Exploring the Enchanting Wonders of Iceland’s Frozen Glaciers and Fiery Volcanoes in November

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If you want to encounter dramatic landscapes and awe-inspiring views that make you never want to return home, Iceland is probably the best spot to visit and explore. This country, located up north, does come with its fair share of misunderstandings. Ice and snow-covered mountains are indeed a staple in its scenery, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the sole thing you observe there. For those planning a trip to Iceland in November, you are in for an adventure. However, one thing is certain, you are going to create memories that endure a lifetime. To assist with planning a detailed itinerary, we are going to assist you with some of the finest activities to engage in while in Iceland during November.

Climate In Iceland In November

Explore The Markets Around

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For the tourists who are trying everything on a tight budget, November is considered the optimal time to visit Iceland. The temperature is around 3-4 degrees Celsius, which is significantly warmer than what you would anticipate in an Arctic country. However, since this is an off-season, the cost of things is much lower compared to the summer months, which are regarded as the peak season for visiting Iceland. The temperature is cold, no doubt, but it isn’t intolerable and to be honest, tourists tend to describe the weather as pleasant, making your trip a worthwhile visit.

8 Finest Activities To Engage In Iceland In November

Given that the temperature is quite cold and chilly, you can bundle up and plan your schedule accordingly. Just ensure that you have all the bookings made in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.

1. Explore The Frosty Caverns2. Witness The Enchanting Aurora Borealis3. Explore The Marketplaces Around4. Try Glacier Trekking5. Explore A Volcanic Cavern6. Take A Dip At The Blue Lagoon7. Visit The Golden Circle Route8. Attend The Icelandic Airwaves

Explore The Ice Caves

1. Explore The Frosty Caverns

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November is the prime time when the frosty caverns are perfect for visiting and exploring. Normally, the temperatures around that time are safe enough for you to enter an ice cave, but if possible, get a guide who can assist you with it. Witnessing the glacial ice ceilings is an experience that you can’t replicate with anything else. There are several tours available that you can explore. Just make sure to go in groups if you want to save some money.

Location: Vatnajokull Ice CavesAdmission fee: Varies on the toursTimings: Mornings

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2. Observe The Enchanting Aurora Borealis

Witness The Mesmerizing

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Now, prior to anything, you need to comprehend that observing aurora borealis with your own eyes isn’t something that you can do every night. They happen out of the blue moon and it depends on your luck to witness it. The multi-hued waves of light up in the sky is nothing short of Nirvana. The moment you observe something so exquisite is a moment that you simply can’t put forth in words.

Location: IcelandAdmission fee: NoneTimings: Night

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3. Explore The Markets Around

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Explore The Markets Around

If you are in Iceland in November, it calls for the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in some Christmas shopping. There are several shops, streets and even markets around that are all decked up in the Christmas theme to bring forth an amazing experience for all the interested shopaholics. The local designers and the shops sell some quality items and that too for a very reasonable price range, something that you wouldn’t even imagine with the other countries. There aren’t many big brands, but with the kind of quality that you get with the local brands, you wouldn’t regret paying any of it.

Location: ReykjavíkAdmission fee: NoneTimings: Mornings and Evenings

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4. Experience Glacier Hiking

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Try Glacier Hiking

If you are an adventure enthusiast and you want to discover new things while in Iceland, Glacier hiking is one of the top activities that you can engage in. The combination of the azure and the ivory in the surroundings make it an astounding experience that is beyond comprehension. There are guided excursions, so you need not worry about getting lost or injured in the process. Ensure that you dress warmly and appropriately for the hike.

Location: Skaftafell Admission fee: Varies on the tours Operating hours: Depends on the tours, usually morning

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5. Discover A Lava Cave

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Explore A Lava Cave

With the ice cave being a popular attraction, many overlook the lava caves which are equally incredible and one of a kind. The weather and temperature around these caves are always relatively constant, so you need not worry about anything. You can comprehend every last centimeter of the volcanic activity in Iceland by descending deep into the core of the cave.

Location: The Cave Vidgelmir Admission fee: Can join guided tours Operating hours: Varies

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6. Plunge Into The Blue Lagoon

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Take A Dip At The Blue Lagoon

Visiting Iceland in November and taking a dip in a geothermal pool does sound quite calming, doesn’t it? If you desire a complete experience being there, make sure to rent a car and drive down to the location to take a quick dip. The water in it contains silica, which has been discovered to possess therapeutic properties that enhance the worthiness of this visit like nothing else. Swimming in it is reputed to have incredible curative effects on the skin, which is why people from all over the world visit this place.

Location: Iceland Admission fee: 6100 Icelandic Crowns Operating hours: Mornings

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7. Explore The Golden Circle Route

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Visit The Golden Circle Route

To end, one of the must-visit and must do things in Iceland is journey around the Golden Circle Route. The location is a one-stop destination for some of the most popular spots for sightseeing in Iceland. This is ideal for tourists who have limited time on their hands. Apart from that, just ensure that you are driving safely because the ice can cause the roads to be slippery at times.

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8. Attend The Icelandic Airwaves

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Yet another remarkable thing to witness during the month of November is the Icelandic Airwaves, which is the largest music festival in the country. It takes place in downtown Reykjavík for a week and sees people flocking in from around the world to witness the artists perform. It provides an incredible platform for local artists, and you can also see international artists performing there.

Attend The Icelandic Airwaves

Date: Changes every year

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Hints For Iceland In November

Image SourceNovember is frequently the opportune time of the year to visit Iceland if you want to experience the country in all its splendor. You indeed need to plan and ensure everything is in order, but the experience is rewarding nonetheless.


Some of the important pointers to keep in mind include:

  • Carry all warm clothes and additional ones, in case the temperature worsens
  • Make the reservations for the tours in advance
  • Undergo a medical examination before traveling
  • Take along necessary medication, just in case

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If you have been planning on visiting Iceland in November, we would recommend that you reserve everything right away. The location is more than just its snow-covered mountains because the scenery and the experience there are unique. So start organizing your journey to Iceland and prepare to witness something you have only imagined!

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Common Questions About Iceland In November

Is it advisable to visit Iceland in November?

November is an ideal time to visit Iceland if you are on a limited budget and want to experience the snow and glaciers in the country. The influx of tourists is also not as high.

Can the northern lights be seen in Iceland in November?

November to March are the optimal months to witness the Northern lights due to the increased darkness during this time. However, it does not guarantee daily sightings.

What activities can be done in Iceland in November?

There are numerous activities that one can engage in during November in Iceland, particularly those involving snow and even the hot springs for relaxation.

Are jeans sufficient for the weather in Iceland?

Wearing jeans might be adequate, but ensure that you have a sweater and scarves with you to protect your ears and nose from the cold.

How many hours of daylight are there in Iceland in November?

You can expect to have approximately 7-8 hours of daylight in Iceland during the month of November. Therefore, plan your itinerary accordingly.

Is a trip to Iceland expensive?

Iceland can be a costly destination if you visit during the peak season, which is the summer months. The period between November to March is often more affordable due to the extreme cold. The hotels and flights are relatively cheaper during this time.

How many days are sufficient for a trip to Iceland?

If you want the best experience, it is important to stay for at least a week. Alternatively, 5 days should suffice, but extending the trip a bit longer for the northern lights is often worth it.

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