Exploring the Delightful Indian Culinary Scene: Discover 8 Authentic Indian Restaurants Across Iceland.

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There is no uncertainty that Indians have expanded their reach globally. Whether it be corporations or hotels, Indian individuals are extending their influence to every corner of the world. Not just the US or UK, one can even witness Indians with their businesses thriving in countries like Iceland. Well, India is renowned for its remarkable variety in cuisine. Indian food has captivated people from various nations and has enabled Indian chefs to establish a presence worldwide. A way that Indians have chosen to represent India and its authentic food is by opening restaurants. If you are planning to visit Iceland and are concerned about missing out on Indian food, then worry not. Here are some exceptional Indian restaurants in Iceland that are definitely worth trying during your trip.

Top Indian Restaurants In Iceland

These Indian restaurants in Iceland can be found in different cities and tourist areas, offering a variety of food options to choose from. In fact, not only Indians but also the local Icelanders are enjoying the flavors of Indian cuisine. This is certainly a moment of pride. Below, we have listed some of the finest Indian restaurants in Iceland.


1. Gandhi Indian Restaurant

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If you are in Reykjavik and craving an authentic Indian dining experience, then Gandhi Restaurant should be your destination. Some of the standout dishes on their menu include Mango Chutney, Raita, and Pulao Rice, among many others. This restaurant has been serving top-notch Indian cuisine for years and is currently the most popular choice. The entire ambiance exudes an Indian essence, giving you a complete sensory experience. An added advantage is that you can convey your preference for spiciness to the chefs, who will gladly customize it for you. The cuisine at this restaurant is remarkably delectable, offering some of the finest and most authentic Indian food you can find in Iceland.

Must try: Pulao riceLocation: Posthusstraeti 17, 101 ReykjavíkGoogle rating: 4.4/5Website

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2. Austur India

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If you desire to dine at an Indian restaurant in Iceland, then Austur India on Hverfisgata street at Laugavegur is the perfect choice. Established in the 90s, this is the oldest Indian restaurant in Iceland, offering traditional and innovative dishes from various parts of India. Due to its exceptional Indian menu and inviting ambiance, it has garnered rave reviews. The restaurant also has a lovely outdoor seating area in addition to the indoor option. Moreover, it provides catering services for different events, effectively promoting Indian cuisine and earning recognition among locals for its Indian dishes.

Must attempt: Black Pepper Lobster, Spiced Prawns, Cottage Cheese PieceLocation: 101 Reykjavík, IcelandGoogle rating: 4.3/5Website

Bombay Bazaar

3. Hradlestin

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This Indian food chain founded in 2004, has been serving the finest Indian cuisines in Iceland. The eatery is primarily known for its meat-based dishes that attract visitors to sample. Situated in four different locations in Iceland, it is open for both lunch and dinner at Laekjargata. The restaurant imports all its spices from India and employs professional chefs. The establishment is famous for its weekly special offers. These restaurants are also popular take-out options for Indian cuisines and are renowned for offering delectable variations available in Indian street food. Some of the choices include naan wraps, Indian-style pizzas, samosas, pakoras, soups, and more. You can pack them and take them home to savor the flavors of Indian cuisine, making this place worth a visit.

Must attempt: Vegetarian meal plate, samosaLocation: Hverfisgata 64a, 101 Reykjavík | 8,, Lækjargata, Reykjavík | Hlídasmari 8, 201 KópavogurGoogle rating: 4.1/5Website

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Indian Curry House

4. Bombay Bazaar

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Although it is quite distant from the city, Bombay Bazaar is a great option for Indian cuisine lovers. In fact, many residents of Iceland are also fond of the food served at Bombay Bazaar. They offer some of the finest Mumbai-inspired dishes, including Bombay Lamb, Spinach Chicken, Pakoras, and more. The spices used are mild, and the dishes have a local influence, which is why this place is so popular among the locals. The restaurant staff is friendly and provides prompt service.

Recommended dishes: Chicken 65, vegetable fritters, chickpea curry, flavored rice.

Location: Armuli 21, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland

Google rating: 4.5/5 Visit Website


5. Indian Curry House

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This is the sole Indian restaurant located outside the main Reykjavik district, specifically in Akureyri. This eatery offers some of the finest Indian cuisine with excellent curry selections. If you visit on weekdays, you can take advantage of a special lunch menu. For individuals who prefer vegetarian or vegan options, this is an ideal venue. The menu here is limited but heavily emphasizes vegetarian and tantalizing vegan choices.

Recommended dish: Vegetable korma

Location: Radhustorg, Akureyri, Iceland

Google rating: 4.1/5 Visit Facebook

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Nepalese Kitchen

6. Shalimar

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This renowned Pakistani/Indian restaurant is situated in Reykjavik. It is highly favored by both tourists and locals for its flavorful, home-style dishes. The extensive menu includes various options, including decent choices for vegetarians. The restaurant’s interiors are tastefully designed, creating a vibrant ambiance overall.

Recommended dishes: Lamb with spinach, skewered meat, chicken pastry

Location: Austurstræti 4, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Google rating: 4.3/5 Visit Website

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Icelandic Street Food

7. Nepalese Cuisine

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This is a petite but astonishing eatery located in Reykjavik offering genuine Nepalese and Indian dishes. The dishes at the eatery are delectable and served with impeccable presentation. The eatery provides fantastic choices for all types of eaters: herbivores, vegans, and omnivores. The eatery is possessed by a Nepalese family, and the proprietor is frequently present in the eatery and personally attends to his guests. The atmosphere in the eatery is lively and exceedingly pleasant.

Must attempt: Prawn masala, chicken masalaLocation: Laugavegur 60a, 101 Reykjavík, IcelandGoogle rating: 3.9/5Website

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8. Icelandic Street Food

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This is an exceedingly popular hangout spot for quick bites in Reykjavik. Always bustling with food enthusiasts, the spot is vibrant and fashionable. The eatery is renowned for its scrumptious Icelandic, European, and Indian quick bites. The best part is its preparation of local Icelandic cuisine – which is more akin to homemade food served fresh and piping hot in a casual ambiance. The eatery offers a variety of remarkable flavorsome soups, delightful cakes, cookies, sugar-coated donuts, and savory sandwiches.

Must attempt: shellfish masala, cinnamon cake, salmon sandwichesLocation: 8, Lækjargata, 101 Reykjavík, IcelandGoogle rating: 4.8/5Website

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With such astonishing choices in different cities of Iceland, you won’t miss the taste of Indian cuisine even when you are away from your homeland. Book your trip with TravelTriangle and have a marvelous time dining at these Indian eateries in Iceland. Do not forget to share our list with your friends! If you know of more incredible Indian eateries in Iceland, mention them below.


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