Exploring the Gentler Wildlife: Texas Safari’s Up-Close Encounter

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As a child, you may have visited countless zoos or participated in school outings where you had to rise early in the AM, hop on a jeep, and hope to catch a glimpse of at least one deer. Texas, the second largest state in the United States, is renowned for its cowboys during the 1800s. However, tourists nowadays are taken on a thrilling Texas safari where they have the opportunity to offer small chunks of sugar to horses and witness tall giraffes lean down and playfully touch their noses against car windows. So, on your next trip to the United States, make a stop in Texas and enjoy an exhilarating safari at these zoos and ranches that will surely excite the animal lover within you.

About Texas Safari

Best Time To Go For A Safari In Texas

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Safari has become an immensely popular activity in Texas. Many tourists are encouraged to partake in a safari to reconnect with nature and have the opportunity to engage with animals. The reason safaris have garnered such attention from visitors is because Texas offers two distinct approaches to experiencing a safari. One option is a jeep safari, where visitors are driven around a national park or zoo in an open four-wheeler, capturing photographs of the animals they encounter. The other option is a drive-thru safari. During this type of safari, tourists navigate through the surroundings in the comfort of a closed vehicle, while animals roam freely and occasionally approach the car windows. Drive-thru Safaris are more popular in Texas as they are considered more comfortable and convenient. However, the traditional jeep safari allows for a closer observation of how animals interact and behave in their natural and preferred habitats.

Optimal Time for a Texas Safari

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

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You can embark on a safari in Texas at any point throughout the year. However, it is advisable to plan ahead, purchase tickets, and inform the safari company about your intended visit at least one week in advance. It is recommended to schedule a safari tour during weekdays, as weekends are typically reserved for school children. The best time to go on a Safari in Texas is early morning. At this time, the majority of animals awaken and venture out in search of deer, goats, or verdant grass to feast upon. It is also when elephants head towards the nearest water bodies to bathe with their groups and offspring. Additionally, you will encounter splendid bird species perched on branches, scanning the grounds and lakes for worms, as well as playful fish leaping out of the water during the early hours of the day. Thus, early morning slots are highly sought-after at safari companies, as this is when you will have the best opportunity to observe a wide variety of animals.

Top 4 Safari Destinations in Texas

1. Natural Arch Wildlife Ranch

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Natural Arch Wildlife Ranch takes its visitors on the finest safari in Texas. It is a drive-thru safari that lasts for one and a half hours, enabling you to observe animals such as the southern horned rhino, lemurs, camels, and zebras. You will also have the opportunity to see the majestic and towering ostriches. Apart from these creatures, you can catch a glimpse of over 500 animals from endemic and endangered species worldwide. Alternatively, you can choose to participate in the walking safari, where you can marvel at the animals at your own pace. Should you find yourself feeling peckish, there are eateries within the ranch that offer snacks. Therefore, make sure to pay a visit to the Natural Arch Wildlife Ranch for a captivating safari experience in Texas.

Cherokee Trace Drive-thru Safari

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2. Cherokee Trace Drive-thru Safari

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Cherokee Trace Drive-thru is considered the utmost location to embark on a safari adventure. The drive-thru safari will commence with the provision of a feeding pouch. You can nourish the animals from the pouch and indulge in the exhilarating safari to your heart’s desire. You will have the opportunity to witness creatures such as the Canadian wood bison, Barbary sheep, capybara, common eland, camels, and the emu. There are numerous other animals that you can caress and feed, although these aforementioned animals are the primary ones you may encounter initially. The safari will also grant you a sight of kangaroos that are typically only visible in Australia. Cherokee Trace Drive-thru is an excellent destination for a safari, particularly for those who are new to this experience.

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