Exploring Yercaud’s Authentic South Indian Charm: 19 Must-Visit Destinations of 2023

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South India is scattered with numerous exotic tourist destinations. And many of them are situated along the vast expanse of the Ghats. Yercaud in Salem district, Kerala, is one such place overflowing with the wonders of nature. Explore the top activities and some of the captivating places to explore in Yercaud and get ready for an exhilarating experience.

Look beyond the typical images of South India, and you will discover a breathtaking world in Yercaud, surrounded by peaceful and untouched surroundings. Yercaud, located in Tamil Nadu, South India, is a traveler’s paradise due to its plantations of spices, coffee, and oranges. There are plenty of activities and attractions to explore!

19 Must-Visit Locations in Yercaud

Even if you have limited time, it is essential to visit some of the mentioned places. Yercaud offers some of the best scenic attractions that will leave a lasting impression. So, here are the most popular places to explore in Yercaud that you must include in your vacation itinerary:

  • Emerald Lake – Escape the Mundane and Enjoy the Emerald Beauty
  • Deer Park – A Haven of Biodiversity
  • 32-KM Loop Road – Scenic Roads Full of Surprises
  • Pagoda Point – Mesmerizing Views
  • Tipperary View Point – Yercaud’s Most Famous Viewpoint
  • Lady’s Seat – Spectacular Panoramic Views
  • Killiyur Falls – Nature’s Enchanting Cascade
  • Bear’s Cave – Nature’s Masterpiece
  • Rose Garden – A Delightful Walk Among Flowers
  • Kottachedu Teak Forest – A Refreshing Nature Trek
  • Anna Park – A Green Oasis
  • Botanical Garden – A Serene Retreat
  • Norton’s Bungalow – Inspiration From Bollywood
  • Shevaroy Hills – Majestic Mountains
  • Karadiyur View Point – Serene Valley View
  • Kurumbapatti Zoological Park – Enjoy Your Time
  • Silk Farm- A Marvel of Nature
  • Orchidarium- Haven for Flower Lovers
  • Annamalaiyar Temple- Surrounded by Scenic Beauty

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1. Emerald Lake – Escape the Mundane and Enjoy the Emerald Beauty

Emerald Lake, also known as Yercaud Lake or Big Lake, is located 1.5 km from Yercaud Bus Stand. Spending a day with your family at Yercaud Lake is the perfect way to make the most of your vacation in Yercaud. Interestingly, Yercaud Lake is the only naturally occurring mountain lake in South India. The fountains surrounding the lake are stunning, and a 20-minute boat ride is sure to leave you satisfied. The kids’ play area is one of the highlights of this place, making it a must-visit.

Location: Salem-Yercaud Ghat Road, Yercaud

Timing: Open All Day

Entry Fee: No charge

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Deer Park

2. Deer Park – Richness of Biodiversity

Situated on the Lady’s Seat Road, The Deer Park is positioned on the shores of Yercaud Lake and offers an excellent location for an adventurous outing with family and friends. Deer, peacocks, and ducks make up the majority of the wildlife in the Deer Park vicinity. The early afternoon is the perfect time to visit the park, as the sun shines gently upon it.

Location: Lady’s Seat Road, Yercaud

Timing: 9AM to 5PM (Monday to Sunday)

Entry Fee: INR 10

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3. 32-KM Loop Road – Winding Roads

Travelers have varying opinions about this 32-km-road that twists and turns perilously, showcasing breathtaking landscapes in Yercaud. The surroundings and magnificent nature are ideal even for a hiking adventure.

Sharp curves, barricades on both sides, and coffee plantations lining the road, make it a perfect route to drive on! Do make sure to experience this marvelous road that stretches through the heart of Yercaud. It will certainly put your driving skills to the test.

Location: 32-km Loop Road, Yercaud

Timings: All day long

Entry Fee: No charge

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Pagoda Point

4. Pagoda Point – Jaw-dropping Views

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A Yercaud journey is incomplete until you have traveled all the way to Pyramid Point. Situated 4.5 km from the primary bus station, the elevated platform situated on the eastern Yercaud Hills offers extensive vistas of the surroundings. They called it Pyramid Point because of the four mounds of stones lying in the shape of a pyramid. One of the most favored places to explore in Yercaud, the Pyramid Point was once constructed by the local tribes of Tamil Nadu.

Sri Rama Temple near the Pyramid Point is the perfect tourist attraction atop the hills where travelers seek tranquility and seclusion! It is recommended to visit the place before 7 pm to experience the finest nature views.

Location: Yercaud hills, Yercaud, IndiaTiming: Open All DayEntry Fee: No entrance fee

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5. Tipperary View Point – Yercaud’s Most Well-liked One

Situated in a place renowned for its magnificent viewpoints, the Tippery Viewpoint is situated in the southernmost part of Yercaud. Be ready to indulge in the magnificence of majestic nature around, this place would leave you craving for more. Elephant Tooth Rocks formation is the highlight of the Tippery Viewpoint – another highlight of the popular places to explore in Yercaud. In fact, time and again, there are instances when you will desire to divert your focus towards the adventure sports in Yercaud, and in that regard, Tipperary is a primary source of that.

Location: Tipperary Road, Tipperary Estate, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 63660Timings: 6AM to 7PM (Monday to Sunday)Entry Fee: No entrance fee

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6. Lady’s Seat – Great Extensive Views

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While discussing perspectives and outlooks in Yercaud, Lady’s Seat always makes for a prominent selection. Excellent views of the hill in front, and some dining options nearby account for this place where the world around is lush and stunning. The breathtaking view of Salem City and the mesmerizing sunset views make it a perfect addition to a must-visit list! Have you taken note of it already?

Location: Lady’s Seat Road, Yercaud

Timing: 7AM–7PM (All days of the week)

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Killiyur Falls

7. Killiyur Falls – Natural Cascading Delight

Located at a distance of 4 km from the Yercaud Bus Stand, the Killiyur Waterfalls is situated in Servarayan Hill range of Eastern Ghats. One of the most sought-after destinations to see in Yercaud, located in Salem district, the waterfalls are an ideal place to find solace with yourself amidst nature.

The water from the Killiyur Falls cascades from an elevation of 300 feet in Kiliyur Valley and creates a majestic spectacle. The waterfall is a 2-km hike from the vehicle drop point. 6 pm is the upper limit for the tourists to visit the waterfalls.

Location: Killiyur Road, Pattipadi, Tamil Nadu 636601

Timings: 8AM to 6PM (All days of the week)

Entry Fee: No entry fee

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8. Bear’s Cave – Crafted To Perfection, By Nature

One of the most popular attractions to visit in Yercaud, the Bear’s Cave is buried nearly 7 feet below the ground. The cave is located in a private coffee estate close to the Norton Bungalow. The cave falls in the route of Servarayan temple and is believed to have sheltered bears at one time. However, the owner of the estate has been generous enough to welcome visitors, making it one of the top tourist places in Yercaud.

Location: Situated on a private coffee estate, near the Norton Bungalow, in Yercaud.

A Garden

Timing: Open throughout the day.

Entrance Fee: No fee required for entry.

9. Rose Garden – Enjoy a Beautiful Stroll

The rose garden is a renowned destination to admire a wide variety of roses. It is situated close to Lady’s Seat, which is one of the top places to visit in Yercaud with your family. The numerous pathways are designed for a delightful evening stroll. The surroundings also emit a picnic atmosphere, providing the opportunity to have a wonderful time with friends or family. Being a hill station, having a picnic is among the best activities to engage in when visiting Yercaud.

A Teak Forest

Location: Lady’s Seat Road, Yercaud, India

Timing: 8AM to 6PM (Open all days of the week)

Entrance Fee: INR 30

10. Kottachedu Teak Forest – Encounter Nature’s Charm

One of the most nature-inspired tourist spots in Yercaud is the Kottachedu Teak Forest. This region is primarily covered by trees and encompasses a river supported by a dam, making it an ideal habitat for a diverse range of wildlife, such as Bisons. The forest serves as a perfect place for camping, going on nature walks, and fishing by the river. In other words, you can create some of the most extraordinary memories while camping here. Moreover, the forest falls under the protective jurisdiction of the government.

Front View Of Anna Park, Yercaud

Location: Kannumuthal, Tamil Nadu 636602

Timing: Open all day long

Entrance Fee: No fee required for entry.

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11. Anna Park – An Ecological Zone

Another gorgeous natural destination right at the center of the town is Anna Park. It is a public property that offers picnic areas, a playground for children, a peaceful lake, and a multitude of plant life. During the summer months, flower exhibitions are held in the park. Inhale some pure, clean air while going for a walk, admiring the scenery, and capturing images of the vast natural biodiversity. It does serve as one of the top places to visit in Yercaud with kids.

Botanical Garden Yercaud

Location: Ondikadai, Salem – Yercaud Ghat Road, Yercaud

Timing: 9:30AM to 6PM (All days of the week)

Entry Fee: INR 15

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12. Botanical Garden – A Serene Spot

It seems like there is an abundance of green and peaceful places to explore in Yercaud with numerous options to breathe fresh air. Delight your eyes by visiting the Botanical Garden, which is managed by the Botanical Survey of India. With 3000 trees, 18000 shrubs, and spanning across 18 hectares of land, this is one of the naturally awe-inspiring locations in Yercaud. You can definitely take a break here, both as a tourist and as a local.

A Bungalow

Location: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Timings: 8AM to 6PM

Entry Fee: INR 30

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13. Norton’s Bungalow – Bollywood’s Muse

Remember those Bollywood movies that take place on hilly roads with trees all around? Well, the route to Norton’s Bungalow is just the same. It is one of the oldest bungalows located in the Shevaroy hills. To overcome the scorching heat of India, British commanders used to visit Yercaud and reside in this bungalow and a few others located nearby. The Bungalow showcases all the beautiful accommodations in Yercaud that one can expect to stay nearby. And since the bungalow is private property now, permission is required to visit the Bungalow but the route taken to visit the Bungalow is just amazing.

Foggy Hill View

Location: Tipperary Road, Yercaud

Timings: Not available

Entry Fee: No entry fee

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14. Shevaroy Hills – A Towering Mountain

One of the top attractions in Yercaud, Shevaroy Hills is a towering mountain range that lies mainly in the Eastern Ghats of Yercaud. Some of the oldest hotels, accommodations, and cottages in Yercaud are located in the hills. The ambiance of the hill is a little pleasant with lush forest cover, a plateau, and multiple nature zones. This is a nice area to relax and breathe in the fresh air and it’s so away from the hustle and bustle. The British had a great time here cultivating all the coffee at the vast expanse of plantations and estates which you may visit.

Location: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, 636602

Timings: The temple remains open from 6AM to 9PM

Entry Fee: No entry fee

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15. Karadiyur View Point- Serene Valley View

Karadiyur view point Yercaud

The vantage point is definitely not the most prominent places to see in Yercaud, an observation site that offers expansive views of the green landscape. You can catch the enchanting views of the valley, the river line, and the Mettur Dam located nearby. Try visiting this place during sunset and sunrise for the beautiful views you get. And if you are traveling with your partner, then it becomes a moment to cherish. This is among the top Yercaud tourist spots.

Location:  Nagloor Kolakoor Road, Karadiyoor, Elavadi, Tamil Nadu 636602Timings: Open all dayEntry Fee:

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16. Kurumbapatti Zoological Park- Appreciate Your Time

If you are looking to pass time and spend 2-3 hours in absolute awe, then the Kurumbapatti Zoological Park is one of the finest places to see in Yercaud. It is a small zoo located within the foothills of Shevaroy Hills. The zoo consists of numerous animals and the opportunity for you to explore the natural world and a vast collection of flora and fauna. Expect some gentle terrain, areas filled with bamboo plantations, and partially perennial streams.

Kurumbapatti Zoo Entrance

Location: Kunumbalpatti R.F, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636008Timings: 9AM to 6PM (Every day)Entry Fee: INR 10

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17. Silk Farm- A Marvel Of Nature

A great place for parents to take their kids on an educational tour, the Silk Farm is located close to the famous Lady’s seat. One of the top places to visit in Yercaud, here you’ll be able to witness how silkworms are reared. The worms are fed mulberry leaves and from their cocoons, smooth and radiant silk threads are made. The tour guides will explain to you the life cycle of the silkworms and the methods of spinning silk.

Location: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, IndiaTiming: 10AM to 5PM (Every day)Entry Fee: INR 30

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18. Orchidarium- Anthophile’s Paradise

Home to over 250 species of orchids, the Orchidarium is another one of the premier places to visit in Yercaud for nature enthusiasts. The vast garden features a variety of colorful orchids, some of which have been declared ‘Rare’ by the Indian Horticulture Department. Students of Botany would love to witness the extremely rare and fascinating Insect Eating Pitcher plant here. The orchidarium also keeps the beautiful Neelakurinji plant which blooms once every 12 years. Many South Indian documentaries and films have been shot at this orchid garden owing to its captivating beauty.


Location: Ondikadai, Salem – Yercaud Ghat Road, YercaudTiming: 9AM to 5PM (Every day)Entry Fee: NA

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19. Annamalaiyar Temple- Surrounded by scenic views

If you want to have a panoramic view of the place, Annamalaiyar Temple is not just a religious place but a popular viewpoint and one of the most popular places to visit in Yercaud hill station. The mesmerizing view of the lush greenery from the top of the temple will certainly stay in your memory for a long time. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Make sure to visit the temple to gaze at the lush coffee and spice plantations from the top of the hill where the temple is located.

Location: Pavazha Kundru, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu 606601Timings: 9:00AM to 6:00PMEntry Fee: No entry fee

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If you are a lake and forest person and wander the earth for views then the places to visit in Yercaud will not disappoint you. So, let us help you create an incredible experience that’ll make your vacation unforgettable! Trip to Yercaud would certainly warm your heart. What are you waiting for!

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Which are the finest attractions in Yercaud?

The finest attractions that you can visit in Yercaud are Emerald Lake, Deer Lake, 32 km Loop Road, Pagoda Point, Tipperary View Point, Lady’s Seat, Killiyur Falls, Bear’s Cave, Rose Garden, Anna Park, Botanical Garden, Shevaroy Hills, and Karadiyur View Point.

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