Exploring Taiwan’s Attractions and Exciting December Activities for Your Vacation in 2023

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Taiwan is an incredibly stunning island surrounded by a dense green tropical forest canopy. Wherever you may venture, the breathtaking scenery is bound to leave you amazed. Encircled by mesmerizing mountains, Taiwan offers the finest of everything. Aside from its verdant foliage, this nation is renowned for its vibrant celebrations like Christmas, indigenous culture, unspoiled coastline, diverse wildlife, delectable cuisine, numerous hiking trails, and the enchanting city of Taipei. Traveling to Taiwan in December is an ideal time as nature is in full bloom and there are plenty of activities to indulge in. Let’s discover what these activities are!

Climate in Taiwan in December

Taiwan has a climate that is divided into two distinct zones – subtropical and tropical. While Taiwan remains mostly warm throughout the year, the winters are mild. December is the best month to visit as it offers a relatively dry, mild, and foggy climate. December in Taiwan is cooler, but it is also much drier, making it perfect for various outdoor pursuits.

Unlike other snowy destinations, the weather in Taiwan in December is much more pleasant. Nevertheless, there can be a significant temperature difference between day and night. In Taiwan, it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected. If you are planning to visit Taiwan in December, it is advisable to stay well-prepared.

Seven Best Activities to Do in Taiwan in December

Here are some of the most magnificent experiences that Taiwan has in store for you during the month of December. You and your family or friends will surely want to try all of them during your trip.

Hot Springs In Taiwan

1. Wenshan Hot Springs: Indulge in a Rejuvenating Soak

While it is important to take a break from your daily routine during a vacation, it is equally essential to relax your mind and body. Rejuvenate and invigorate yourself by visiting one of the renowned hot springs. Taiwan’s hot springs are highly favored and adored by most tourists due to their uniqueness and therapeutic benefits. Emerging from the depths of the Earth, these hot springs are enriched with a blend of natural chemicals and minerals, making them beneficial for health and providing relief from various digestive, nervous, circulatory, and organ disorders.

So, take advantage of the delightful chilly weather and escape fatigue by indulging in a reviving soak in Taiwan’s relaxing hot springs. Beitou, Wulai, Guguan, Wenshan, Lengshuikeng, Tangweigou, and The Governor General are among the top hot springs that you can visit.

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View of Taipei

2. Taipei: Immerse Yourself in Its Splendor

This contemporary city capital of Taiwan with numerous iconic spots necessitates a special mention. Taipei is a breathtaking city with vibrant shopping streets, Japanese colonial lanes, and modern structures. The 509m tall bamboo-shaped skyscraper – Taipei 101 is the crown jewel of this city. Overlooking the panoramic vistas of this city is the observatory on the pinnacle of this erected tallest tower in the world. Sample some delectable cuisine of Taipei, it is also renowned for lively night markets and street food.

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3. Experience Taiwanese Christmas And New Year

Christmas Celebration

Although Christmas is an informal holiday in Taiwan, this state is well-illuminated and adorned during the Christmas eve. To entertain the Taiwanese shoppers and the tourists, all the malls, markets, and other shopping destinations are embellished in festive decorations. Roaming through these places and savoring the Christmas feast in the Western restaurants and prominent hotels are the finest activities to engage in Taiwan in December. Taiwan possesses its own distinct Christmas customs that are remarkable in their own manner.

The most astonishing event of the new year occurs adjacent to Taipei 101. Over 100,000 locals and tourists congregate here and relish this grand occasion. The concerts and the new year countdown with midnight fireworks, ignited from the Taipei 101 vicinity, are a delight to witness and absolutely cannot be missed. All in all, this city is an excellent destination to revel in the holiday season, offering numerous sightseeing options as well.

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4. Elephant Mountain: Appreciate The Sunset Vistas

Beautiful View of Skycrapers

If you have a penchant for sunsets and are seeking a little adventure, make a trip to the busiest yet popular Elephant Mountain of Taiwan in December. The trails of this vantage point consist of numerous stairs with several pavilions and viewpoints interspersed. Choose your preferred route to ascend this mountain and capture the magnificence of this place in photographs. Apart from the sunset snapshots, this mountain offers conspicuous views of Taipei 101 and the city. Observing the New Year’s fireworks from the Elephant mountains is an awe-inspiring spectacle.

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5. Baishihu: Select Some Fresh Strawberries

Baishihu Bridge in Taiwan

Don’t overlook the 116-meter long Baishihu bridge, if you are vacationing in Taiwan in December. This bridge essentially connects four mountains namely Daluntou, Liyu, Zhongyong and Baishihu. It stretches from Dragon Boat Rock and appears as if a colossal dragon is observing Baishihu town.

Trekking through this bridge to select some fresh strawberries by the Baishihu Leisure Agricultural Area is a thing to do. Simply 30min downtown Taipei, Baishihu is a location where you can relish hiking, picturesque beauty, and fruit picking. Besides experiencing this, you can also appreciate the scenic magnificence of this place.

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6. Wanjin Catholic Church: Search for Blessings In The Oldest Church

Catholic Church in Wanjin

Recognized as the oldest church, the Wanjin Catholic Church was established in 1863 by the Spanish-Dominican missionary. Positioned in Pingtung, this church is indeed one of the captivating places to visit in Taiwan in December. This church holds a remarkable celebration, merging the traditions of the East and the West is a must-see. During this festival, the 100-year-old sitting of Holy Mother sitting and substantial palanquin is paraded through the streets of Pingtung in December (2nd Sunday). The 3D light show hosted by the government as well as the exhibit of Christmas tree further enchants the holiday season.

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7. Kenting Beach: Unwind On Secluded Shores

Kenting Beach in Taiwan

Attracting plenty of sightseers even during the winters, this beach offers many more attractions like Frog rock and coral reefs. One of the finest sandy beaches in Taiwan, this lengthy beach with glittering azure water is occupied by many almost permanently. Calm and tranquil, this beach is encompassed by many restaurants and resorts as well.

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You will definitely have an amazing time on your getaway in Taiwan in December if you plan effectively in advance and incorporate all these delightful activities and experiences in your travel plan. Blessed with immense natural magnificence, fantastic infrastructure, sandy coastlines, and much more, Taiwan is a wonderful destination to discover with your loved ones in the winter season.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Taiwan In December

Is December a suitable time to visit Taiwan?

December marks the commencement of the winter season in Taiwan and is a fitting time to visit if you desire to spend your vacation in milder winters.

Is Taiwan experiencing snowfall in December?

Yes, it does experience a little snowfall, but only on the elevated mountains like Hehuanshan.

Is December the rainy season in Taiwan?

The temperature in December is agreeable and pleasant to visit Taiwan. Taipei is always damper and rainy compared to other locations in Taiwan.

Is it very cool in Taiwan in December?

December has a temperate and tolerable winter with sporadic showers in Taipei.

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