Hiking in Munich: Discover Tranquility in Nature by Exploring These Scenic Trails.

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Trekking in Munich: Top Trails to Explore

Munich serves as an exceptional starting point for trekking adventures in the Austrian and Bavarian Alps. Within an hour’s journey from the city center, you can access a diverse range of trails, some of which can be reached without a vehicle. Most of these routes are easily accessible through public transportation. The main reason to go trekking in Munich is to marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the Alps. The city offers numerous opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and experience the invigorating mountain air.

1. Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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Despite its unfortunately named peak, Wank, Garmisch boasts lesser-known hills that offer a relatively easy day trek, especially at the beginning of the season. Although the mountain lacks extensive ski lifts, it does have a cable car. If you simply want to enjoy stunning views of the Wetterstein range (including Zugspitze) on the other side of Garmisch, this 1780-meter-long trail with an easy difficulty level can be completed in approximately 6 hours.

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2. Jochberg

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The trail begins at the Kesselberg pass and takes you through mixed forests and along the edge of woodlands. Along the way, you’ll be treated to picturesque views of Kochelsee, the Loisach Kochelsee marsh, and the Benediktbeuer Monastery. The rest of the trail meanders through open grasslands until you reach the Jochberg peak trail. On a clear day, you can see as far as Munich, with views of Walchensee, Stamberg Lake, Kochelsee, Ammersee, and Staffelsee. Turning your gaze to the south, you’ll be greeted with sights of the Wendelstein and Karwendel ranges, as well as the Achensee ranges, the Wetterstein hills (including Zugspitze), and the Stubai Alps. As you descend the alpine meadows heading south, you’ll arrive at Jocher-Alm in under 20 minutes, where you can indulge in delicious local cuisine. From there, the trail continues eastward through alpine grasslands, passing by Kotalm (which does not offer any food) and leading back to Kochel am See through a forest road and trail.

Ettaler Manndl

3. Ettaler Manndl

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The excursion up Ettaler Manndl necessitates exceptional hiking abilities, including several moderately risky scrambling for the ultimate hiking experience in Munich. In fact, the final stretch of the journey is easily accomplished through Ferrata. This is evidently one of the closest trekking trips from Ferrata to Munich, for those desiring to attempt one. The daring can give it a try without Ferrata equipment, but we would recommend keeping it with you while undertaking hiking near Munich. Otherwise, you might not reach the summit. The hiking route is of 1633 meters in elevation, with a very demanding level of difficulty, and it will approximately take 3.5 hours to complete the hiking expedition.


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4. Hirschberg

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It is an ideal destination to organize a day trip to the Bavarian Alps. This mountain summits above the Tegernsee South of Munich and offers breathtaking vistas across the lake and towards the town. It is also conveniently close to a magnificent hut, namely Hirschberghaus, making it a pleasant and enjoyable hiking adventure around Munich with an excellent opportunity to savor a well-deserved beer on the way. This is a hiking trail of 1670 meters in elevation, which can be completed in approximately 3.5 hours with an easy level of difficulty.

5. Crossing the Untersberg

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Hiking Trail Munich - Venice

It is a significantly elevated plateau in the Berchtesgadener Alps situated between Salzburg and Bischofswiesen. The plateau is carved out with numerous caves (including the largest German cave), but it also features a hut called the Stöhrhaus. Completing this journey in a single day is possible. However, it is much more pleasant and comfortable if done as a weekend excursion spanning over two days, spending the night at the Strohrhaus. This is a 1972 meter hiking trip with a moderate level of difficulty, and it will take approximately 10 hours to traverse the route without any breaks.

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6. Hiking Trail Munich – Venice

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Commence the hike from the German, the capital of Munich to Venice and explore the Alps alongside the pathway – the “Traumpfad – Dream Path” is an unforgettable journey for long-distance trekkers for the finest hikes near Munich. It requires approximately 4 weeks to trek from the eastern Alps to the incredible Adriatic shore. Six phases of the long-distance trail lead through the Tirolean area of Hall-Wattens, guiding trekkers from Karwendel via the Wattental and Inntal valleys, above Glungezer to the Lizumer Hütte Hut and onward to the peak of the trip, Friesenbergscharte, prior to staying at the Schlegeis Stausee Reservoir and Dominikus Hütte Hut, then across the border of Italy. Throughout the trekking in Munich to Venice, explorers encounter some of the captivating segments of the entire trail, while relishing dream-like vistas of the Tirol’s alpine landscape. Alpine Association refuges and Rustic mountain huts along the route offer excellent opportunities to take a break and make overnight stays.

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7. Tegernseer Hütte

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This is another ideal destination for a day hiking trip to Munich. The Tegernseer Hütte is situated on a rugged hill lying between the Roßstein and Buchstein. The views from the lodge are outstanding, a lunch of traditional Bavarian staples tastes even better high up in the Alps, and the wheat beer is a delight. This is a walking track of 1,650 m with a moderate difficulty level. A fit individual will take approximately 5 hours to traverse the trail.

8. Kleinwalsertal

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Rumer Spitze

It is a favored hiking spot for a wide range of hiking enthusiasts. The valley itself is actually in Austria, though it is easily accessible via a roadway from Germany. Since the Kleinwalsertal is quite far from Munich, it is ideal to plan an entire hiking weekend while also enjoying the nightlife at any of the local mountain huts. This was our preferred route for a weekend excursion, which we covered a large portion of, yet didn’t complete due to adverse weather conditions. This is a fantastic hiking path with a distance of 2013 meters and a moderate difficulty level. It will take an average of 10 hours if you hike the route continuously without many breaks.

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9. Rumer Spitze

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Garden In Munich

This is also among the most passionate journey that is ideal if you tour with a group of colleagues or friends for hiking around Munich. It’s a perfect destination for trekking – mounts above outskirts of Innsbruck from the Karwendel highlands on the border of Austrian and German. The journey is moderately long with a distance of about 2454 meter and requires some scrambling in the final ascent to the mountain. The hike the route an average person will need around 12.5 hours. The Pfeishütte offers specifically delicious local cuisine.

10. Blomberg

A moderate hiking trail that is absolutely perfect for fitness enthusiasts, you can admire the views of the mountains and the Baverian alpine upland along with exceptional views of the Starnberg Lake, the Ammersee and the Isar Valley. You also get to experience panoramic views of the Alps from Karwendel to the Westertein mountains. Go through hiking trails of the dense mountain forests and green meadows. 


11. Ilkahöhe

Starting from Tutzing station, it continues until the narrow bend of Waldschmidt gorge to Langer Pond, Lake Deixlfurt, Rudiger Pond, Lake Clenze and Lake Johanna that will take you to Ilkahohe. You take a break at an inn right below Ilkahole ad enjoy the delicious cuisine with breathtaking views of the green surroundings.

Average Price For Trekking In Munich

The average price for trekking in Munich starts from INR 10,000.

Tips For Trekking In Munich

  • Hike at a Steady Pace. Sounds easy, but backpackers waste a lot of energy by starting too fast.

  • Adjust your backpack frequently. 

  • Vary your hiking stride.

  • Eat well.

  • Carry less water. 

  • Choose campsites wisely to enhance warmth on chilly nights. 

  • Keep your feet clean. 

  • Stretch every day.

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Hiking could be the most daring journey if the preferred destination for hiking in Munich is wisely chosen. The level of difficulty and distance of the hiking path varies, regardless of whether you are a novice, intermediate, or a professional. We have already discussed a wide range of destinations near Munich that you can trek to on your next vacation in Germany.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking In Munich

What is the optimal time to hike in Munich?

To experience Munich at its finest and explore the pre-Alps through hiking, the ideal season is June. During this time, the weather is pleasant and not excessively hot.

Which are the top hiking trails to explore in Munich?

If you wish to embark on hiking in Munich, there are several trails that offer the opportunity to witness nature’s marvels. Some of these destinations include Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Jochberg, Ettaler Mandl, Hirschberg, Untersberg, Munich-Venice trail, Tegernseer Huette, Kleinwalsertal, Rumer Spitze, etc.

Is it possible to visit the Alps from Munich?

Visiting the Alps from Munich is not a regular occurrence. There are only a few days in the year when it is possible to visit the northern corner of Munich.

Which are the popular hiking spots in Munich?

Some of the famous hiking spots in Munich include Lake Sternberg, Neuschwanstein Castle, Konigssee and Bavarian Alps, Dachau Concentration Camp, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, etc.

Can you hike from Munich to Mittenwald?

Yes, it is possible to hike this distance and enjoy the breathtaking views along the way. The distance is approximately 81 km. You may choose to take a bus or car, but hiking provides a truly interesting experience.

Is hiking in Munich safe?

Munich is a very safe city for both tourists and residents. The crime rate is significantly low, and in certain areas, it is virtually nonexistent. Once you book a hiking agency, your safety becomes their responsibility.

How many days are sufficient for hiking in Munich?

Ideally, you should allocate 4 to 5 days in Munich if you wish to explore the main points of interest and engage in hiking activities.

What are the essential hiking equipment you should bring?

Some essential hiking gear to consider bringing includes a tent, flashlights, sunscreen, sturdy hiking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, dried fruits and chocolates, insect repellent, and moisturizers.


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