Exploring the Breathtaking Waterfalls Close to Coimbatore for a Refreshing Experience in 2023!

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About Coimbatore

Coimbatore, also known as the “Manchester of South India,” is a city with a rich history and cultural significance. It is the second-largest city in the southernmost state of Peninsular India and is located in the Palghat gap of the western ghats. With its blend of modernity and ancient charm, Coimbatore offers a unique experience. While one part of the city showcases the latest technology, the other is adorned with ancient temples dating back to dynasties such as the Chola, Cheras, Pandyas, and Vijayanagar.

Waterfalls near Coimbatore

Explore the beauty of nature by visiting the magnificent waterfalls near Coimbatore. These natural wonders not only provide a quick escape but also offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in the lap of nature.

Best Time to Visit Waterfalls near Coimbatore

Coimbatore experiences hot and humid summers, making it preferable to visit during the cooler months. The monsoon season, which starts from July and lasts till September, brings refreshing rains to the region. However, the best time to visit is during winter, from October to March, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for exploration.

16 Top Waterfalls near Coimbatore

Waterfalls are incredible natural marvels, with powerful streams of water cascading down from higher elevations. Let’s take a closer look at the breathtaking waterfalls near Coimbatore.

  • Monkey Falls – Located 73.8 kilometers from Coimbatore
  • Siruvani Waterfall – Located 36 kilometers from Coimbatore
  • Vaidehi Waterfalls – Located 26.1 kilometers from Coimbatore
  • Kodiveri Falls – Located 73.8 kilometers from Coimbatore
  • Kovai Kutralam Falls – Located 35.3 kilometers from Coimbatore
  • Meenvallam Falls – Located 77.4 kilometers from Coimbatore
  • Athirapally Waterfalls – Located 73 kilometers away
  • Hogenakkal – Located 218 kilometers away
  • Vazhachal Waterfalls – Located 169 kilometers away
  • Silver Cascade – Located 165 kilometers away
  • Pykara Falls – Located 105 kilometers away
  • Thiruparappu Waterfalls – Located 465 kilometers away
  • Bear Shola Falls – Located 173 kilometers away
  • Katary Falls – Located 73 kilometers away
  • Law’s Falls – Located 91 kilometers away
  • Papanasam Falls – Located 415 kilometers away

Monkey Falls

1. Monkey Falls

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Monkey Falls close to Coimbatore are one of the astonishing locations in the state to observe the magnificence of nature. The powerful cascade is positioned at an elevation of 60 feet and has water gushing into the pool below with a melodious sound. Enveloped by a grove of vegetation around it, the enormous waterspout has prickly shrubs at its base which enhances its allure.

Despite being situated 65 kilometers away from Coimbatore, there are numerous opportunities near the falls such as trekking, visiting the Aliyar dam, Valparai hill station, and Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. However, for trekking activities, it is essential to obtain prior permission from the forest department in advance.

Distance from Coimbatore: 73.8 KilometersThings to do in Monkey Falls: Sightseeing, Wildlife tourIdeal for: Expedition, family, companions, pairIdeal duration of the trip: 1 to 2 hoursBest time to visit: October-MarchHow to arrive: Take a bus from Gandhipuram Town Bus Stand to effortlessly reach the fallsTimings: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Siruvani Waterfalls

2. Siruvani Waterfall

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These are yet another awe-inspiring waterfalls near Coimbatore and also one of the essential places to visit. Siruvani fall is located 36 kilometers away from the primary city of Coimbatore and is enveloped by dense forest all around. The main attraction of the falls is that unlike the other waterfalls the water here is sweet. There is approximately 4 kilometers of trekking involved to reach the falls, and the water cascades from a height of 180 feet. The ideal time to experience this majestic place is from June to October.

Distance from Coimbatore: 36 KilometersThings to do in Siruvani Falls: Sightseeing, Anamalai hills tourIdeal duration of the trip: 3 to 4 hoursIdeal for: Expedition, family, companions, pairHow to arrive: Take a bus from Coimbatore to easily reach the fallsBest time to visit: January to March and October to DecemberTimings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Vaidehi Waterfalls

3. Vaidehi Waterfalls

One of the captivating waterfalls in the state, the Vaidehi falls requires no introduction. The picturesque falls fall under the authority of the forest department and visitors are strictly advised to obtain permission from the department and depart from the area before 5:30 pm. The dense forests offer a great invitation to all the adventure enthusiasts out there as there are numerous options for trekking. As one ventures into the forests towards the falls, the high-pitched and penetrating sound of the water flowing through the rocky terrain can be heard. One of the stunning waterfalls near Coimbatore, stop by to appreciate its magnificence.

Distance from Coimbatore: 26.1 KilometersThings to do in Vaidehi Falls: Sightseeing, TrekkingIdeal trip duration: 2 hoursIdeal for: Adventure, family, friends, coupleHow to reach: Take a bus from Coimbatore to Narasipuram village to reach the fallsBest time to visit: SummerTiming: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Kodiveri Falls

4. Kodiveri Falls

Kodiveri waterfalls near Coimbatore is one of the splendid falls located away from the constantly bustling city of Coimbatore. The waterfall is famous for the natural beauty surrounding it and is a perfect way to spend a day with your loved ones. Situated close to the town of Sathyamangalam, the main highlight of the place is its freshwater and boating activities. To make the most of your visit to the falls, make sure to arrive before 9 am. Additionally, there is a children’s park and play area nearby to enhance all the fun.

Distance from Coimbatore: 73.8 KilometersThings to do in Kodiveri Falls: Sightseeing, BoatingIdeal trip duration: 3 hours (approximately)Ideal for: Adventure, family, friends, coupleHow to reach: One can board a bus from the Coimbatore bus stand and get off at the Kodiveri damBest time to visit: Not applicableTiming: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Kovai Kutralam Falls

5. Kovai Kutralam Falls

Image Courtesy: coimbatore.nic.in

It is one of the captivating waterfalls close to Coimbatore to witness the beauty of nature. The waterfall is situated within a wooded area and consists of a hike of 2 km to reach the location. Protected by the forest department, plastic bottles and other objects are strictly prohibited on the premises. The water of the falls is freezing cold and surrounded by dense vegetation from all sides. Lovely in every aspect, the rushing sound of water cascading down from the falls will undoubtedly brighten your day.

Distance from Coimbatore: 35.3 KilometersActivities to do at Kovai Kutralam Falls: Sightseeing, TrekkingIdeal duration of the trip: 1 to 2 hoursIdeal for: Adventure, family, friends, coupleHow to get there: One can take a city bus from Coimbatore to reach the fallsBest time to visit: March to OctoberTiming: 10:00 am to 3:30 pm

Meenvallam Falls

6. Meenvallam Falls

These waterfalls near Coimbatore are situated at a distance of 70 kilometers and are a remarkable sight for visitors. With abundant greenery surrounding the 5-tier waterfall, it is one of the breathtaking places to explore close to the city. Perched at a height of 25 feet, the falls also offer various activities like swimming and bathing. One of the top destinations to visit, the spot can be easily accessed by buses that operate between the two locations.

Distance from Coimbatore: 77.4 KilometersActivities to do at Meenvallam Falls: Sightseeing, Swimming, BathingIdeal for: Adventure, family, friends, coupleIdeal duration of the trip: 5 hoursBest time to visit: October-FebruaryHow to get there: One can take a private bus from Coimbatore to reach the fallsTiming: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

7. Athirapally Waterfalls

Picture Credits: Wikimedia commons

If you adore exploring the allure of mountain stations then you must once strategize for a visit to the mountain stations near Coimbatore and the waterfalls positioned close by. Athirapally Waterfalls, situated at a distance of 73 kilometers from Kochi, Coimbatore, are considered as one of the finest waterfalls close to Coimbatore. These captivating waterfalls are recognized as the best escapades on weekends, positioned in very close proximity to Kochi, on the Chalakudy River at the entry point to the Sholayar hill range at Thrissur district. 

Distance from Coimbatore: 73 kmsThings to indulge in at Athirapally Waterfalls: Personalized sightseeing expeditions, individual day excursionsIdeal for: Family, FriendsIdeal duration for the trip: 45 minutesFinest time to explore: Anytime throughout the yearHow to reach: The closest railway station is ChalakuddyTiming: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

8. Hogenakkal

Picture Credits: Wikimedia commons

Hogenakkal is regarded as one of the most well-liked waterfalls close to Coimbatore and frequently known as the ‘Niagara of India’. While strategizing for a visit to some nearby tourist destinations then the weekend getaways from Coimbatore are the prime selection for relaxation.  The carbonatite rocks are found adjacent to the waterfall which is regarded as the oldest rocks of the world. The falls has nearly 14 channels that descend between the elevation of 15  to 65 ft.

Distance from Coimbatore: 218 kmsThings to indulge in at Hogenakkal Falls: Explore Kaveri river, Melagiri Hills and Krishnagiri DamIdeal for: Adventure, couples and familyIdeal duration for the trip: 4 hoursFinest time to explore: During winter, October to FebruaryHow to reach: Very well connected to other major citiesTiming: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

9. Vazhachal Waterfalls

Credit: Wikimedia commons

Situated at a distance of 75 kilometers from Coimbatore, this waterfall has become one of the most popular cascades near Coimbatore. Found at the entrance of Sholayar forest range, this waterfall has formed on the Chalakkudy River and is surrounded by abundant natural scenery. 

Distance from Coimbatore: 169 kilometersThings to do at Vazhachal Waterfalls: Private tours of the surroundings, day trips, outdoor activitiesIdeal for: Families, friends, couplesIdeal trip duration: 1 hourBest time to visit: September to FebruaryHow to get there: The closest train station is Chalakudy, which is located 30 kilometers away Timing: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

10. Silver Cascade

Credit: Wikimedia commons

Located 8 kilometers away from the Kodaikanal bus station, this 180 ft waterfall near Coimbatore has originated from the outflow of the Kodaikanal Lake. It is considered as one of the most popular spots to visit during a tour of Kodaikanal. Situated on the Laws Ghat Road, the water quality of Silver Cascade is extremely poor and definitely unsuitable for bathing. The remarkable waterfall is a favorite attraction for tourists seeking mesmerizing vistas, which is why it is renowned as one of the best tourist spots near Coimbatore.

Distance from Coimbatore: 165 kilometersThings to do at Silver Cascade Falls: Hike to Chanderi Lakes in Matheran, camp in the forest in MandangadhIdeal for: Solo trips, friendsIdeal trip duration: 1 to 2 hoursBest time to visit: During the rainy months, July to SeptemberHow to get there: The nearest airports are Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy and the train station is Dindigul, which is connected to Kodaikanal. Timing: 6 am to 6 pm

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11. Pykara Falls

By providing a grand perspective to the tourists, this waterfall emerges as a popular spot for travel. The site is situated on the Ooty – Mysore pathway in Tamil Nadu. The waterfalls originated from Pykara River and descend in two distinct sections with the altitude of 61 meters and 55 meters.

Distance from Coimbatore: 105 kilometersThings to do in Pykara Falls: Explore upper Bhavani Lake and Pykara LakeIdeal for: Family, companionsIdeal trip duration: 2 hours and 30 minutesBest period to visit: JulyHow to get there: The falls are located on the coimbatore-Ooty route and it takes 40 minutes to reach the waterfalls. Timing: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

12. Thiruparappu Waterfalls

Positioned at a distance of 465 kilometers from Coimbatore, this Falls with a height of 50 meters, streams from the stony river bed for over 7 months annually. The complete bed above this waterfall is one rocky mass and extends up to a distance of 1 kilometer upstream.

Distance from Coimbatore: 465 kilometersThings to do in Thiruparappu Waterfalls: visit Sitharal MonumentsIdeal for: Family, companions Ideal trip duration: 1 to 2 hoursBest period to visit: during wintersHow to get there: There are very limited bus services connected to this route but one can take a bus to Thuckalay and from there a trip by bus to Thiruparappu WaterfallsTiming: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

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13. Bear Shola Falls

Situated at a distance of approximately 3 kilometers from Kodaikanal, this Bear Shola Falls is quite tall. The waterfalls is located in the reserve forest and according to local residents, bears used to come here to drink water from above the falls, which is why it was named as such. The falls offer breathtaking views right after the monsoon season, specifically during the months of September to October.

Distance from Coimbatore: 173 kilometers

Things to do at Pykara Falls: Horticultural Research Station, visit Kodaikanal Lake, visit Guna Caves.

Ideal for: Families, adventure seekers, solo travelers

Ideal trip duration: 1 to 2 hours

Best time to visit: September to May

How to reach: Visitors can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach this destination

Timing: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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14. Katary Falls

Katary Falls cascades from a height of approximately 130 feet into a pool at the base. This waterfall is considered the third largest among all the waterfalls in the Nilgiris. It is a two-tiered waterfall that can be reached by trekking from the main road of the area.

Distance from Coimbatore: 73 kilometers

Things to do at Katary Falls: Visit rose garden in Tamil Nadu, Ooty Botanical Gardens, Conoor Bazaar

Ideal for: Solo travelers, families, couples

Ideal trip duration: 1 to 2 hours

Best time to visit: Apart from the rainy season, the waterfall can be visited throughout the year.

How to reach: The falls is located 2.5 kilometers away from Thooratty Bus Stop and 13 kilometers away from Coonoor Bus Stand, so one can easily take the bus services.

Timing: 24 hours

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15. Law’s Cascades

As the name indicates, this cascades was named after Colonel Law, who had built the Conoor road and the cascades is formed by the Conoor river which is close to its junction and connected to the Mettupalayam road. The small cascades attract the attention of a large crowd. Particularly, the post rainy period is the perfect time to visit this waterfalls.  

Distance from Coimbatore: 91 kmsThings to do in Law’s Cascades: Hike to Chanderi caves, forest  camping in MandangadhIdeal for: Solo trip, trekkers, FriendsIdeal trip duration: 1 to 2 hoursBest time to visit: During post rainHow to reach: One can hire private taxi or opt for the local transportTiming: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

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16. Papanasam Cascades

This cascades has formed on the Thamirabarani River and then descends from the height of 120  meters. The river flows from Western Ghats of the Podhigai range and reaches to the plains at Papanasam. Situated at the Western Ghats, this waterfalls is a pivotal travel destination in Tamil Nadu and remains crowded by  the devotees of the temple, Papanasanathar.  

Distance from Coimbatore: 415 kms Things to do in Papanasam Cascades: Tourists can visit Thamirabarani River, Shiva temple, Agasthiyar Cascades.Ideal for: Family, Friends, AdventurerIdeal trip duration: 3 hoursBest time to visit: During winters, November to JanuaryHow to reach: The closest Railway Station is Ambasamudram and there is a lot of bus services available starting from Tirunelveli to PapanasamTiming: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm

For everyone looking for an ideal getaway from the conventional life, these waterfalls near Coimbatore are the best suitable option. Rich in the diverse flora and fauna, these will not only take your breath away but also help to enjoy a slice of nature up and close. So plan a trip to Tamil Nadu right away and explore these highly acclaimed hidden gems of nature that will help detox the soul in no time.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Waterfalls Near Coimbatore

How do I get to Siruvani cascades?

One can take a Government bus or hire a taxi to get to Siruvani cascades. The more affordable option to visit the falls would be travelling by bus and the bus numbers that run in this route include 59C. 14E and 59.

How to reach kovai Kutralam cascades from Coimbatore?

To reach Kovai Kutralam cascades one can easily board a city bus that departs from Coimbatore.

What is Coimbatore renowned for?

The place is home to over 20,000 small, medium, and large scale industries. Additionally, there are many colleges around the place which makes it both an industrial and educational hub of Tamil Nadu.

Is there any beach in Coimbatore?

Beypore beach is a famous beach situated at the mouth of River Chaliyar. It is one of the renowned beaches in Coimbatore.

What is the best time to visit Coimbatore?

As the place is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, it experiences extremely hot and humid summers. However, the months between October-February witness a change in climate as winters set in and thus are a suitable time to make a visit.

How many cascades are there near Coimbatore?

There are around 6 cascades that are situated near Coimbatore. All the falls are located 30-60 km away from the main city.

What is the specialty of Vaidehi cascades?

Vaidehi cascades are situated 35 km away from Coimbatore. The falls are surrounded by thick forest with lots of medicinal plants making it truly special.

Where is the Monkey falls situated?

Monkey falls is situated 65 km away from Coimbatore and falls from a height of 60 feet providing a spectacular view to the onlookers.

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