Guide to Honeymooning in Germany: Exploring Destinations, Activities, and Ideal Time

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roadtrip through Autobahn Route

The Germans are well aware of it. They have constructed castles that serve as a representation of architectural excellence and a portrayal of a magical world. The breweries in this country have boosted the spirits of people around the world. The beauty of the landscape is so enchanting that you will feel like you’re in a dream; with vibrant flowers scattered everywhere, the steeples of its monuments reaching towards the sky, shimmering lakes and alps standing as protectors. This is where you should begin your journey as a married couple. And to ensure that you do it perfectly, here is an informative guide to your honeymoon in Germany.

In this post, you will discover the most romantic places in Germany, activities for couples, and the ideal time to visit this breathtaking country.

Places to explore during your honeymoon in Germany

While Germany offers numerous incredible sights to see, here are the most romantic ones where you and your loved one can spend quality time together!

Bamberg in Germany

1. Fussen

When discussing a setting straight out of a fairytale, Fussen greets us with the sight of Neuschwanstein Castle, located amidst the alps. Its glistening lakes and wellness retreats make it a perfect escape. And to top it all off, Fussen offers delicious gourmet cuisine. The hiking trails here will leave you in awe, especially if you are the type of couple who enjoys adventure.

Attractions for tourists: Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, Hohenschwangau Castle, Ettal Abbey, and Alpsee

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Mosel Valley

2. Bamberg

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just a glimpse of Bamberg will convince you to plan a visit during your honeymoon in Germany. The babbling Pegnitz River enhances the overall charm of its flower-filled landscape. This is the quintessential German town with its cobblestone streets, arched bridges, and half-timbered houses.

Attractions for tourists: Heide Park, Speicherstadt, Reeperbahn, Kunsthalle Hamburg, and St. Nicholas’ Church

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Lake Constance

3. Moselle Valley

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Moselle Valley is not restricted to Germany simply, it spans across Luxembourg and France, being a picturesque honeymoon destination there as well. The hills here are adorned with vines, iconic castles, villages, and shimmering river. Of course, as mentioned, the vine-clad hills here beckon for a romantic Riesling wine tour with your beloved.

Places of interest: Trier, Koblenz, Reichsburg Cochem, and The Churches of Treis-Karden

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4. Lake Constance

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Certainly, the lake views of Germany warm the hearts of many around the world, so why not add it to your bucket list during your honeymoon in Germany. Lake Constance is one of the most stunning lakes in the world and shares borders with Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well. Since we are specifically talking about Germany, Lake Constance is surrounded by three resort towns – Konstanz, Meersburg, and Lindau; simply choose one and stay for a while. Cycling tours across these towns are also organized and if you and your spouse enjoy exploring, this is something you shouldn’t miss.

Places of interest: Meersburg, Lindau, and Konstanz

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5. Berchtesgaden

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This is yet another enchanting retreat for honeymooners and we must acknowledge that this Germany honeymoon guide would appear incomplete without mentioning it. Bordering the country of Austria, this small town is best visited during the winter season when the landscape transforms into a wonderland. To enhance the experience, you have exquisite wines, delectable cuisine, and a multitude of adventure activities such as hiking and skiing.

Places of interest: Kehlsteinhaus, Dokumentationszentrum Obersalzberg, Heimatmuseum Schloss Adelsheim, and Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden

6. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

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A tiny village in Germany that we have spotted a few times on Pinterest and already have it pinned in our Travel Bucket board! Yes! We are talking about Rothenburg. With its winding cobblestone narrow pathways, half-timbered houses painted in soft colors, Rothenburg creates an environment that is perfect for a newlywed couple wanting a break from popular tourist destinations.

Places of interest Gerlachschmiede, Klingentor, Markusturm Röderbogen, Kobolzeller Tower and Spital Bastion

7. Heidelberg

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Reminding us of Dubrovnik and Prague, Heidelberg indeed has its unique charm that will never fade away. There are many reasons why our Germany honeymoon guide includes this one. This city is rightly called The Romantic City, even writers like Ernest Hemingway have found their inspiration in its beauty. The Renaissance architectural landmarks, Neckar river, and Odenwald forest collaborate to create a picture-perfect landscape in Heidelberg.

Places of interest Heidelberg Castle, Church of the Holy Spirit, Kurpfälzisches Museum, and Heidelberg Zoo

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8. Dresden

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beautiful church well lit at night

Dresden is where you both will come across the finest example of Baroque architecture, especially when you’re wandering around in the Old Town area. People also refer to Dresden as Florence of the North, and we couldn’t agree more; just take a quick look at its cityscape and you’ll find yourself agreeing too. The evening becomes even more romantic as you hop on an Elbe River cruise after attending a concert at the Semper Opera House.

Places of interest Dresden Frauenkirche, Dresden Castle, Semperoper, Brühl’s Terrace, and Dresden Cathedral

9. Munich

This one and the one below it are listed in this Germany honeymoon guide because a visit to the country is not truly complete without setting foot here. This is mainly due to its numerous sightseeing and activity options. Even though Munich has embraced a modern cosmopolitan atmosphere, it has still held onto its past. Just wander through the city and you’ll stumble upon many historic buildings and museums. The city is particularly known for its celebrations of the highly anticipated Oktoberfest.


Tourist attractions: Nymphenburg Palace, Marienplatz, Munich Residenz, and New Town Hall

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10. Berlin

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The capital city of Germany, Berlin possesses a history dating back to the 13th century, much of which is rather somber. Presently, the city is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, contemporary landmarks, and thriving art scene. If you are traveling to Berlin during your honeymoon in Germany, rest assured that you will have everything you desire, ranging from easy accessibility to a bustling shopping environment and a plethora of accommodation options that are sure to spoil you in a positive way.

Hotel Purschenstein

Tourist attractions: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Reichstag Building, and Alexanderplatz

Romantic activities for your honeymoon in Germany

Germany offers a myriad of experiences for its visitors, ensuring that they are never disappointed. Therefore, while you are on your honeymoon, be sure to partake in the best experiences that will make your vacation even more unforgettable.

1. Stay in a castle

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Germany is home to many castles that have been the inspiration for Disney’s fairy tales. The intricate and grandiose architecture, from the exteriors to the interiors, will leave you in awe. These castles serve as architectural masterpieces, telling captivating stories. To elevate your experience, many of these ancient castles have been converted into luxurious hotels. Staying in one of these castles is an experience in itself, as you indulge in world-class amenities and warm hospitality, all while enjoying the feeling of royalty.

couple in Germany brewery tour

Top castle hotels in Germany: Hotel Schönburg, Hotel Schloss Landsberg, Castle Colmberg, Parkhotel Wasserburg Anholt, Johann Lafers Stromburg, and Hotel Purschenstein.

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2. Embark on an entertaining brewery tour

There is nothing quite like German beer and we all know it. So what makes a honeymoon in Germany enjoyable and lively, surely a tour of breweries with the beloved. Some of Germany’s finest and oldest breweries are located in Berlin and Munich. So make sure you have your list of priorities sorted before you go.

Finest breweries in Germany: Crew Republic, Riedenburger Brauhaus, Riegele Brewery and Flying Turtle

3. Delight in Berlin’s nightlife

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When it comes to nightlife in Berlin, we are aware that we’re talking about having an extravagant time. And what could be a superior way to enjoy it than during your honeymoon in Germany? The city has countless clubs welcoming you with pulsating music and a vibrant atmosphere. Just savor glasses of artisanal beers and experience the most exquisite moments with your spouse.

Finest places to enjoy nightlife in Berlin: Watergate, SO36, and Tresor Nightclub

4. Plan and embark on a roadtrip through Autobahn Route

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The Autobahn Route in Germany is considered among the preeminent routes for road trips in the world. You may not be aware, but what distinguishes this route is the fact that there is no speed limit here. It’s not just the speed, it is also the picturesque allure that attracts passionate drivers and roadtrippers.

bavarian alps

Other preeminent routes for road trips in Germany: Black Forest Panorama Route (Feldberg to Waldkirch), Heidelberg to Rothenburg, and Berlin to Hamburg

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5. Trek in the Bavarian Alps

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The Bavarian Alps in Germany is a favored destination for photographers. The beauty is such that you will not even realize the time passing as you hike here. Trekking here is recommended for couples visiting Germany with the intention to connect with nature’s purest form in the undisturbed hideouts.

Couple in Germany

Optimal time to visit Germany

With every season possessing its own allure, Germany welcomes travelers warmly throughout the year. However, in this section of the Germany honeymoon guide, we will inform you of the most suitable period for honeymooners to visit. Ideally, we recommend three out of four seasons – Spring, Fall, and Winter. Nevertheless, below you will find a detailed description of each season so that you can make an informed decision:

  • Spring, especially in May, is exquisite for honeymooners as there is not a large crowd. Although the prices of flights and accommodations may be higher, it is worthwhile due to the magnificent bloom of cherry blossoms and numerous national festivals to savor, such as the May Day celebrations.
  • Summer in Germany brings warm temperatures and is an opportune time to enjoy the beaches. This season also offers an abundance of festivals to attend. However, keep in mind that it is the peak tourist season, so expect a larger crowd. Additionally, fares and tariffs are generally higher during this period. Nevertheless, if these factors do not bother you, go ahead and plan your visit.
  • Fall is another excellent time for honeymooners as the density of tourists decreases. During this time, there are wine festivals, drop in temperatures, and reduced fares and tariffs, though this excludes the much-awaited Oktoberfest. Attending this extravagant festival is bound to make you realize that it is well worth it.
  • Winter in Germany offers a heavenly escape. As the streets illuminate with Christmas markets and celebrations, you know you are about to experience a splendid time with your beloved. The regions transform into a picturesque winter wonderland with a layer of snow, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

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Certainly, your fairytale honeymoon becomes even more paradisiacal when spent in Germany. However, when it comes to planning and execution, things may not always go smoothly. Reserve Europe Tour Packages with Travel Triangle and leave behind any hassles.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Germany Honeymoon

Is Germany a suitable honeymoon destination?

Germany is an ideal honeymoon destination, and the romantic encounters and memories you will create here, such as staying in a castle and embarking on an enjoyable brewery tour, will be cherished for a lifetime.

What activities can I partake in during a honeymoon in Germany?

There are numerous fantastic things you can enjoy during a Germany honeymoon, including visiting Berlin, Heidelberg, and the Moselle Valley. You can also indulge in Berlin’s vibrant nightlife and take a road trip along the Autobahn Route.

Are there any romantic hotels in Germany?

Certainly, there are many romantic hotels in Germany, such as Peters Hotel & Spa, Berlins KroneLamm, Hotel Oberstdorf, and FAHRAUS. These accommodations will enhance your honeymoon experience in Germany and make your trip truly memorable.

When is the best time to visit Germany?

The optimal time to visit Germany depends on whether you wish to experience summertime, fall, or winter. May to September and November to December are generally considered the best periods due to pleasant weather conditions. Rest assured, your trip will be filled with exciting experiences throughout.

How many days should I allocate for my stay in Germany?

Ideally, you should plan to spend around 9 to 10 days in Germany in order to explore the destination and visit all the main attractions. However, the more time you have, the better your experience will be!

Is it safe to visit Germany?

Absolutely, Germany is a secure destination to visit. The crime rate is low, and strict enforcement of the law ensures that rules are followed. It ranks 14th on the list of the world’s safest countries. Whether you are a couple, a solo traveler, or a family, Germany welcomes everyone in a safe environment.

What are some traditional dishes to try in Germany?

Some delectable dishes to savor in Germany include Bratwurst (Grilled Sausage), Kartoffelkloesse (Potato Dumplings), Spatzle (Egg Noodles), Sauerbraten (Roast Beef Stew), and Sauerkraut (Fermented Cabbage).


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