natural habitat.

Chengdu Research

Location: 1375 Xiongmao Ave, Chenghua, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 610016

Timing: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

5. Yangtze

Another destination to add to one’s list for April is the Yangtze river for the lovely cruise options available. The cruise season begins from April till October and the weather in April makes it quite a comfortable time to enjoy the cruise. Also, the season just begins in April, so one can get great deals before the prices rise in the following months. So, make the most of traveling to China during April.


Location: Chongqing Port

6. Summer Palace

nice place

Summer Palace in Beijing is a beautiful place to observe the cherry blossoms that bloom during the months of March and April. The Summer Palace consists of palaces, lakes, and gardens and is one of the top tourist destinations in China. The Summer Palace is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998 and boasts a marvelous Chinese landscape garden design.

The place is a perfect combination of the natural landscape with manmade additions like temples, bridges, pavilions, and more. Do visit this marvelous palace and enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms on a visit to China in April.

Location: 19 Xinjiangongmen Rd, Haidian, China, 100091

China in April is gorgeous and lively due to the spring season and the various festivals and events taking place. If you are planning a vacation to China, head there during April and witness all these events and festivities. Also, explore the islands and towns, which provide a perfect escape from the bustling cities during April. Book your trip with Fred and Fuzzys to have a hassle-free experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About China In April

Is April a good time to visit China?

The two best seasons to visit China are spring and autumn. Thus April is a good time to go.

How is the weather in China in April?

China is pleasant during the month of April and experiences temperatures ranging from 9°C to 20°C. China being a huge country, the northern mountainous regions here still have freezing temperatures while the southern parts begin to experience rain showers.

What clothes to wear in China in April?

One can pack long-sleeved shirts and cotton clothes as the days are warm unless one is planning to visit the northern mountainous parts of the country, for which one would require warm winter clothes.

Are there any festivals or events in China in April?

Yes, there are several events and festivals in China in April like the Kite Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Run the Great Wall Marathon, and many more.

Is China expensive to visit?

No, China is relatively more affordable than many other countries in the world. China tour packages for 7 days and 6 nights start at INR 54,998.

Is China safe for tourists?

Yes, China is a safe country for tourists, but one should always be cautious and aware of their surroundings in a foreign country.

Which are some of the water towns that one can visit in China?

Two beautiful water towns to include in one’s China trip are Zhouzhuang Water Town and Jinxi Ancient Town.

Can I drink tap water in China?

No, one should avoid drinking tap water in China.

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