Four Airports Near Toronto for Convenient Access to the City

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With individuals from all around the world having settled here, Toronto today is quite a fusion of cultures. This metropolitan city is a fantastic travel destination as it has everything that one desires in a vacation. There are shorelines for the beach enthusiasts, a captivating nightlife for the night owls, and most importantly, delectable cuisine! Hence, Toronto has all aspects covered for its tourists and presented here are some of the airports in Toronto and nearby areas that one can reserve a flight to if they are heading to this region. Take a look at these airports to determine which one would suit you best!

4 Finest Airports In Toronto

Here is a compilation of airports in Toronto and nearby areas that one can book a flight to if they are heading to Toronto or regions around it. Here, we present the finest operational airports.

1. Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

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Toronto Pearson is the primary global airport if you are searching for overseas airports in Toronto Canada, which serves Toronto and the surrounding areas like Golden Horseshoe in Ontario. The airport is the largest and busiest in Canada and the second busiest global air passenger gateway in America, operating with approximately 49.5 million passengers in 2018. The airport is named after the Prime Minister of Canada, Lester B. Pearson, who is also a laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize. The airport is not precisely situated in Toronto, but it is in Mississauga at a distance of 22.5 kilometers from Downtown Toronto.

In addition to international flights, the airport also facilitates domestic flights to major and minor cities across Canada. Based on the 2019 statistics, the airport manages operations for roughly 75 airlines, and around 1,250 departures occur each day from this airport to over 180 destinations worldwide.

Location: Mississauga

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2. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ)

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John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, famously known as the Toronto Island Airport, is situated offshore downtown Toronto on the Toronto Islands. It is near Union Station and has a plethora of luxury hotels and tourist attractions in close proximity, making it an excellent choice for tourists. The airline serving this airport is Porter Airlines, and it provides connections to destinations in the US and northeast Canada. The airport does not experience high volumes of crowds and offers a serene ambiance. With only a few passengers traveling from here, they even provide complimentary tea, coffee, and cookies to the passengers! With its tranquil atmosphere and lack of crowds, this is an ideal location to catch a flight, although the only drawback is its limited number of flights.

To arrive at the airport, one must take the ferry, which is a 90-second journey and complimentary for pedestrians. Alternatively, one can choose to walk through the pedestrian tunnel. A shuttle bus transports passengers from the ferry terminal to Union State.

Location: 2 Eireann Quay, Toronto

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3. John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM)

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John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, also known as the Hamilton International Airport or Toronto Hamilton International Airport, is another airport near Toronto. This is an international airport situated in Hamilton in Ontario, and if one is traveling to Toronto, they can take a flight here as Toronto is approximately 70 km away from Hamilton. The airport primarily serves the city of Hamilton and other locations in Southern Ontario. The airport functions as a substitute or backup for Toronto Pearson International Airport, alleviating its workload and traffic.

The airport commenced operations in 1940 under the name Mount Hope Airport and served as an Air Force base. After the conclusion of World War II, the airport transitioned to civil use and welcomed both domestic and international travelers. Visitors can also explore the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, conveniently located next to the airport.

Location: Hamilton

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