Exploring Tung Po: Discovering the Most Exciting Restaurant in Hong Kong

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Some individuals possess a craving for engaging in or encountering unconventional activities. There are things that are peculiar, then there are things that are insane, and then there are things that are simply untamed. Being in the wilderness observing animals is one thing, while living a wild experience without any wildlife in sight is a different story. Welcome to Tung Po, the most untamed restaurant in Hong Kong. There are numerous exceptional dining establishments around the world, but Tung Po stands in a league of its own. This blog will elucidate why Tung Po is the most untamed restaurant in Hong Kong.

About Tung Po – The Most Untamed Restaurant In Hong Kong

Bob Japanese Beer Sushi Fish

Tung Po is an unpretentious, inexpensive yet vibrant restaurant situated in North Point, Hong Kong. It distinguishes itself from other eateries in the vicinity for all the right reasons. It is a food stall with seating arrangements. The cuisine is remarkably delectable, and the ambiance exhilarates you like nothing else. If you are interested in hosting a bash for your friends and relishing it along with fantastic food, delightful beverages, and a fantastic environment, Tung Po is the ideal destination. It’s a pleasurable place to be, frequented by over 60% female patrons, a majority of whom are working professionals. What an effective stress reliever after a grueling day at the office facing a monotonous computer screen.

What Sets Tung Po Apart as the Most Untamed Restaurant In Hong Kong?

Wasabi Mayo Cucumbers With Cuttlefish

Tung Po has garnered fame among both locals and foreigners, and its popularity entices more and more individuals each year. There are several reasons why this restaurant is adored, and you can take your pick from the following.

The Proprietor: While the cuisine is exceptional, the restaurant owner is unbelievably fantastic. Okay, fantastic might be a significant understatement; he is a brilliant eccentric, and his eccentricity captivates everyone. Robby Cheung is the proprietor and manager of the restaurant. Most of the time, he personally serves food and drinks to all customers while gracefully “moonwalking” to each table with the lively sound of “Billy Jean King” playing in the background. Patrons often find themselves consuming more than intended just to witness him skillfully dance with plates and pints. Not only that, Cheung frequently indulges in drinks and dances alongside customers while capturing the moment with a selfie. Despite being 55 years old, he possesses more vigor and vitality than the average 20-year-old individual.

The Cuisine: There is a large variety of options when it comes to seafood. Then there are signature dishes of the restaurant such as Wind Sand Chicken, Black cephalopod ink pasta and lotus leaf steamed rice with duck sauce. The owner recommends trying black ink cephalopod because he believes it’s an amusing dish. Why is it amusing? He explains that when you consume it, your mouth and teeth turn black. Hilarious, but typical behavior from the man who dances backwards to serve food.

Must-Experience Food Items Of Tung Po

The Tung Po seafood restaurant also offers you Wasabi Mayo Cucumbers with Cuttlefish which is a delectable and addictive dish. Among other mouthwatering seafood dishes are Mantis Shrimp, Deep Fried Salted Duck Yolk Shrimp, Geoduck Sashimi which are heavenly to the core. Pork Knuckles is also one of the popular food items here that are admired throughout the city of Hong Kong.

Mantis Shrimps

1. Wasabi Mayo Cucumbers With Cuttlefish

This is a magnificent dish. Wasabi Mayo is creamy and tastes very good with cucumbers and cuttlefish pieces. Wasabi Mayo has a hint of spiciness which may stimulate your sinuses, but nothing to worry about. Also, remember to use Wasabi sparingly, as you wouldn’t want to have tears streaming down your face and run to the restroom screaming for milk. Otherwise, you will surely become an object of amusement.

Deep Fried Salted Duck Yolk Shrimp

2. Mantis Shrimps

Good enough to indulge your taste buds and consistently entice you back to Tung Po is Mantis Shrimps. The most exceptional aspect of dining here is that Robby Cheung, the proprietor, personally opens the beer bottles using chopsticks. He claims to have acquired this skill from a previous restaurant experience and has since become fond of it. Whatever he does to ensure an extraordinary gastronomic experience and a delightful evening for his patrons never fails to astound them.

3. Deep Fried Salted Duck Yolk Shrimp

Shrimps undergo deep frying after being immersed in a coating made of duck egg yolk. The deep-frying process imparts a delightful crispiness to the shells, making it easier to relish every part, including the head, legs, tails, and more. The succulent shrimp pairs exquisitely with the rich flavor of the Duck Yolk. It is worth noting that, at Tung Po, a renowned dining establishment in Hong Kong, one is expected to enjoy their beer from a bowl instead of traditional beer glasses or straight from the bottle.

If you ever plan to explore Hong Kong, Tung Po is an exceptional choice. This establishment promises an experience bursting with laughter, relaxation, culinary delights, and impeccable customer service. Be sure to visit Tung Po when you find yourself in the bustling metropolis!


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