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Australia is encompassed by 8222 islands within its maritime borders. There are numerous islands in close proximity to Australia that are renowned and entice tourists to visit them, as well as many lesser-known islands that provide an ideal location for a secluded holiday. Explore the wildlife sanctuaries of Kangaroo Island in South Australia or French and Phillip Island in Victoria.

Leading 9 Islands in Close Proximity to Australia

Perplexed about which island to explore? Don’t worry. This article will furnish you with a catalogue of the leading 9 islands near Australia that you can discover during your vacations:

Bruny Island

1. Bruny Island

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Bruny Island is a 362-square-kilometre island situated off the southeastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. Bruny is a popular day-trip destination for those who are visiting Australia’s largest island. The narrow land bridge that connects North Bruny to South Bruny is the island’s picturesque natural characteristic. You can observe the adorable fairy penguins and colonies of seals, embark on rainforest strolls, savor fantastic walks along the beach, and take in the sight of towering cliffs. This is one of the finest islands close to Australia for vacation.

Distance from Australia: 2357 km

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Magnetic Island

2. Magnetic Island

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Magnetic Island is an island situated 8 kilometres off the coast from the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Over half of the island is encompassed by National Parks, providing a refuge for a diverse range of wildlife from wallabies to wild koalas. The coral reef known as “Maggie” is a popular spot for snorkeling, and the island is dubbed Magnetic Island due to the magnetic influence it had on Captain Cook’s ship’s compass. This is among the most outstanding winter destinations close to Australia.

Christmas Island

Distance from Australia : 1506 km

3. Christmas Island

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Christmas Island is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, situated south of Java, Indonesia. The majority of the vegetation and wildlife are native to the island and over 60 percent of the land on Christmas Island is designated as national parkland. The island’s most renowned endemic species are the Christmas Island red crabs. The annual migration of the red crabs to the sea is considered one of nature’s extraordinary marvels and occurs every year during November. This is among the finest tropical islands near Australia.

Distance from Australia : 3385 km

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Phillip Island

4. Phillip Island

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Phillip Island attracts more than three million tourists annually. The island offers an opportunity to observe penguins in their natural habitat, making it a major attraction. Phillip Island is a popular summer retreat for residents of Melbourne and a renowned surfing spot. Other popular activities include hiking, biking, fishing, and sailing. The island is home to wallabies, wombats, kangaroos, and koalas.

Rottnest Island_23rd oct

Distance from Australia : 1819 km

5. Rottnest Island

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Rottnest Island is located just off the coast of Perth, in Western Australia. The most famous among the numerous islands along the West Australian coast, Rottnest is renowned for its population of quokkas! The island’s stunning reef and abundant beaches make it ideal for swimming. The best way to explore the island is by bicycle, as the only permitted mode of transportation on the island is government vehicles.

Distance from Australia: 1928 km

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Lord Howe Island

6. Lord Howe Island

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Resembling the shape of a crescent moon, Lord Howe Island is a secluded tropical isle situated between Australia and New Zealand. It is an ideal destination for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. A plethora of avian species make their nests on the island, so grab a pair of binoculars and indulge in bird-watching. Adventurers can opt for a guided climb up to the towering peak of the island, Mount Gower.

Kangaroo Island

Distance from Australia: 2563 km

7. Kangaroo Island

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Over one-third of the island is encompassed by national parks where countless wallabies, koalas, and kangaroos freely roam. One can also encounter an abundance of marine creatures ranging from penguins to fur seals and sea lions. Little Sahara’s sand dunes, rocky cliff formations, caves, and Flinders Chase National Park make Kangaroo Island a complete escapade in Australia.

Distance from Australia: 1212 km

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Fraser Island

8. Fraser Island

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Fraser Island, off of Australia’s eastern Queensland coast, is the biggest sandy island on the planet that extends over 120 kilometers. For countless ages, ocean currents have deposited sand on its shores. However, the island is not a desert. Fraser is renowned for its dingo population, and it is said to be one of the finest places in the world to observe humpback whales.

Distance from Australia: 1944 km

9. Whitsunday Island

Whitsunday Island

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The Whitsundays are comprised of 74 islands situated within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The island is remains of volcanoes that erupted ages ago. Whitsunday Islands boast some of Australia’s most surreal and stunning landscapes. The white sands are composed of silica which prevents heat retention, making it ideal for leisurely barefoot walks along the beach.

Distance from Australia: 853 km

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Islands near Australia are havens with their distinct beauty. From the soft and chilly sands of Whitsunday Islands to the penguin parade on Phillip Island, explore Australia for a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Islands near Australia

Which is the optimal time to visit Australia?

December marks the beginning of the summer season in Australia and the weather remains mostly clear throughout the country. You can explore the continent without too much inconvenience. However, temperatures can reach soaring heights in some regions, up to 30°C to 32°C as well.

What is the most significant holiday in Australia?

New Year’s Day on 1st January is one of the most noteworthy holidays in Australia which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fun.

Are Australian winters chilly?

Australia is a relatively warm place, even during the coldest times it only goes as low as around 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in Sydney. It’s even warmer in the northern areas, where it mostly just becomes less humid and experiences less rainfall.

What can I indulge in as delicacies in Australia?

Lamington, Pavlova, Vegemite, Tim Tam, Anzac Biscuits, Barramundi, Chicken parmigiana, Meat pie, Kangaroo meat, etc. are some of the must-try things in Australia.

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