Fifteen Beautiful Beaches in Israel Worth Exploring in 2023!

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All the adoration and no play make Jack an uninteresting boy! So when Jack is in the sacred land of Israel, he doesn’t simply go adoring around, he sets aside an effort to arrange those bustling bylanes. He investigates the lovely landscapes and appreciates the appeal of staggering Israel beaches – one of the key attractions in the Middle East. The turquoise beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and the Dead Sea keep overflowing with vacationers around the year and mustn’t be missed on your trip to Israel.

Revel in the grandeur of the setting sun, capture awe-inspiring pictures, float on the waters of Dead Sea, behold the best of coral beaches, and indulge in a range of water activities, the gorgeous beauty will elevate your beach affection to an entirely new level. Tel Aviv, with 10 km of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, has some of the best beaches in Israel.

Optimal Time To Visit Israel Beaches

April – May & September – October is the perfect time to visit the finest beaches in Israel. The temperature remains around 25 degrees Celsius and is mostly mild and pleasant.

* In September, on the eve of Yom Kippur – a significant day in the Jewish calendar, the entire country comes to a halt. It is also known as the day of penance and not an advisable time to visit Israel.

15 Finest Israel Beaches Along The Mediterranean Sea Coast

Tel Aviv displays the best Israeli beaches that are too breathtaking to overlook. Stay vigilant of the sunsets at the beaches here, they are highly addictive!

  • Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Banana Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Ajami Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Herzliya Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Metzitzim Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Palmachim Beach, Tel Aviv
  • Dado Zamir Beach, Haifa
  • Dor Habonim Beach, Haifa
  • Caesarea Aqueduct Beach, Caesarea
  • Sironit Beach, Netanya
  • Jisr az-Zarqa Beach, Jisr az-Zarqa
  • Beit Yannai Beach, Beit Yanai
  • Mineral Beach, Dead Sea
  • Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Red Sea


1. Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

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Popularly known as the unofficial gay beach, Hilton is one of the most picturesque beaches of Israel situated in Tel Aviv. The beach is mainly filled with international tourists. With numerous choices for shopping and dining nearby and restless travelers seeking the perfect sunset photo, Hilton is an energetic place to be. The crashing waves ensure that you have endless fun and a variety of water activities to enjoy.

Frishman Beach is located just 1.2 km away from Hilton Beach. It should only take you a leisurely stroll to reach this scenic beach.

What makes it special: Surfing at the beach, Herlinger Pub, David Ben Gurion’s House, Tayelet – a beautiful promenade.

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2. Banana Beach, Tel Aviv

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Located off the coast of Tel Aviv near Jaffa, Banana Beach offers the perfect blend of tranquility and enjoyment. The beach also offers a wide range of activities for tourists. It is an ideal place to relax and immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of Israel’s drummers.

Tel Aviv boasts some of the most skilled drummers in the country. Friday evenings are the perfect time to visit the beach, as tourists gather for dancing and drum circle sessions, making it one of the top beaches in Israel.

What makes it special: Surfboarding and windsurfing.

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3. Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

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Gordon Beach, with its stunning expanse of white sand and visitors relaxing on the beach, is a popular beach in Israel. People can be seen with a can of beer, riding a boat, or dancing the night away as the sun sets.

The central location of the beach makes it a popular tourist attraction and the busiest beach in Tel Aviv. Gordon Beach is frequented by people of all ages and is where you can indulge in natural beauty. The Sheraton Hotel overlooks the Mediterranean from the beach and is a favorite among tourists.

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4. Ajami Beach, Tel Aviv

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How about some genuine chickpea paste at Abu Hassan’s before proceeding with your exploration leading up to the Ajami Beach? The historic beach near Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv is one of the premier beaches in Israel, and I have reasons supporting the same. The ancient church, vibrant beach area, renovated limestone palaces, and seaside promenades are excessively pleasurable, making your trip to the beach unforgettable.

The narrow passageways leading up to the beach make for an enjoyable stroll.

What’s unique: Maronic church by the beach

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sunset at Herzliya Beach in Israel

5. Herzliya Beach, Tel Aviv

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Ranked among the prime beaches in Israel, the Herzliya is a popular urban beach situated to the north of Tel Aviv. Positioned amidst the grand hotels, well-kept gardens, eateries, and bustling cafés, the beach with pristine white sand and panoramic vistas is one of the highlights of Tel Aviv tour and among the finest Israel beaches.

The beach is ideal for swimming and also has lifeguard assistance for emergencies. It’s a marvelous place to hangout with family and friends.

What’s unique: Snorkeling and other water sports

6. Metzitzim Beach, Tel Aviv


Cut loose your wanderlust and spend a calming vacation at one of the top beaches in Israel. Metzitzim Beach off the coast of Tel Aviv in the Mediterranean Sea is an ideal meeting place for travelers on a beach hunting spree in the holy land. Tranquil waters, lagoons, cheerful individuals playing around, expansive cafes, and plenty of magnificence, this beach perfectly caters to the desires of a nature enthusiast and is one of the most exquisite beaches in Israel.

What’s unique: Cafe and playground area close to the beach, and Friday afternoon beach party in summer.

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7. Palmachim Beach, Tel Aviv

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Believed to be one of the most laid-back and picturesque Israel beaches, Palmachim is a beauty surrounded by low cliffs towards the southern end making it an ideal location for photography. Tel Aviv appears perfect from the beach and one can confirm that this place is rightly one of the best-kept secrets of Israel.

The beach doesn’t boast of a massive crowd and too many amenities. Just a few lifeguards, some water activities, and lots of tranquility.

What’s unique: Paddling, photography, sunbathing, and water sports activities.

8. Dado Zamir Beach, Haifa

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Planning an Israel beach vacation? Dado Zamir Beach has a multitude of surprises for you. Music, vibrant dance nights, stunning ocean view, and restaurants from the east perfectly complementing them! The popular beach located in Haifa encompasses all the necessary elements that make it the ideal vitamin sea.

Join the maximum fun at the weekly public dance nights. Salsa music, good food, and a lively crowd; Dado Zamir Beach is the place to be.

What’s unique: Castra Art Market and Kitesurfing

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9. Dor Habonim Beach, Haifa

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Dor Habonim Beach brings you all the exhilaration by the ocean. Go camping, create a bonfire, relax and connect with strangers, a lot can occur in the marine world of Mediterranean in Israel. When here, you’ll ultimately discover a variety of reasons why beach enthusiasts consider this one of the finest Israel beaches. The beach is a remarkable demonstration and is famous among wanderers for its thrilling trails and rustic surroundings nestled into the Mediterranean.


Thanks to the invigorating surroundings around and perfect setup holding history with shipwrecks and sunken treasures lying by the beach. Observe the enchantment, you are at one of the finest beaches in Israel.

What’s unique: Romantic sunset view, camping, hiking around the coast region

10. Caesarea Aqueduct Beach, Caesare

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Locations like this are the reason why I find myself continuously in love with the rustic appeal of ruins. Boasting of historical sites around, and relaxing surroundings, the ruins of Caesarea Aqueduct Beach radiate exceptional ocean view, things that make it the finest beach in Israel.


Caesarea Beach has immaculate white sand, aqua blue waters, and magnificent aqueduct structure along the beach that belong to the 1st century BC. It genuinely a must-visit place in Israel. Relax and rejoice, this place will remain in your conscious for a very long time.

What’s unique: 2000-year old aqueduct structure

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11. Sironit Beach, Netanya

If you are in Israel make sure that you keep Netanya atop your bucket list. Reason being it covers one of the longest stretches of the coastline and offer the visitors an eight beach delight. Take part in beach volleyball competitions, ride the glass-walled elevator descending clifftop and overlooking the sea, and indulge in numerous activities, Sironit in Netanya is a tropical paradise.


Ride the breakwaters, and have a tranquil swim, the shoreline is considered ideal for swimming. Herzl Beach lies adjacent to Sironit and both the beaches offer identical amenities. Owing to its awe-inspiring beauty, it makes for some incredible Israel beaches pictures and selfies!

What’s unique: Disc jockey on Fridays, salsa dancing, sports competition, and matka competition

12. Jisr az-Zarqa Beach, Jisr az-Zarqa

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Jisr az-Zarqa is the only remaining Arab town off the coast of Israel and has done quite well to have gradually gained lots of visitors over the past few years. Located in the close proximity of Caesarea, this place has won the trust of tourists over time, thanks to the camaraderie and compassionate locals!


Affordable living, pleasant locales, and clean surroundings depict Jisr az-Zarqa, one of the most isolated yet fascinating tourist attractions in Israel. The untouched beauty of the beach has been exploited lately and now there are options for surfing and other water activities.

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13. Beit Yannai Beach, Beit Yanai

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Magical spectacles are created where rivers mix with the sea. Something similar happens at Beit Yannai – another popular and breathtaking Israel beach, which is rather a peaceful retreat and a perfect escape from the city. Eucalyptus grove and ancient ruins are a perfect attraction nearby where you can marvel at the wonderful enchanting sights that belong to the past era.


Considered as the most beautiful of the Israel beaches renowned for its tranquility and peacefulness, Beit Yannai is also a popular nature reserve with abundant wildlife around. This place is captivating! The beach is a 20-minute drive from Tel Aviv.

What’s special: Kite surfing, camping by the beach, and soft-shelled turtles

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14. Mineral Beach, Dead Sea

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Situated in the northern region of the Dead Sea, Mineral Beach possesses an abundant reserve of minerals that possess the ability to heal and purify. This beach is located along the way when you are traveling to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or the northern part of Israel. It is an ideal location to visit once you are in the vicinity, as there are numerous resorts on this Israeli beach that provide excellent massage services.


Observe the black muds scattered around the beach, as they possess hidden enhancing powers. Cleanse yourself in the pleasant sea water, as the temperature of the water generally remains around 39 degrees Celsius at Mineral Beach.

What makes it special: Resorts near the beach offer Swedish massage, hot stone massage, and holistic massage.

Kalia Beach is another popular destination near the Dead Sea. The opportunity to take a mud bath, along with the golden-brown hue of the mountains surrounding it, make it an attractive spot.

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15. Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve, Red Sea

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Spend a day with friends or family at Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve, situated along the coast of Eilat by the Red Sea. The vibrant multi-colored corals resting near the coast make Eilat a renowned beach in Israel and a popular tourist attraction. The diverse marine life can be observed in the transparent waters near the beach.

Shores of Coral Reef Beach in Israel

Interestingly, Eilat is also recognized as a famous beach town and apart from Coral Beach, visitors can also explore Dolphin Ridge, where dolphins are frequently spotted, providing a perfect opportunity for breathtaking photos of Israel beaches with dolphins. Spend a day at the northernmost coral reef in the world, which extends for 1.2 km from the Red Sea.

What makes it special: Snorkeling, diving, and a colorful coral garden along the beach.

*Pay attention to the lifeguards, as the sparkling and colorful crashing waves can be dangerous and pose a threat to life.

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Are you ready to get a sun-kissed glow at one of these top-notch Israel beaches? It’s never too late to schedule a trip to this captivating country that offers endless fun and adventure for beach lovers and water enthusiasts. The time is now to pack your bags and embark on this exciting journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Israel beaches

Which sea is close to Israel?

The Mediterranean Sea is close to Israel.

Why is Black Sea known as black?

There are several theories regarding the name of the Black Sea. The most popular one suggests that severe storms during the winter season caused the sea to appear dark in color. The sailors started referring to it as the Black Sea, and since then, it has been known by that name.

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