History and Art Lovers Delight: Barcelona’s Captivating Castles!

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Casa BatlloCastillo De San Marcial

Standing proudly as the diverse capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is the domicile of numerous marvels in various fields and is also the abode of FC Barcelona. The city is one of the globe’s preeminent tourist, economic, and trade hubs. However, one area that remains relatively unexplored by the world is the fortresses in Barcelona. So, embark on a journey to this stunning city and discover the splendid fortresses that will captivate you in the enchanting Catalan capital.

10 Finest Fortresses In Barcelona

Presented below is a compilation of some of the fortresses in the Barcelona region. A visit to any of these is certain to elevate the experience of tourists in the Catalan capital.

1. Castell De Montjuïc

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If capturing picturesque images and exploring museums in Barcelona is your preferred leisure activity during an extended tour, then this iconic fortress is the ideal destination. This site provides an excellent opportunity to delve into Spanish history while admiring the scenic surroundings. Furthermore, as it is situated uphill, visitors have the option to utilize the cable car for a panoramic view of the location. Additionally, one can relish local street food from various food trucks here.

Location: Carretera de Montjuïc, 66 08038 Barcelona

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2. Castillo De Torre Baró

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Revered by tourists worldwide as a concealed gem in the Catalan territory, this fortress is certainly worth going the extra mile. Originally conceived as a hotel, it later served as a mansion before enduring partial destruction during the War of Spanish Succession. Today, this historic site functions as an information and environmental education center. Additionally, it offers guided tours of the vicinity to visitors. Presently, it has been transformed into a picturesque viewpoint by the local city council, serving as an added incentive to visit this fortress.

Location: Carretera Alta de les Roquetes, 328 08033 Barcelona

3. Can Potosí

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This is more of a turret than a complete castle situated in the Collserola of the commune of Sant Cugat del Vallès. Nonetheless, the natural picturesque beauty encompassing this location must not be overlooked at any expense. The panorama from the apex is unquestionably stunning, and the charming little bazaar in the town also provides visitors with the opportunity to sample some of the native constituents.

Location: Cami Sense Nom 700147, 71I, 08017 Barcelona

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Castell De Santa Florentina

4. Castillo De San Marcial

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Located in the commune of Cerdanyola del Vallès, this castle is unquestionably worth a visit, given its recognized status as a Cultural Asset of National Interest. Originally utilized as a church, presently the government oversees the preservation of this castle despite it being privately owned. The castle boasts an architectural style influenced by Romanesque and Gothic elements, with certain sections displaying Catalan traits. Renowned as one of the most well-known medieval castles in Barcelona, religious services are still conducted in the church housed within the castle, allowing tourists to participate in the worship.

Location: BP-1413, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona

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Castell De Canals

5. Castell De Santa Florentina

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This fortress may be unfamiliar to the rest of the globe, but it was the chosen location for the sixth season of Game of Thrones. Situated in the outskirts of Canet de Mar near Barcelona, this palace was constructed on the foundations of an ancient Roman country house back in the 11th Century AD. Today, this castle has been designated as the Cultural Heritage Monument. It accommodates a museum that can be visited by appointment since the ownership of this fortress is in private hands. Additionally, it hosts an annual festival of classical music.

Castell De Cardona

Position: Avenida Doctor María Serra, S/N, 08360 Canet de Mar, Barcelona

6. Canals Castle

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Situated in the municipality of Sant Cugat del Vallès, this palace acquired its name from the numerous channels that used to pass through it. It is positioned on a hill, as is the usual practice for the fortresses constructed in that era, as a defensive measure against invading Arab and Moorish forces. Today, the castle displays the remnants of a once-prosperous town and the former residence of the diocese of Sant Cugat del Vallès.

Position: Carrer Colom, 5-7, 08197 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona

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7. Cardona Castle

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Arguably the most significant of all medieval fortresses in Catalonia, this castle is situated on a hill overseeing the river valley of the Cardener. Constructed in both Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles, this one was a definite stronghold in the Middle Ages, granting its possessor the title of ‘Kings Without Crowns’. Today, the primary attraction there is the Torre de la minyona, also known as the Tower of the Little Girl, from where tourists can survey the river and town of Barcelona itself.

Location: Lloc Parador Nacional Turisme, 506, 08261 Cardona, Barcelona

8. Ramón Montaner Palace

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This is an exemption to most of the castles situated in Barcelona since it is constructed in a Modernist style as opposed to the Romanesque and Gothic styles utilized by the others. Like others though, this was also commissioned as a private mansion. The uniqueness of this castle is the exquisitely adorned exterior which is wrapped in large mosaics, representing the innovation of the printing technology.

Location: Carrer de Mallorca, 278, 08037 Barcelona

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Font De Sant Just

9. Batllo House

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This castle is situated in the center of Barcelona, hence tourists who desire a good nightlife along with the pleasures of visiting a historical site can enjoy the best of both worlds. A rework of the previously designed house, this one is also done tastefully in a modernist style of architecture. This castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, hence offering a whole new world of architectural sightseeing and design lessons.

Location: Passeig de Gracia, 43, 08007 Barcelona

10. Fountain Of Sant Just

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Constructed around an antique fountain in the midst of Plaça de Sant Just, this fortress was erected in the traditional Gothic fashion of Architecture. The castle recounts the tale of two siblings persecuted on this location in a surge of religious zealotry. Not much is evident at this spot presently, although the architectural structure itself presents a breathtaking sight.

Location: Placa de Sant Just, Barcelona, Spain

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Any fortress among these enumerated ones is an absolute expedition in itself, providing intricate experiences in life, architecture, design, and history. Ensure to maintain a separate schedule for visiting the most exquisite castles in Barcelona, Spain. So, what are you delaying for? Reserve your journey to Barcelona with TravelTriangle and prepare yourself for an astounding trip.


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