Exploring the Rich Ecosystem of Malaysia’s Crocker Range National Park

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Malaysia is a nation renowned for its vast assortment of indigenous plants and animals. It serves as a habitat for numerous uncommon and unique species of flora and fauna, which can be found in the diverse mountain ranges dispersed throughout the country. One such exceptionally biodiverse mountain range in Sabah, Malaysia, is the Crocker Range.

Named in honor of William Maunder Crocker, a distinguished administrator in Burneo, the Crocker mountain range is also recognized for dividing the east coast of Sabah from the west coast. Located at an altitude of 5,900 ft, the Crocker mountain range is deemed the tallest mountain range in Sabah, and the well-known Mount Kinabalu is also part of this range.

Activities to Engage in at the Crocker Range National Park

Encompassing a total area of 1399 sq. kilometers, the Crocker Range National Park is considered the largest national park in Sabah. In 2014, the park was acknowledged as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, making it the second Malaysian site to receive such recognition after Chini Lake in Pahang.

huge variety of butterflies

1. Hiking and Camping

This national park offers an ideal setting for hiking and camping. Popular trails in the park include the Gunung Alba Hike, Trusmadi expedition, and a full-day trip through the Crocker range jungle.

Crocker Range National Park

2. Discover Wildlife

The Crocker range boasts a plethora of uncommon plant and tree species, which attract naturalists from all corners of the globe. Additionally, the park features a notable Fernarium and Insectarium site, which hold significance for researchers. Moreover, the Crocker Range National Park is renowned for its wide variety of easily noticeable butterflies.

enjoy rafting

3. Explore the Crocker Natural Centre

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In February 2004, the Crocker Range National Park introduced the Crocker Natural Center that features a lecture room and exhibit gallery providing information concerning the National Park and its range of plants and animals.

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4. Whitewater Rafting

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For the adventurous individuals, there is a proper facility for whitewater rafting near the national park. The Padas river is the finest whitewater rafting location situated on the Island of Borneo and flows through the park.

Prime Time To Visit

hire a cab to take a tour

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From the end of October until January or even until February, this whole region experiences substantial precipitation washing away the road within the National Park. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid your visit during the rainy season. While the ideal period to make the most of your trip is between May and the end of September or until early October.

How To Get There

The most convenient way to reach Crocker Range is from Kota Kinabalu which is approximately 96 kilometers away.

much cheaper than hiring a cab

1. By Cab/ Taxi

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One can hire a taxi which takes approximately 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu via the Kimanis-Keningau road (passing by Papar). From Kota Kinabalu to Keningau, the taxi would charge you about RM120 per taxi. From Keningau to Crocker Range the taxi would charge you somewhere near RM40 per taxi.

provides best accommodation facilities

2. By Bus

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Additionally, the Public transportation can be taken at the Padang Merdeka long-distance bus station. These bus facilities are available at a regular interval of time and are much more affordable than hiring a taxi.

Another alternative route is the Kota Kinabalu-Penampang-Tambunan-Keningau road to the Crocker Range National Park and the journey would take about 3.5 hours.

Admission Fee

For Foreigners

  • Adult: RM 20
  • Disabled: RM 10
  • Children above 6 years: RM 7

For Locals

  • Adult: RM 10
  • Disabled: RM 5
  • Children above 6 years: RM 3

Where To Stay

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Similar to most of the National Parks in Malaysia, the Crocker Range National Park also offers accommodation facilities to its visitors. The rooms can be booked through the National Parks Booking Office or through the online portal of Crocker Range National Park.

One can also discover great hotels/resorts/lodges/restrooms near the National Park. Some of the popular hotels situated near the park are:

  • Manis Manis Rooftop of Borneo Resort, Keningau (17 kilometers away)
  • Summer Bay Beach Resort Apartment, Jalan Papar Baru (27 kilometers away)
  • Langkah Syabas Beach Resort, Jalan Papar Baru (31 kilometers away)

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If you are intending to spend some time away from the commotion amidst nature, then Crocker Range National Park is one of the incredible locations to explore. Reserve your personalized Malaysia vacation package with Fred and Fuzzys and encounter an extraordinary getaway amidst the wildlife.


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