Hiking Through New Jersey: The Top 10 Thrilling Trails For Any Adventure Seeker!

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New Jersey is an ideal equilibrium of a densely populated state with exquisite landscapes. Enveloped by the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern part, it offers a perfect retreat for tourists and wanderers. The most enjoyable aspect of a weekend or holiday would be to spend quality time with your family and friends, indulging in food, drink, and catching up with one another. Can we make the experience more thrilling or captivating? Has the thought of hiking or trekking ever crossed our minds? Hiking will give us ample time to revitalize ourselves and connect with nature, while the adventurous souls can attempt trekking.

Trekking In NJ (Cover)

10 Places To Explore for Trekking in New Jersey

Here is a compilation of hikes and treks that will not only bring us closer to nature but also bring out our very best.

1. Mt. Tammany

Situated in Knowlton Township at the Delaware Water Gap, this place is a true natural wonder, often hailed as the best spot for a picnic and watching the sunset. The park’s location near the Delaware Water Gap allows for a year-round picturesque view of the tranquil water. Mt. Tammany offers several trail loops that provide panoramic vistas throughout the hike, allowing hikers to also enjoy a walk alongside Dunnfield Creek. The trail ascends 1250 ft (381m), making it one of the best hikes in New Jersey.

Mt. Tammany View

Location: Knowlton Township, New JerseyTime: 3 hoursLevel: ChallengingDistance: 5.64 KmsFeatures: Scenic views, forests

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2. Sunfish Pond, Hardwick Township

Sunfish Pond

Sunfish Pond is a glacial lake spanning 44 acres (18 ha), surrounded by a 258-acre (104 ha) hardwood forest. The trail offers a picturesque view during the autumn season when the leaves undergo a vibrant transformation. Although the rocky area of the trail poses some difficulty, overall, it is a moderate and scenic hiking route. The trail can be combined with the Mt. Tammany trail by following the Blue Dot trail, leading to this beautiful scenic spot.

Location: Kittatinny Ridge within Worthington State ForestTime: 3 hoursLevel: IntermediateDistance: 8 kilometersHighlights: Scenic views, glacial pond, Appalachian Trail

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Norvin Green State Forest (Stonetown Circular)

3. Norvin Green State Forest (Stonetown Circular)

One of the most challenging hikes in New Jersey is this trail as it traverses through rugged terrain and a total of 15.5 kilometers must be covered. The hike passes through historical areas as this trail was utilized by soldiers during the revolutionary war. The view from the trail encompasses a dense forest. Norvin Green State Forest sprawls across an area of 5,416 acres of state forest. One can also take the path through Chikahoki Falls, Otter Hole, and enjoy the captivating viewpoint at Wyanokie High Point.

Location: Bloomingdale, New JerseyTime: 5.5 hoursLevel: DemandingDistance: 15.5 kilometersHighlights: Scenic forest views, reservoir, historic sites

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River View

4. Maurice River Bluffs Preserve Millville

On this trail, one can choose between a short hike of 2.6 miles through the Pine Barrens alongside the Maurice River or a longer 5.2-mile trek that allows for an encompassing experience of the entire preserve. The bird blind overlooking the river offers visitors a bird’s-eye view of various waterfowl and eagles in their natural habitat without causing any disturbance. The hike is equipped with steps and rails to facilitate the steeper sections of the trail.

Location: Cumberland CountyTime: 2-3 hoursLevel: Intermediate to challengingLength: 8.5 kilometersHighlights: Birdwatching, relaxation, swimming

Pochuck Valley To Pinwheel Vista

5. Valley of Pochuck to Windmill Viewpoint

The path commences at the Pochuck Valley and then progresses towards the suspension bridge. The Staircase is a steep ascent up Wawayanda Mountain on the Appalachian Trail. The path concludes at the Windmill Viewpoint. The trail has its highs and lows, on one side it’s very effortless on the boardwalks but one must traverse a challenging rocky section in order to reach the staircase to paradise.

Area: VernonDifficulty: Moderate to ChallengingDistance: 12 kmHighlights: The Kittatinny Mountains, Farms in the valley beneath, and a glimpse of the High point monument.

Note: Parking fees are required to be paid.

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6. Buttermilk Cascades

The Buttermilk cascade is the tallest cascade hike in the state of New Jersey. The falls is a beauty by itself but it’s breathtaking on a sunny day with the sun’s rays peeking through the forest canopy above. One must commence the hike through dirt roads in the remote areas of the Delaware National Recreation Area. The trailhead is located at the base of Buttermilk Falls. The first 1.4 miles of the trail is almost entirely uphill, ascending just under 1100 ft until reaching the Appalachian Trail on the top of the ridge.


Location: Southwest of IthacaLevel: Simple to ModerateDistance: 12.8 kilometersFeatures: Waterfall and swimming

7. High Point State Park

In this trekking route, one can commence from the Appalachian Trail and reach the highest elevation covering a total distance of 18 miles. The High Point State Park is the highest elevation in the State of New Jersey. From this point, one can admire the entire view of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. One can also choose an alternative option where they can park the car nearer to the monument and take a shorter hike. During the summertime, children can go swimming and playing in Lake Marcia.

High Point State Park

Location: SussexTime: 4.5 hoursLevel: ModerateDistance: 12.7 kilometersFeatures: Views, farmlands, forests, monumental viewsCost: Entry charge of 20$ (1440 INR approx).

8. Ramapo Valley County Reservation

The Ramapo Reservation is situated in Mahwah, which is a 3,313-acre Bergen County Park. The trail is located amidst the vast conservation area. The trail is more of a leisurely path, where one can appreciate the beauty of Ramapo Lake. The hike in this area includes the scenic Brookside Trail (just west of the reservoir). It is a pet-friendly park and encompasses many lakes and streams.

Location: MahwahTime: 2.5 hoursLevel: EasyDistance: 6.5 kilometersFeatures: McMillan Reservoir, and a stunning cascade.

View of Ramapo Valley

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9. Beaver Brook Trail

The trail commences in the southernmost point in Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, and it even extends beyond the park into the Rockaway River Wildlife Management Area. The trail meanders through numerous hills and valleys characteristic of the New Jersey Highlands Area. At many points along the trail, one cannot hear any sounds from human civilization. The lost lake is exceptionally picturesque and tranquil, but swimming is not allowed in the lake.

Lake View

Location: Mahlon Dickerson ReservationTime: 3.5 hoursLevel: ModerateDistance: 10 kilometers (approx.)Features: Lake, fauna, New Jersey Woodland.

10. Terrace Pond Loop

Terrace Pond Loop

The hike is highly popular during the summer season. It is moderately crowded and is situated in close proximity to West Milford, New Jersey. The trail offers a splendid view of the forest. The lake is an idyllic and serene spot to take a break. Swimming is permitted in the lake, so many hikers enjoy a refreshing swim.

Location: HewittTime: 2 hoursLevel: Easy-ModerateDistance: 7 kilometers (approx.)Features: Lake vista

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Therefore, all the thrill-seekers out there, are you prepared to conquer some of the most challenging trails in New Jersey? If you can’t wait to embark on an adventure after learning about these trekking destinations, then let your vacation be an exciting and unforgettable memory in USA with TravelTriangle!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking In New Jersey

Which is the most thrilling trail for hiking in New Jersey?

Norvin Green State Forest (Stonetown Circular) is the most demanding and challenging hiking trails in New Jersey. This is because of the 15.5 km length which makes it quite tough for hikers.

What is the optimal time to hike in New Jersey?

Mid-September to November is the optimal time for hiking in New Jersey as the temperature is moderate. So, if you want to go hiking then plan your vacation in these months.

Is it safe to hike the trails of New Jersey?

Yes, it is completely safe to hike in New Jersey so you can plan your hiking adventure alone as well as with your friends.

Do we need to seek any sort of medical supervision before or after the hiking?

If you are in good health and not suffering from any particular illness, then you don’t have to take any medication.

Are there any specific restrictions related to health specified for hikers?

Yes, if you have health conditions, particularly vertigo or a related illness, then hiking is prohibited.

What are the essential hiking gears we should pack before going on a hike to New Jersey?

You just have to arrange a good pair of hiking shoes with proper equipment. Do carry a reliable backpack that can hold all necessary items. Carrying a first aid kit is also essential.

Can we reserve the entire package of hiking and accommodations in advance?

Yes, there are many service providers who offer a comprehensive package for vacationing which includes all desired aspects, whether it is accommodation or sightseeing.

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