How to Get Paid for Traveling Across Europe When Planning Your European Vacation

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For those who’ve been searching for that one ideal job, and are weary of the grilling interviews, here’s some good news for you. A bus adventure company known as Busabout is on a search for hiring 4 individuals who adore traveling and possess fundamental skill sets of social media. And the most exciting part is, applications from all corners of the world are being accepted.

Get paid to travel across Europe

Busabout is a travel company that has come up with this intriguing job opening where they are planning to create an Ultimate travel squad. It will consist of a team of four explorers who will be given an opportunity to discover the most renowned, and also the concealed treasures of this continent. Here’s a brief description about the central areas of responsibility of the team which will include:

  • An Instagrammer: who shall possess the ability to capture captivating instagrammable travel posts with intriguing captions.
  • A YouTuber: whose job role would be recording awe-inspiring videos of the journey, and utilizing the YouTube platform to display the journey through appealing video stories.
  • A Blogger: who can embody the journey through his/her charming words.
  • A Snapchat/Instagram Story Creator: whose role would be to capture the magical and unforgettable moments of the trip in real-time.

Hop on Hop off bus about

This captivating job will last for three months wherein you will be paid to travel throughout Europe. You will have the opportunity to embark on a hop-on-hop-off tour across Europe which will encompass every beautiful aspect of the continent, such as exploring dream destinations like Paris, Rome, Berlin, Venice, and Barcelona, and also the offbeat destinations of Europe. In addition to traveling, this job will also allow you to experience the excitement of innovative adventures like skiing in the Swiss Alps or island hopping across the coastal cities of Europe.

How To Apply

Venice Europe tour travel job

All aspiring applicants are welcome to apply for one of the four positions through a standard procedure. This procedure will require you to upload a public video on YouTube which should include a brief introduction about yourself, and compelling reasons as to why you’re a suitable candidate for the position. Additionally, ensure to include the Busabout logo in the video’s thumbnail.

Another intriguing aspect of this job is that you have the option to submit a collective application with companions or family members, but under the condition that each individual applies for a distinct position.

Job Prerequisites:

  • The candidate must be 18 years old or older to meet the requirements for this job.
  • The applicant must possess a valid passport or visa that permits them to travel throughout Europe for a minimum of 90 days.
  • The chosen applicants should also have the availability to travel between late May and early September of 2018.

This tour package encompasses expenses for all transportation and lodging, round-trip airfare from the nearest international airport to your home country, and a daily stipend for each candidate to cover miscellaneous expenses, in addition to a gratuity at the conclusion of the trip.

Therefore, do not delay any further and apply for this idyllic job as the deadline for accepting applications is April 17th 2018. Seize this opportunity to be remunerated for traveling across Europe and make the most of this extraordinary job opportunity or rather, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you have been eagerly anticipating.

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