Forever Cherished: 20 Scrumptious Gujarati Delicacies Straight to Your Heart!

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Delightful bursts of flavors, a vibrant array of colors, and a hint of sweetness combine to create the irresistible charm of Gujarati cuisine. Welcome to a corner of India where food is not just a passion but a way of life. It’s truly remarkable that Gujarati food has garnered global appreciation, cementing its place in the hearts of people from all walks of life. This is a testament to the cultural values of warmth, eccentricity, and vivacity that Gujarat embodies, evident even in their culinary creations.

Discover the Finest Gujarati Delicacies

Embark on a tantalizing journey through the finest Gujarati dishes that will tantalize the taste buds of any gastronome. Feast your eyes upon this incredible selection and marvel at the myriad of flavors that await your exploration!

  • Khandvi: Velvety Layers
  • Dhokla: Fluffy Squares
  • Handvo: A Sweet & Savory Concoction
  • Gathiya: Crunchy Besan Delight
  • Thepla: Thin Parathas’ Close Cousin
  • Undhiyu: A Melange of Fresh Vegetables
  • Fafda Jalebi: A Harmony of Sweet and Salty
  • Gujarati Khichdi: Simplicity Perfected
  • Dabeli: An Irresistible Snack
  • Khaman: Fluffier Than Dhokla
  • Farsan: Savory Crunchiness
  • Locho: A Palatable Side Dish
  • Dal Dhokli: Noodles Made with Love
  • Rotlo: Traditional Gujarati Fare
  • Khakhra: Crispy Discs of Delight
  • Mohanthal: A Sweet Delicacy
  • Basundi: Similar to Rabri, Yet Uniquely Gujarati
  • Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak: A Tangy Delight
  • Gujarati Kadhi: The Perfect Balance of Sweet and Sour
  • Ghughra: Deep-Fried Sweet Temptation


1. Khandvi: Velvety Layers


Soft, tender, and heavenly. Khandvi is a beloved Gujarati breakfast recipe that leaves an indelible mark on the palates of those who savor it. With its blend of gram flour, salt, and sugar, the batter of Khandvi masterfully dances between sweetness and saltiness. In Marathi, it goes by the name of ‘Suralichya vadya,’ cherished equally by Gujaratis and Maharashtrians.

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2. Dhokla: Fluffy Squares


Perhaps the most iconic Gujarati delicacy, Dhokla has gained international recognition as one of the most cherished culinary delights from Gujarat. Whether it’s the crack of dawn, the afternoon sun, or the evening twilight, any moment is the perfect time for devotees of Gujarati cuisine to indulge in the scrumptious goodness of Dhokla.

A delectable dish crafted from fermented rice and chickpeas, Dhokla is best enjoyed with Green Chutney (made from coriander or mint) or Meethi Chutney (made from Dates and Tamarind). Another lip-smacking Gujarati delicacy, Dhokla is often savored after tempering it with mustard, cumin seeds, and curry leaves to infuse a delightful aroma into the dish.

3. Handvo: A Fusion of Sweetness and Savory

Handvo gives a burst of flavors and creativity to Gujarati cuisine with its unique combination of sweetness and saltiness. This vegetable-based cake is prepared using bottle gourd, crushed peanuts, and sometimes other vegetables for additional taste.

The texture of Handvo somewhat resembles Dhokla, but its distinguishing factor lies in its distinct flavors. To prepare Handvo, Gujaratis employ a specialized pressure cooker and enhance the dish by tempering it with oil, cumin seeds, mustard, and curry leaves.

4. Gathiya: A Crunchy Chickpea Snack

Straight from the traditional Gujarati dry snacks repertoire, Gathiya is a deep-fried delight prepared using chickpea flour. The snack boasts a soft, powdery texture rather than a crispy one. As Gujarati cuisine often incorporates a touch of sweetness, the sweeter version of this snack is known as Mitha Gathiya. People delight in enjoying this dish while sipping their morning or evening tea.

5. Thepla: Thin Parathas with a Twist

Thepla, a staple in Gujarati cuisine, is a flattened bread prepared in various mouthwatering variations, such as with fenugreek leaves, wheat flour, or cumin seeds. By skillfully combining the right blend of ingredients in the Thepla dough, this dish bursts with vibrant flavors that are impossible to resist. When paired with accompaniments like curds and chunda, Theplas become a popular portable delicacy perfect for relishing either hot or cold while on the go.

6. Undhiyu: A Melange of Vegetables

Surat, known for its unique culinary traditions, presents a range of Gujarati dishes distinguished by their distinctive flavor, preparation methods, and taste. Among these delectable offerings is Undhiyu, a mixed vegetable dish that undergoes a fascinating cooking process. In a truly unconventional manner, Undhiyu is prepared by cooking it upside down in underground clay pots. This dish, rooted in seasonality, is eagerly anticipated as it aligns with the arrival of Uttarayan, the Kite Festival in Gujarat, during the wintry month of January.

The name ‘Undhiyu’ finds its origins in the Gujarati term ‘Undhu’, which translates to ‘upside down’. The blend of flavors and textures in Undhiyu comes from ingredients such as eggplant, fried chickpea flour dumplings, bananas, beans, potatoes, green peas, all meticulously slow-cooked to perfection with an infusion of buttermilk, coconut, and a blend of aromatic spices.

7. Fafda Jalebi: A Harmonious Fusion of Sweet and Salty

Fafda Jalebi Image

Gujarati cuisine showcases an array of delectable snacks and quick bites that tantalize taste buds. A prime example of this is Fafda Jalebi, a quintessentially Gujarati delicacy that effortlessly balances the flavors of sweetness and saltiness. You can find this beloved treat at every street corner in Gujarat. Fafda, a delectable snack prepared with gram flour, turmeric, and carom seeds, offers a delightful crunch. Gujaratis enjoy it alongside Jalebi, a deep-fried pretzel-shaped or circular sweet made from refined flour.

8. Gujarati Khichdi: Simplicity at Its Finest

Gujarati Khichdi Image

Not too long ago, Khichdi was bestowed with the honor of being recognized as India’s national food. A staple dish enjoyed across the country, Gujarat has crafted its own distinct version of Khichdi that caters to the unique Gujarati palate. Armed with its nutritional value and an abundance of flavors, Gujarati Khichdi combines ingredients such as rice, cereals, vegetables, and clarified butter (ghee). This wholesome dish is often savored with a side of refreshing buttermilk, making it an exemplary choice for a typical Gujarati dinner.

Dabeli Image

Hailing from the Kutch region of Gujarat, Dabeli, also known as Kutchi Dabeli, holds a special place in Gujarati cuisine. Texturally and compositionally reminiscent of the Bombay Vada Pav, Dabeli captivates the taste buds and is a daily indulgence for the people of Kutch, with an estimated 2 million Dabelis devoured each day. Encased within a fluffy bread bun, this delightful snack features a medley of mashed potatoes, a special Dabeli masala, spices, crunchy peanuts, chutney, and a generous sprinkle of sev, culminating in an explosion of flavors.

10. Khaman: Lighter Than Air, Fluffier Than Dhokla

Khaman, a delectable dish resembling Dhokla, is crafted from ground chana dal or chana flour, resulting in a sponge-like texture. The distinctiveness of Khaman lies in its fluffiness, achieved through a higher dosage of soda. Every bite of this delicacy embodies the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness that characterizes Gujarati cuisine, making it a popular favorite among the majority of the Gujarat population.

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11. Farsan: A Gastronomic Journey of Salty Delights

Referring to ‘salty snacks’ in Gujarati, Farsan holds an integral position in the culinary traditions of Sindhi, Gujarati, and Rajasthani cultures. These regions of Western India take immense pride in their diverse range of Farsan preparations. The Gujarati variation predominantly consists of a combination of fried and dehydrated snacks that boast extended shelf life, catering to delayed consumption.

Examples of Gujarati Farsan: Chivda, Chakli, Bhajiya, Khandvi, Mathiya, and Aloo Sev

12. Locho: An Exquisite Addition to Pleasurable Meals

Originating from Surat, Locho is a Gujarati Farsan delicacy crafted from wheat flour. This savory side dish derives its name from its delicate consistency, which bestows a fragility reminiscent of its delightful taste. Enriched with a blend of oil, butter, coriander, sev, spices, and onion, Locho emanates a captivating aroma that enhances the overall dining experience.

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13. Dal Dhokli: The Tempting Tangle of Wheat Flour

Dal Dhokli, one of the illustrious vegetarian recipes originating from Gujarat, encompasses the fusion of wheat flour noodles boiled in pigeon pea stew. This dish is said to have been introduced to the region by Marwari settlers, who ventured to Gujarat for trade purposes. Dal Dhokli is a versatile meal that can be relished at any time of the day.

14. Rotlo: A Culinary Tribute to Tradition

Rotlo, a type of flatbread made from bajra, jowar, or nachni flour, is a staple food in Gujarat. However, its popularity is now spreading to other parts of India, including restaurants and hotels. In the traditional sense, Rotlo is typically eaten with raw white onion, green chilies, and buttermilk. This winter delicacy is primarily consumed by locals.

For those exploring Gujarati cuisine, the significance and variety of flatbreads become more apparent. Khakhra, another type of thin flatbread, is a popular Jain dish made from mat bean, wheat flour, and oil. This nutritious snack is often enjoyed with spicy pickles or Meethi Chutney as part of a typical Gujarati breakfast.

In Gujarat, a region known for its sweet tooth, there are various delightful sweet dishes that grace every household. Mohanthal is one such dessert, made with sweetened gram flour (besan) and flavored with saffron, cardamom, and nuts such as almonds and pistachios. Each region in Gujarat has its own unique version of Mohanthal, ensuring diverse tastes, compositions, and textures.

Basundi is another sweet dish popular in Gujarati cuisine, prepared by boiling condensed milk and offering a variety of flavors such as custard apple and grape. It is commonly served during auspicious occasions and festivals like Kali Chaudas and Bhaubeej. Basundi is often compared to the North Indian dish, Rabri, both known for their milk-based sweet preparations.

Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak is a tangy dish that perfectly blends sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy flavors in every bite. Diced onions and tomatoes are sautéed with oil and spices, and then cooked with the addition of sev for a spicy and salty kick. Traditionally, this dish is enjoyed with flatbreads like Theplas, rotis, or paranthas, and is particularly loved by children in Gujarati households.

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19. Gujarati Kadhi: An Exquisite Blend of Sweetness and Tartness

One of the most renowned dishes in Gujarati cuisine, Kadhi is made from a mixture of buttermilk or yogurt and gram flour. In Gujarat, Kadhi has a lighter consistency compared to its counterparts in northern India. This lighter gravy is achieved by adding water to the curd and gram flour mixture. Gujaratis enjoy piping hot Kadhi with Khichdi, roti, or rice.

20. Ghughra: A Delightful Fried Dessert

Indulge in the crunchy, sweet, and aromatic Ghughra, a street food sensation. This crescent-shaped dough is deep-fried to perfection and filled with a delicious, sweet filling that is reminiscent of classic Indian sweets. Traditionally prepared during festivals like Holi or Diwali, Ghughra is known by the names Gujiya or Gujhiya in other parts of India. Health-conscious individuals can opt for the baked version of this sweet treat to savor the same flavors in a healthier way.

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If you haven’t been enticed by these rich, aromatic, and delightful Gujarati dishes yet, then they have certainly done the job for you. Make sure to try all these fantastic Gujarati cuisines during your trip to Gujarat and share your experiences with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gujarati Cuisine

Does Gujarati food have a sweet taste?

Many Gujarati dishes have a subtle hint of sweetness, which helps balance the effects of the region’s naturally salty hard water.

What is the most famous street food in Gujarat?

Dabeli, a dish similar to Maharashtra’s Vada Pao, is one of the most popular street foods in Gujarat. According to a survey, over 600,000 Dabeli are consumed daily in Gujarat.

Where can I find the best Gujarati snacks?

Ratri Bazaar in Vadodra is a paradise for food lovers and a popular destination for enjoying a wide variety of cuisines, including Gujarati snacks. It is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife.

Are Gujarati dishes vegetarian?

Yes, Gujarat is primarily a vegetarian state due to the influence of Jainism. However, there are eateries such as Hotel Mala’s Dining, Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Mantraa, Rainforest, and many other restaurants in Gujarat that serve non-vegetarian food.

Which is the best Gujarati food restaurant in Delhi?

There are several Gujarati restaurants in Delhi that serve authentic and mouthwatering Gujarati dishes, such as Suruchi, Rajdhani Thali Restaurant, Gujarat Bhawan Restaurant, Panchvati Gaurav, and more.

Is Gujarati food spicy?

Many Gujarati dishes offer a unique blend of sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness.

What are the key ingredients in Gujarati cuisine?

Milk, nuts, and sugar are the primary ingredients used in most Gujarati dishes.

Is Bhelpuri a Gujarati dish?

The origins of Bhelpuri are unclear, but one theory suggests that it was invented in Gujarat.

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