Fifteen Westwood Eateries Offering an Abundance of Culinary Delights

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La Bruschetta

Westwood: A Commercial Neighborhood in Los Angeles

Westwood, located in the western region of Los Angeles, California, is a bustling commercial neighborhood. It is closely situated near Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica, giving visitors the opportunity to explore some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

In Westwood, you’ll find high-rise towers that contribute to its vibrant atmosphere. The area has a unique blend of student spirit, thanks to the presence of the UCLA campus, and a businessy feel due to the various offices located here. Additionally, Westwood is home to the Fowler Museum and Hammer Museum, where visitors can immerse themselves in art and culture.

When it comes to dining, Westwood offers a delectable range of restaurants that will satisfy any food lover’s cravings. Don’t miss the chance to savor authentic and mouthwatering dishes while exploring the city of Westwood.

15 Outstanding Restaurants in Westwood

Choosing the top-notch restaurants in Westwood can be a daunting task if you’re unfamiliar with the area. To make it easier for you, we have curated a comprehensive Westwood restaurant guide.

Pomodoro Trattoria

1. TLT Food

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Are you eager to try a unique combination of cuisines? TLT Food is the perfect place for you as it offers a delightful fusion of Mexican and American dishes. The flavors of the food are exceptional, and the ingredients used are distinct and diverse.

In addition to the delectable food, TLT Food also serves a variety of wines and beverages. Be sure to try their mouthwatering tacos, as they are a definite highlight. TLT Food guarantees a satisfying dining experience that is worth every penny.

Location: 1116 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USAContact: 1 310-443-4433Google rating: 4.5

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Napa Valley Grille

2. Pomodoro Trattoria

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Pomodoro Trattoria is an inviting Italian restaurant in Westwood. Its cozy and quaint setting resembles the mouthwatering Italian food showcased in advertisements. If you’re in the mood for exceptional Italian cuisine, Pomodoro Trattoria is the place to go. Their Gnocchi is especially renowned for its amazing flavors.

Location: 1393 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USAContact: 1 310-445-9998Google rating: 4.5

3. Napa Valley Grille

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The Napa Valley Grille is recognized for its extremely friendly and empathetic personnel. The establishment has some truly pleasant outdoor seating area with fire pits, which provides the establishment an advantage. The cuisine is genuinely fantastic. The most enjoyable aspect is that there is no need to wait excessively long for your table.

Location: 1100 Glendon Ave Ste 100, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USAContact: 1 310-824-3322Google rating: 4.2

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4. Fundamental La

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The Tuck Room Tavern

If you are in search of a light meal, then Fundamental La is an ideal place for you. They serve traditional American cuisine. It is a remarkable place to try some of the finest American dishes. The wine served here is also excellent.

Location: 1303 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USAContact: 1 310-444-7581Google rating: 4.4

5. The Tuck Room Tavern

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The Tuck Room Tavern is a restaurant that offers you both the remarkable interiors and delicious cuisine. And if the interiors are remarkable, the decor is good, the cuisine becomes even more pleasurable!

If you appreciate seafood, then you will be pleased to know that the establishment has some delectable salmon to offer. Moreover, after you have enjoyed a heartwarming meal, you can relish some delightful desserts as well.

Location: 10850 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90024, United StatesContact Number: 1 310-307-7004Google rating: 4.2

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6. Native Foods Café

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Traveling to a new place presents a difficulty in terms of discovering a nice spot to dine, and it becomes truly challenging if you adhere to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Only a few restaurants offer and provide vegan or vegetarian choices, but Native Food Café is a unique establishment that is entirely dedicated to serving vegan food.

You have numerous alternatives to pick from. They even serve plant-based alternatives to meat! Consequently, for vegans, it is an establishment that must not be missed as the cuisine offered here has an exquisite taste, and the menu boasts a wide range of selections.

Location: 1114 Gayley Ave, Los Angeles, California 90024, United StatesContact Number: 1 310-209-1055Google rating: 4.5

7. La Bruschetta

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This is yet another well-liked Italian establishment in Westwood. They serve superb pasta dishes that are certain to leave you craving for more! The tiramisu offered here is also delightful. The staff is exceptionally friendly and hospitable. The establishment offers excellent food at a reasonable price.

Location: 1621 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90024, United StatesContact Number: 1 310-477-1052Google rating: 4.6

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