Exploring the Magnificent Sights of Frankfurt: Uncover the Finest of Germany in 2023

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  • A European meeting is incomplete without a visit to the financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt. The city, with its iconic buildings and stunning tourist attractions, absolutely mesmerizes everyone. One of the most remarkable features of the city is its ability to preserve its imperial charm, making it a must-visit destination for tourists and adventurers from all over the world. While the city’s skyline is dominated by tall skyscrapers, there are a few other noteworthy places to explore in Frankfurt that have captivated the wanderlust of people worldwide.

9 Finest Destinations to Explore in Frankfurt, Germany

The city is located on the banks of the Main River and has always been a popular tourist spot due to its breathtaking scenery. With so many places to admire, we have curated a list of beautiful locations that are the cream of the crop in Frankfurt.

1. Romerberg

Best Museums in Frankfurt

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It is a known fact that the names Frankfurt and Romerberg are synonymous. The heart of the city square is adorned with a collection of uniquely designed buildings, creating a beautiful ambiance. This square is one of the most significant sites in the area and is always bustling with pedestrians. The open-fronted shops, exuding an old-world charm, have managed to retain their authenticity. A visit to Frankfurt is simply incomplete without stepping foot in this place! It is undoubtedly one of the top destinations to visit in Frankfurt, Germany.

Best time to visit: April-May, August-September

Ideal for: Family, friends

Must-Visit Places in Romerberg: Old town hall, New town hall, St Leonhard Church, St Nicholas Church, Historical Museum, Ostzeille

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Main Tower in Frankfurt

2. Museumsufer

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Museumsufer is another prominent location in the city, situated on the southern bank of the River Main. This district is home to a collection of the finest museums with international acclaim. These museums will take you on a journey back in time to the medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Another attraction of this place is the lively Saturday flea market, known to be the largest in the area. It is undoubtedly one of the top destinations to visit in Frankfurt, especially during the winter season.

Best time to visit: April-May, August-September

Ideal for: Family, history enthusiasts

Must-Visit Places in Museumsufer: Cluster of 34 museums including Museum of World Cultures, Museum of Ancient Sculptures, Icon Museum, German Architectural Museum, Film Museum, Museum of Applied Art, and Staedel Museum.

House of Famous Writer

3. Main Tower

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While Frankfurt has numerous tall buildings overlooking the streets, only the Main tower permits the public to experience a complete panoramic view of the city. The structure is named after the Main River, which flows through the city’s veins. One can take the elevator and ascend to the 650-story building that cuts through the skyline in a distinct manner. Enjoy a scrumptious meal along with a cocktail that complements this astonishing view. It truly is a spectacle to behold and one of the notable destinations in Frankfurt. It is known to be among the remarkable places to explore in Frankfurt within a day.

Optimal time to visit: April-May, August-SeptemberAdvantageous for: Family, friendsEssential attractions near Main Tower: Japan Center, English Theatre, Old Opera House, Goethe House

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4. Goethe House

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Frankfurt is the birthplace of the esteemed writer Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, who resided until 1765. The house has been restored after the Second World War, bombardment, and everything has been intricately assembled. From the dining room to the writing room on the first floor, everything has been beautifully adorned. A must-visit for all literature enthusiasts!

Optimal time to visit: April-May, August-SeptemberAdvantageous for: Family, history buffsEssential attractions near Goethe House: Goethe Museum, Goethe Tower, Goethestrasse

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